Mar 062015


Wovoka are a relatively new sludge metal band who come our way from Los Angeles, and their debut album Saros is set for an April 14 release by Battleground Records. As a herald of the album’s advent, we bring you today the premiere of a powerful track name “Chosen”.

The galvanizing drumbeat of the song’s opening rumbles like cascading boulders during an avalanche, soon joined by big, thick riffs that ring as if sounding a clarion call of awakening to a dark new future. When the earthshaking force of the song’s initial section subsides, what unfolds next is something like the vista of a vast, desolate plain, scoured of life, blasted yet clean under an ominous sky.



Over the course of the song, and especially as it builds toward its conclusion, Wovoka hammer a bleak yet beguiling melody into your head, building a doom-laced atmosphere that’s difficult to shake off. The melody continues to resonate, along with the memory of the throat-tearing vocals. It’s intense music that has the effect of beckoning the listener back, to listen again.

For more information about the band and how to obtain Saros, check the links below. “Chosen” comes next…


  9 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: WOVOKA — “CHOSEN””

  1. If you haven’t checked out ‘Sleep Eater’ yet, I would highly recommend that track.

  2. Awesome track, and some nifty cover art to go along with it.

  3. That is one of the coolest covers ever. Now I will listen to the music.

    • I’ve read that there is a kind o conception behind the music, the lyrics, and the art — not so much a narrative or storyline but a conception of ideas. I’m curious as to the thinking behind the cover, which really is an eye-catcher.

  4. Yea, mang! I know them dudes from around the way and they be putting out that hot fire metal! Loving this shit, B! Wokova is for the children around the world!

  5. Both this track and Sleep eater are absolutely great. This is getting bought as soon as it’s released.

  6. I went to college with the lead singer and I plan on sending him the medical bill for my neck and back. This song was so heavy they both just spontaneously snapped during the middle of me listening to this track for the first time. I can’t wait for this album to come out!

  7. The riffing at 2:07…completed my day.

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