Mar 132015


Australia’s Abominator have been awfully quiet. More than eight years have passed since their last album, The Eternal Conflagration. But at long last they have a new one named Evil Proclaimed that Hells Headbangers is slated to release on March 24. This will be their fifth album overall, in a career that stretches back 20 years.

We’ve previously featured the album’s title track, and today we bring you another — “The Brimstone Nucleus”. It’s a four-minute barrage of machine-gun percussion, deep, thrumming bass rumble, and venomous, grinding riffs. The lead guitar writhes like a serpent attempting to consume itself and explodes in spurts of flame-throwing solos, while the vocalist barks and growls like an enraged mastiff. But while merciless attack is the principal strategy, the band also punctuate their slashing assault with an off-pace segment that oozes with a sickening pestilence.



Evil Proclaimed is set for release by the reliable Hells Headbangers on April 7. It can be ordered at the Bandcamp page linked below.

If you let the player below continue to run after hearing “The Brimstone Nucleus”, you can treat your ears to a stream of the title track as well.



  1. that’s an awesome track 🙂

  2. I forgot about these guys. I have one of their albums, Subversives for Lucifer, and it’s pretty good.

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