Mar 132015


Australia’s Abominator have been awfully quiet. More than eight years have passed since their last album, The Eternal Conflagration. But at long last they have a new one named Evil Proclaimed that Hells Headbangers is slated to release on March 24. This will be their fifth album overall, in a career that stretches back 20 years.

We’ve previously featured the album’s title track, and today we bring you another — “The Brimstone Nucleus”. It’s a four-minute barrage of machine-gun percussion, deep, thrumming bass rumble, and venomous, grinding riffs. The lead guitar writhes like a serpent attempting to consume itself and explodes in spurts of flame-throwing solos, while the vocalist barks and growls like an enraged mastiff. But while merciless attack is the principal strategy, the band also punctuate their slashing assault with an off-pace segment that oozes with a sickening pestilence. Continue reading »

Jan 162015

My memory of what happened a year ago is hazy (my memory of what happened yesterday is hazy, too, but more like partly cloudy instead of overcast with dense fog). But this January seems to have brought an unprecedented tide of new music. Wholly apart from all the new album promos we’ve received since the first of the year, every day has bought new song or video premieres that are worth hearing. It’s as if labels and bands were just waiting for the holidays to end and then opened the floodgates.

I’ve got a list of new music to check out that’s grown absurdly long, and since I haven’t managed to write a round-up in five days, it’s unrealistic to catch up in a single post. So even more so than usual, I chose this collection of songs on a truly random basis. I have a lot more I’d like to throw your way — with luck I can do that this weekend.


Sannhet are from Brooklyn. Their second album, Revisionist, is coming from The Flenser on March 3. Yesterday Stereogum premiered the album’s first advance track, a song named “Lost Crown”. Continue reading »