Mar 242015


(TheMadIsraeli introduces us to a band from the Detroit area named Fell Ruin.)

I found out about Fell Ruin through the vocalist from a Michigan band we’ve covered here, Scorned Deity. Brian Sheehan hit me up, wanting me to check out another project of his who’ve finally gotten to release their first bit of music after some time. I love Scorned Deity, so I thought I’d see what he was doing with Fell Ruin.

Fell Ruin are definitely worth your time. I can’t quite describe what they do, but in an attempt to give you an idea, I’ll say it’s basically blackened death grind doom sludge? I don’t even know. It’s riveting stuff though, and savage like a pack of feral hyenas.


photo by Aaron Eschenburg

Fell Ruin tear you apart, and their debut Devices shows off some interesting songwriting and genre-blending that I’d like to hear done over a longer release. The first song “The Climb” is still the one I’m most partial to, and I think it defines what Fell Ruin does pretty well.

Tell me what you think. I’d listen to a full album of this.



  1. this is seriously good! 🙂

  2. The whole album held my attention, but you were right about “The Climb.” It stuck out to me the most.

  3. Quite enjoying this! Thanks guys. It is definitely an “odd” one. The way the drums are mixed is definitely unique. It sounds like he is REALLY hitting them hard. 🙂

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