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On April 27, Svarga Music will release the second album by Ukraine’s Paganland. Entitled Fatherland, the album is dedicated to Ukraine’s ongoing struggle against Russian encroachment to the east, while remaining rooted in Carpathian traditions. Today we bring you a premiere of the new album’s second track, “The Voice of the Carpathians”.

Though the band’s pride in their homeland and anger at the actions of its larger neighbor may have inspired the music, you don’t need to be politically engaged to be moved by it. “The Voice of the Carpathians” is blood-pumping, soul-stirring metal that feels genuinely heartfelt, and it’s easy to be caught up and carried away by the drama and the intensity of its fervor.



The racing guitars and thundering double-bass kicks propel the song like a cavalry charge, while its memorable, folk-influenced melody is carried by sweeping keyboards and Volodymyr’s impassioned clean vocals. His harsh growls are utterly ravaging and just as rousing and passionate as the clean song. The spirited music has the air of the epic about it, both warlike and inspiring — whatever the cause may be.

Check out the links and track list below, and then dive into “The Voice of the Carpathians”.


Track List:

1. Світанок Нової Доби
[The Dawn Of A New Era]
2. Голос Карпат
[The Voice Of The Carpathians]
3. Крізь Холод Зими
[Through The Winter Coldness]
4. Зоряний Шлях
[Stellar Path]
5. Слово Рідне, Орле Скутий
[Native Word! Shackled Eagle!]
6. Незгасле Полум’я Слави
[The Eternal Fire of Fame]
7. Вітчизна



  1. this music is fine metal, NCS never disapoint;
    reminded me also of 2014’s pearl:
    Kistvaen – Desolate Ways

  2. Possible NS connections, just think that should be discussed so people can choose to purchase this. Members were in Kroda, who according to Metal Archives “is associated with NS but not NS”, basically meaning the same as bands like Ygg, who their lyrics are not NS, BUT the members are still part of that world (in Ygg’s case they are members of Runes of Dianecht and Nokturnal Mortum).

    I enjoy all those bands, but I won’t financially support them, and think people have the right to know just in case.

    • As a side note, I do not KNOW their beliefs. I think it is ignorant to say a band supports the actions of the Nazis because they are loyal to their land. Just wanted to make my views clear, I loathe being seen as a Nazi or PC person

      • I understand the inclination to be suspicious when you come across a Ukrainian pagan band whose music is very much in the vein of patriotic and nationalist-pride themes. But I don’t think it’s right to presume that this is a NS band without evidence of that. I’ve seen no such evidence, and I don’t think mere association with live performances by Kroda is proof.

        I am a big fan of Kroda’s music, which is really a one-man band who recruits other musicians for live performances, including in the past a couple of people from Paganland. Kroda denies being a NS band, though there are certainly doubters. See this discussion, which begins with a statement by Kroda:


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