Apr 172015

Ereb Altor

I’m on the road again, for pleasure not business this time, reconnecting with family in Texas and going to a school reunion. So, we won’t have many posts today because I’ll be out and about instead of hunched over my computer.

Before I disappear, I wanted to give you a few new songs to hear that I sifted from the effluent of the interhole and the rat’s nest of our in-box this morning. The new Slayer song isn’t one of them. I assume anyone who is still a fan of the band has already discovered it on their own. It seems like a better use of time to highlight things you might miss.


Sweden’s Ereb Altor have a new album (their fifth) named Nattramn that’s due for an April 24 release on the Cyclone Empire label. The cover art (after the jump) was created by Gustavo Sazes of Abstrata Design. I haven’t managed to listen to the whole album yet, but I do recommend the song that premiered today, by the name of “Midsommarblot”.



The song is stately, powerful, and compelling, juxtaposing massive, gloomy riffs with soaring vocals in a chorus that will not easily come unstuck from your mind. The video for the song suits the drama and the doom in the music. Really good!

Nattramn can be pre-ordered in CD or on vinyl from Cyclone Empire here.










Lucifer’s Child is a new band formed by ROTTING CHRIST and former CHAOSTAR member George Emmanuel and NIGHTFALL’s Stathis Ridis. The line-up is rounded out by vocalist Marios Dupont on drummer Nick Vell. They’ve recoded a debut album named The Wiccan, and it will be released by Dark Essence Records later this year.

Though I was originally drawn to explore Lucifer’s Child because of the names in the band (and because all black metal coming out of Greece these days seems to be made of gold), the one song that’s now available for listening immediately put that album on my “must listen” list whenever it comes out.

The song is named “Hors de Combat“. It has a huge bass and guitar sound, deep and resonant, and drums that sound just as earthshaking. In its pace it moves between an infectious rocking beat, a blasting torrent, and a slow march. The melody is ominous, exotic, and addictive, and the vocals are sharp and savage enough to strip skin from muscle. Awesome.










I discovered Italy’s Whiskey Ritual today through an e-mail from the Art of Propaganda label, which has signed the band for the release of their third album, as yet untitled. The band list their interests as: “Satan, Drink, Fuck, Dope.” I think that about covers it, don’t you?

I don’t yet have a release date, a track list, or artwork, but what I do have is a new song that poured gasoline all over me and then threw the match at my head.

This is described as a demo version of a track named “Satanic Kommando”. Honestly, I hope they leave it just the way it is when the album comes out.

This is raw, first-wave black metal that burns — a seething, slashing, thrashing, hell-ripping ride that’s part infernal rock and part unmitigated firestorm. The vocals are thoroughly feral and unhinged, the riffs and drumwork are electrifying, and the song is just as infectious as it is sulphurous. In two words, this fucking kills!




  1. That Ereb Altor track’s got me psyched to hear that whole album.

  2. Whiskey ritual is basically a side project of Forgotten Tomb.

  3. i really like the sound of Lucifer’s Child, very cool 🙂

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