May 242015


I guess I’m not strictly taking a blog break, because I’m writing this post. I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I’m having a wonderful time at Maryland Deathfest and wish you were here. I know just reading those words will make your whole day, and probably even your whole week.

Saturday was amazing, even though my traveling companions and I missed some awesome bands because our visit to the National Aquarium lasted longer than we planned, and because we were compelled to make some difficult choices between bands whose set times conflicted with each other.

But these bands I did see were just fucking fantastic:  Arcturus (pictured above), Triptykon, Antigama, Adversarial, Wolfbrigade, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

I’ll put some photos of the sets down below, though the Wolfbrigade and AnB photos are from someone else’s phone; my phone had died by that point and she didn’t want to get as close as I usually get to take pics. They reveal mainly how incredibly packed the Soundstage was for both of these sets.

But first, I’ve included a segment of BadWolf’s phone video of a mosh pit during the Arcturus set in which the action metamorphosed briefly into waltzing and piggy-back rides before Hellhammer began blasting and the more typical jostling resumed.



You might have had to be there to understand why this made perfect sense.  What an incredible set — I had very little idea what to expect, and was left with my mouth hanging open. I may be able to explain why when I have more time.

I also picked up more mercy yesterday. I’ve been sparing you photos of all the stuff I bought, but I will include the next photo. I had learned that the new Deiphago album, Into the Eye of Satan — which isn’t due for official release until August 7 — was available for sale at the Hells Headbangers tent.  By the time I got there yesterday afternoon, they only had 2 copies left. It was a close call. I’m sure they had sold the final copy well before the sun went down. Anxious to hear this when I get back home:



One day of MDF 2015 is left, but it’s going to be a hell of a day. Among the bands I’ve never seen before that I’m most anxious to see today: Primordial, Anaal Nathrakh, Skepticism, Demilich, Amorphis, and Portal. I wish you were here, too.

Here are some randomly selected pics from yesterday’s sets that I saw:

























  12 Responses to “MDF BLOG BREAK (PART 2)”

  1. Argh.

  2. GUH! Why couldn’t I be there?!?! Super jelous. I’m exciting to hear what Anaal Nathrakh, Skepticism, and {prtal were like!

  3. I love how all three members of Triptykon play Ibanez Icemans 🙂

  4. Just to add a bit for Saturday…

    …Morpheus Descends killed it after being apart for so of my personal top sets for the weekend
    …Einherjer sounded great and I kind of regret not catching more of their set
    ….Vulcano was great
    …Bulldozer was awesome after a slow start
    …Solstice was amazing
    …Razor was amazing as well..totally stepped it up to close outside, you’d never know these guys had been broken up for as long as they were..didnt even miss Sodom..another personal favorite
    …Demoncy was awful..completely sloppy set, probably the worst of the weekend

    …and finally Tsjuder was a complete surprise….I like Tsjuder, but I consider them a solid band, not really mind blowing, but man did they bring their “A” game. Giving them the closing spot on Saturday completely paid off because they totally stepped it up a notch

    • It was good to finally see you last night… and it sound alike I missed a lot of amazing music, though I was happy with my own choices.

      • ..and you as well..glad we got to hang for a bit before Portal…if you make it out again next year we’ll try to work that a bit better so we can shoot the shit a bit more (seriously, I was trying to get my crew moving but when theyre drinking beer its a task unto itself..I need a damn cattle prod 🙂 )

        ..and I completely understand about having to choose bands, like I said last night I really wanted to see Wolfbrigade and Adversarial among others…and the what you told me about Knelt Rotes set makes me wish Id caught it….fortunately, with that much good music, theres no such thing as a bad choices

        • Thats it. Im hanging with you guys next year.
          I cant even believe this happend and its over and Im just realizing it all.

        • Yes definitely, neither this year nor last did we really have time for a good talk and we need to fix that next year. I just posted some pics and thoughts about the Impetuous Ritual-Knelt Rote-Portal triad.

  5. Hoping I can make it for more than half a day next year. We gotta meet up!

    • We definitely do. I suspect we weren’t far from each other on Sunday at Edison Lot but trying to connect there would have posed some logistical difficulties.

  6. Good seeing you at the shows Islander! It was a pleasure seeing you as always.

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