May 292015


Last month we featured an advance track named “Horns ov Gaia” from GTRD, the second album by Germany’s Thornesbreed and their first in 12 years. Now we bring you the premiere of another track, “Dividua Anima Pt I“.

“Horns ov Gaia” was a very intense, gripping, dark piece of music, with slower, harrowing segments pulling you in, and then rapacious blasting segments proceeding to tear you apart. “Dividua Anima Pt I” makes use of similar weapons. Its beginning is slow, pitch black, and dissonant, the constant vibration of the riffs and the explosive drumbeats accompanying what sounds like the enraged howls of a demonic bestiary to create a supernatural aura of doom and derangement.



The music eventually begins to find a rumbling rhythm as a thrumming bass line rises to the surface and the drummer begins to drive this infernal machine relentlessly forward. The wretched vocal excess continues unabated, as does the haze of drilling guitar noise and the surrounding atmosphere of grim, alien hostility.

But the song has one more change coming before it ends — an explosion of venom, vitriol, and violence that’s almost overwhelming in its ravaging ferocity. The music becomes a storming cacophony as the drummer accelerates into the red zone and the vocalist(s) reach new levels of unhinged rage.

Thornesbreed blend elements of black metal and death metal into a destructive but compelling concoction that’s intoxicating as well as toxic, both bestial and atmospheric. Don’t sleep on this release.

GTRD is due for release by Art of Propaganda on June 29.


  1. Excellent track, it’s just a barrage of savage riffs! I like it 🙂

  2. Only about three minutes in and I am absolutely enamored with this. It seems i have finally found a band with similarity to Eibon.

  3. This is another splendid song as the previous “Horns ov Gaia” and now I realize that I can’t miss this release because is galvanizing, I’m digging and I keep on thinking about that face with blurred eyes, simple but creepy and beautiful idea!

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