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Sunday is an odd day to choose for song premieres. But for a band whose rise to prominence has been as meteoric as Ghost B.C.‘s, I guess it doesn’t really matter — word of a new song will spread regardless of it coming out on one of the sleepiest days of the week. And yes, yesterday Ghost B.C. released a new song, named “Cirice“.

The song will appear on the band’s new album Meliora, which is now scheduled for release on August 21 via Loma Vista Recordings. The new song and the new album feature a new front person, anointed Papa Emeritus III and described as the “three-month-younger brother” of the band’s last Papa Emeritus. What’s more, the song comes with its own cover art — and it’s available for free download, here:


This is the artwork for Meliora:



I guess it’s fair to say that Ghost B.C. have become a lightning rod within metal circles. They’ve become so popular, and so popular among non-metal-lovers, that it’s inevitable they would come in for dismissive criticism among the horn-headed faithful. I’ve written about this phenomenon before, so won’t repeat it here. I happen to be among those within the circles of hell who are fans of the band. And I’m also a fan of this new song.

Vocally, the new Papa is in the same vein vocally as his predecessors. I’ll also venture to say that the song has a closer affinity to heavy metal than I was expecting it might have, and of course, since it’s Ghost B.C., it’s got a catchy-as-hell melodic hook and a cool little guitar solo that really sinks it home. It won’t convert any of the band’s haters, but it will please the band’s adherents. Listen below.

Your comments, of course, are welcome, even the ones that tell me I’m full of shit.

(thanks to eiterorm for the tip on this)


  5 Responses to “GHOST B.C.: “CIRICE””

  1. Fuck to the yes. Love it.

  2. The artwork for Meliora is fantastic. That’s the sort of album artwork that makes me want to own the album on that strength alone. The song Cirice is pretty cool too, although a comparatively unfortunate bit of art.

    I was never a huge Ghost fan, but I heard both of their earlier albums, and this particular track seems like it’s entirely absent of the weird occult hooks they had going on before. This one is just a fairly standard rock/metal track. Which isn’t necessarily band but it is odd. I’m not getting any occult anti-Catholic Satanic vibe from this at all, other than the brief organ post-solo.

  3. LOVE this song. Great intro, riffs, hooks, and solo. I expect great things from Meliora, based on this and its sweet cover art.

  4. i like it more than the stuff from their last album, the guitar is more upfront and there’s some killer riffs in there 🙂

  5. It’s bloody great. From the Pinnacle from the Pit sounds like it will be even better.

    The author says that Cirice won’t convince doubters, though I am seeing a surprisingly large number of commentators on Youtube and the like saying this is the first Ghost song they’ve liked at all. The haters are still out and about, of course.

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