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Poland’s Disloyal have been recording music since the late 1990s, with three albums to their credit, beginning with 1999’s Pessimistic. There have been significant changes in Disloyal’s line-up over the years, with only drummer “Jaro” Paprota remaining from the group in its original configuration, now joined by guitarist Artyom Serdyuk (Deathbringer, Thy Disease, Amentia, Woe Unto Me), bassist Kolya Kislyi, and vocalist Krzysztof Bendarowicz (Deathbringer). The new line-up have recorded a fourth album entitled Godless, and today we bring you the premiere of the album’s seventh track: “Mors Imperator Mundi“.

With so many changes in the band’s line-up since their last album (2008’s Prophecy), it’s perhaps reasonable to consider Godless a new beginning, and this new song is a sign of the changes.



The new song is a death metal barrage of darting, jabbing riffs, dissonant melodic lines, disorienting, start-stop percussion, and bear-like roars. It’s a high-speed burst of exuberance that’s very impressive on a technical level and inventive in its construction — not least because it includes a surprising guitar solo that surfaces near the end, ingeniously contrasting with and complementing all the head-spinning fretwork and hammering rhythms.

It’s the kind of song that will pop open your eyes and bring a smile to your face even as it’s dismantling your skeletal structure. And it proves to be a surprisingly catchy beast (as well as a brutal one).

Godless will be released on June 9th via Ghastly Music / Amputated Vein Records and officially distributed by Code7/Plastic Head in Europe and MVD Entertainment Group in the US. The band have previously revealed two other tracks as well as a recent album teaser from this excellent full-length, and in case you missed them. we’ve included those clips after our premiere of “Mors Imperator Mundi”.







  1. sounds awesome! they have a really interesting approach to their riffs, lurching and stuttering in really unique but interesting manner. and killer leads, too 🙂

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