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(Maryland Deathfest 2015 is in the history books, but the organizers already lining up bands for next year’s edition of MDF. Here’s KevinP’s wishlist of bands for next year — and we want your ideas in the Comment section, too.)

 2015 is in the books and we have a date for next year already (May 26th-29th).  Bands usually start being announced in a month (or so), so let’s get the discussion going!  Who do you want to see and why?   For the sake of reasonableness, I’m keeping my list to 10, even though like many of you I could easily do 20+.  Also, a few rules I applied:  if a band played in 2014/2015, they won’t be playing next year, just accept that as near fact.  Even bands who played in 2013 seem far-fetched.  So no Bolt Thrower, Dark Angel, or Bloodbath.  The most recent year I’m pulling from is 2012.  So here we go with my list (in order of importance) along with my infallible logic.


1. Hail Of Bullets – their last appearance was 2011.  I think a five-year gap is more than enough time.  Who doesn’t like this band?  If you don’t you should get your head examined (or you may be a Finnish guy named Markku).  I would like an Edison Lot show, though.  Since I would bring my 12-year-old daughter, who loves HOB, the shows end earlier and there’s more breathing room at the lot.  Would be awesome for her to finally meet Ed Warby and Martin van Drunen.



2. Universe217 – they have never played on this side of the pond before. Perfect band for the Thursday doom crowd, though I like to skip Thursdays, so make this another Edision Lot band (yeah, yeah, yeah, I ask for the moon and the stars, so what, I’m greedy).  This is another band my  daughter and I share a mutual love for.  Be forewarned, I’ll be weeping like a baby if I’m able to bring her to a metal festival and she could see these two bands.



3. Wolfheart – with a band like Amorphis being booked this past year, the organizers are opening up to melodic bands. Wolfheart is still way more aggressive than your standard melodeath band, and more people need to be exposed to the musical genuis of Tuomas Saukkonen.


4. Autopsy – last appearance was 2012. I haven’t seen them since 1993. No chance in hell they are gonna play Florida, so this is my only realistic way.

5. Sulphur Aeon – probably the best death metal band to emerge in the past decade. This seems like a no-brainer after they released a monster album last month.

6. Hollenthon – another band that’s never gotten a chance here. It’s Martin of Pungent Stench doing a black/death symphonic thing.

7. Dordeduh – the REAL Negură Bunget.  Their debut album was also way better than anything they did with their previous band.  Some of you will disagree with that, but that’s okay, we can have a spirited debate over it after they complete their Ram’s Head performance.

8. Outre – they just released the best album of the year so far, supreme black metal of the highest order!

9. Aenaon – one of the best albums released in 2014, never played here, would be a huuuuuuge deal for people who like their black metal “outside the box”.  And who doesn’t want to be graced by the presence of Mini Zeus?

10. Hideous Divinity – makes Hour of Penance and Fleshgod Carnival Music seem like child’s play. Hyper-fast death metal that actually has QUALITY songwriting (and good production values).


Okay, Kevin has had his say… what do you say?



  1. Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Cannabis Corpse, Skinless, Sinister, Severe Torture, Sarhanas, Abysmal Dawn, Broken Hope, Dawn of Demise, Deicide, Diabolic, Eternal Grave, Ferosity, Grave, Gruesome, Hate Eternal, Houwitser, Immolation, Krisiun, Lamb of God, Masacre, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Mortem, Nervosa, Obituary, Possessed. 🙂

  2. vainaja

  3. A lot of unlikely/impossible in this list, but whatever. It is a wish list.
    Discordance Axis, Pharaoh, Mortalized, Spazz, Despise You, Ulcerate, Maximum the Hormone, Krigblast, 1349, Swarrrm.

  4. I want to see Kroda because I enjoy their new album so much.

    And how about Vallendusk? Have they ever been over here?

  5. I love how Kevin P didn’t even make it to MDF this year, yet is qualified to start a wishlist thread for next year… 🙂

    Regardless, that’s a damn fine wishlist so I’ll let that slide! lol

    My wishlist:
    Inculter, Nekromantheon, Witchcraft, Graveyard (Sweden or Spain versions), Sulphur Aeon, Autopsy, Hail of Bullets, Obliteration, Vampire, Nocturnal Graves, Necrophobic, Dark Fortress, Mors Principium Est, Morbus Chron, Mitochondrion, Mammoth Grinder, Lvcifyre, Outre, Ketzer, Iskald, Infestus, Abigor, Hour of Penance, Dew-Scented, The Crown, Carnal Forge, Black Magic, Astrophobos, Ascension, ZOM, YAITW, Watain, Vicious Art (Reunion), Demolition Hammer (Reunion), Vektor, Trenchrot, Crypt Sermon, Toxic Holocaust, Thy Darkened Shade, Soreption, to name a few!

  6. I’d second many of Kevin’s nominations, but here are 20 more (and I think only two of these bands — Nightbringer and Gorod — have ever played MDF before);

    Cult of Fire
    Hail Spirit Noir
    Horned Almighty
    Kroda or Drudkh (because it’s too much to hope for both)
    Majestic Downfall
    The Monolith Deathcult

  7. Bands that have recently put out (or will) interesting material:
    Paradise Lost
    Dark Fortress
    Entombed A.D.
    God Seed
    The Haunted
    Mors Principium Est
    Shape of despair
    Cavalera Conspiracy

  8. My wish List: Moss, Cultura Tres, JUCIFER, Burning Witch,Dismemberment, Gallow God;Man Must Die, Party Cannon, Orange Kids,In-Defilade,UNREST,The Wounded KINGS,Nomadic Rituals,BORIS, AHAB,Alunah,Purson,Blood Ceremony,Black Witchery, more wish list to come……..

  9. For the record..between Asphyx and HoB..Van Drunen has been there something like four times in seven years…Id be shocked if hes back before HoB releases another album. Also hes usually hangs out at the fest all day when one of his bands plays…pretty easy to meet him

    Autopsy has also played 3 times in six years..Id be shocked if they come back right away

    20 bands Id love to see
    Dead Congregation
    Ritual Necromancy
    Sulphur Aeon
    Unanimated (please..assholes were supposed to play two years ago and didnt)
    Adramelech (thats a long shot, but I can hope)
    Inverloch (dISEMBOWELMENT)
    Irkallian Oracle
    Sorcier Des Glaces
    Ranger (unlikely, but it would be awesome)

    • Also..the only reason Amorphis got booked is because they were doing Tales from the Thousand Lakes…melodeath bands are going to be few and far between at MDF unless something really changes in the booking. In fact I cant really remember ever seeing one, unless you count Carcass

      • I guess that means my Insomnium pic is whistling in the wind. I like your list, of course, and I stupidly forgot to put Adramelech on my list, because if we can have Demilich then it’s possible.

        • I’d love to be able to see Insomnium though, so here’s to hoping it might be a possibility.

        • Not saying it would never happen, they have slowly been expanding the kinds of bands they invite over the years so they may well prove me a complete liar by next year, but for now, I think MDF still considers itself an underground metal festival.
          For whatever reason, as far as I know, melodeath bands are rarely considered part of the metal underground scene

          • I was grasping at straws based on Amorphous and Arcturus showing up this year. And if they’re going to have Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats they can damn well have Insomnium (which is not intended as a slap at Uncle Acid — I loved their set last year).

            • I like Insomnium…so Id have no issue with them playing the bill at all, Id just be very surprised if it happened.

              Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats fit in with fest runners personal tastes…those guys are apparently real big doom and grind fans from what Ive heard so they tend to draw from those types of bands.

              • Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats was so on point last year too. They played on Sunday, when most of us had endured a week solid of death/black/doom metal so it was perfect to have something a little chiller. They played a great set too. The fest needs to continue this sort of thing.

                • I agree. I had heard their music and enjoyed it before hearing them live — but maybe because of the timing that you talk about, they seemed twice as good as I was prepared for them to be.

                • Even before the lineup expansion last year, the fest has always had a few stoner/doom bands mixed in each year…Ive seen Howl, Orange Goblin, Pentagram, Sleep and Saint Vitus among others. Hell, MDF 2011 had Ghost close out the entire festival

                  On a personal note, I didnt really care for Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats at all last year…music was decent enough, but I thought the vocals sounded awful. On top of that, Id have preferred a different band get that time slot.

                  • Just curious, did you listen to them before you saw them live?

                    • No…honestly, I didnt have a lot of interest in them as a band before hand….Only reason I heard their set was because my group had stopped to rest our feet for a bit and have a bite to eat before Candlemass played

                    • Same for me. I wasn’t eager to see them, so I was way back near the beer and food stands when they started playing, and pretty soon moved up into the crowd because they were sounding so good. They’re coming to Seattle this summer and I sure plan to be there.

      • that’s still melodeath, so you never know. And I never thought they’d book My Dying Bride but they did. I think they realized (or wanted) to try and expand the fest (within reason) so that means expanding the types of bands the book (even if its done slowly and deliberately).

        • ..which is still melodeath..Carcass?…admittedly, my memory isnt super great, but I dont remember that set being overly reliant on Heartwork. As for My Dying Bride…didnt they draw a lot of their set list from their early death/doom albums? Bands like those two generally dip into their heavier, more “metal” songs when they play MDF…at least in my experience

          ..and yeah, theyve been expanding the fest musically since at least 2009, and with Down making an appearance a couple years back I have no doubt more commercially viable bands will be popping up eventually, but I wouldnt break out the Black Dahlia Murder merch just yet

      • Do At The Gates not count as melodeath? Still, I think you’re probably right that Insomnium is a long shot, but I’d love to see them play MDF.

    • HOB have played 2X so far, so even though MVD piggybacks that with Asphyx, don’t see that as an issue re: repeats.

      I thought Autopsy played 2X, wasn’t aware it was 3X. That could inhibit their chances I suppose. Then again, I don’t track the amount of times Obituary or Suffocation have played (which seems like alot) and both of those bands, which are inferior to Autopsy, just played this year 🙂

      • You’re right about Autopsy…it was only twice…It was just such a fast turn around (they played 2010 and 2012) that I keep thinking there was a third appearance in there for some reason

        Don’t count out Obituary ‘ s live show….As a band I dont really care about them after the first three but both times I saw them play MDF they completely crushed their set

        As for HoB…I’d prefer MVD take a little more time off from MDF…just like I think we need a bit longer before a new Asphyx or HoB album…It’s becoming too much of a good thing and starting to blend together

        I think the record for most appearances probably lies with Ghoul….those guys have played almost every other year since the begining. They must have a standing invite to play whenever they want

    • Finally checked, I only see Autopsy in 2010 & 2012.

      So a 4 your hiatus is more than enough 🙂

      • You didnt need to go through the trouble of looking it up…you could have just read my response 🙂

        Yeah, after four years Autopsy could definitely make another appearance though I think Id rather the slot go to someone I havent seen before like a reunited Dawn, or a one off by Dismember

  10. Exploding Zombies

  11. There are a lot listed above that I agree with that I didn’t want to repeat. I also threw a few “reunion” bands on here because they have an uncanny ability to get bands to reform for the fest:

    Akercocke (reunion)
    Atten Ash
    Cryptopsy (playing None So Vile in its entirety 😛 )
    Diabolical Masquerade (reunion)
    Fuck…I’m Dead (they’ve played before I think)
    Fukpig (half of them are in Anaal Nathrakh)
    General Surgery (I know they’ve played 4 times, whatever)
    Nasum (reunion)
    Quest of Aidance
    Rotting Christ
    Toxic Holocaust
    Vulture Industries (which is an odd choice, but they had Arcturus, so who knows)
    Wolven Ancestry

  12. Just a few I’d love to see
    Inquisition (I know they did 2014 but they’re my favorite band and I’d love to be able to see them.)
    Crypt Sermon
    Ad Nauseam
    Ancient Wind
    Backyard Mortuary
    Iniquitous Deeds
    Heaving Earth
    Hooded Menace
    Septycal Gorge
    Satanic Warmaster
    Wooden Stake
    Young And In The Way
    And last but certainly not least… GORGASM!!!!

    • Good list…I will say, Entrails and Hooded Menace just played 2014 so it might be a bit early and Satanic Warmaster probably wouldnt make it just based on his sketchy politics

      Electrocution would be the tits though

      • SW got booked for a NY show this year if I’m correct. I remember the promoter of Martydoom talking about how ballysy of a move it was for the promoter who did it (it wasn’t him)

        • Yeah…and with the punk side of MDF, which I’m sure includes a lot of straight edge kids, I’d be surprised if MDF would want to deal with the hassle it would bring to the show…especially after the fights that broke out in 2011 and 2013

  13. Tori Amos. Don’t even play like you metalheads wouldn’t rock out to some Tori. I’ve seen her a bunch of times, and she rips. I want to see some tear-streaked corpse paint.

    Oh, and a bunch of metal bands would be cool, too.

  14. looking over these comments, its a whole lot of NoRulesFollowing 🙂

  15. Ajattara (reunion)
    Lord Mantis
    Swallow the Sun
    Wu-Tang Clan

  16. Outre (PL)
    Virus (NO)
    Diskord (NO)
    StargGazer (AU)
    Morbus Chron (SE)
    Foehammer (US)
    DHG/Dodheimsgard (NO)
    Svartidaudi (IS)
    Bölzer (CH)

  17. Anathema
    Dragged Into Sunlight
    Dr.Living Dead
    King Parrot
    Blood Duster

  18. Fleshcrawl
    Calm Hatchery
    The Chasm
    The County Medical Examiners
    Dead Congregation
    Defiled (Japan)

  19. Urfaust
    Ved Buens Ende (a guy can dream right?)
    maudlin of the Well
    Deathspell Omega
    Peste Noire

  20. Hypocrisy
    Demonical (again)
    Entrails (again)
    Gorod (again)
    Beneath The Masacre

    • Honestly, Id love to see Demonical come back, but given the incredibly embarrassing turn out for their set a few years back I really wonder if theyd even want to play MDF again…

      …and thats not a knock at Demonical, they did their damnedest and played a great set…its just that no one showed up for it

      • My neck still hurts from their set that year! ;P But yeah, they were a bit early in the day, I just made a point of being there for them.

        I talked to the singer after and thanked him, he was very humble.

  21. Acid Witch
    Nun Slaughter
    Anal Cunt
    Pink Eye
    Pussy Wound
    All Star Tribute to Dissection

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