Jul 222015

Coffincraft-In Eerie Slumber


Alexander L. Brown’s cover art for the debut album by Finland’s Coffincraft will ensure that it gets noticed. But although eye-catching album art doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with ear-pleasing music, it certainly does in the case of In Eerie Slumber. And by “ear-pleasing”, I mean “skull-cleaving savagery”. If you doubt my word, dive into the song we’re about to premiere from the album — “Impious Spawn“.

In Eerie Slumber follows two previous EPs released by the band, 2010’s Bestial Conclusions and Shockwave of Truth from 2012. As before, Coffincraft channel the undead spirit of original Swedish and Finnish death metal from the early-to-mid ’90s, with a tip of the hat to bands like Bolt Thrower and Carcass as well. But the new album reflects an even more powerful mastery of the sound and style, and an approach to song-writing and execution that makes it sound vibrantly alive — and lethally evil.




The album includes slow, staggering songs that generate a suffocating aura of doom and decay, but “Impious Spawn” is one of the tracks that rampages like an unstoppable juggernaut. The grimy, grinding, distorted riffs cut like bone saws; the racing drumbeats are electrifying; and the vocals are utterly depraved and ghastly. Before the song ends in a final frenzy of ripping ferocity, Coffincraft ease up on the throttle to make way for a demented guitar solo and a phalanx of crushing riffs that will get heads moving.

This is high-powered, heavy music that’s as riveting as it is malignant, and it’s well-chosen as the opening track for this vicious album.

In Eerie Slumber will be released by Memento Mori on July 27. Two other album tracks — “Exaltation of Fornication” and “Ill Verdict” — are also available for listening, and we’ve included streams of those songs below our premiere of “Impious Spawn”.







  1. gah’damn, i knew it would be good, but shit…

  2. By the Emperor…the riffs and the song structures…the guitar/bass tone…the album art…the vocals…I need this shit on wax asap.

  3. This is some groovy-ass death metal. I approve.

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