Aug 072015

Shining-International Blackjazz Society


I’m still moving pretty slowly after a late night of live metal, but I’m not so bleery-eyed that I’m completely oblivious to the continuing discharge of good new music this morning. The latest discovery is a new video for a new single by Norway’s Shining — “The Last Stand”.

The song comes from a new Shining album entitled International Blackjazz Society, which will be released by Spinefarm Records on October 16. This of you who can’t get into the skronk and screee of sax in your metal and hard rock will have some trouble with this song, because Jørgen Munkeby does cut loose with it, both at the start and again later in an extended solo. I myself love the hell out of the sound when it’s employed by Munkeby and a band like Shining. And this song fuckin’ rocks.


Shining 2015
photo by Alexander Benjaminsen

The video shows the band kicking out the song in the studio, which is not quite as eye-popping as the band’s last live video performance perched on a ledge over Trolltunga, but still fun to watch. So watch it!

The new album is available for order here, and if you pre-order on iTunes you get an immediate download of “The Last Stand”:


(Thanks to Grant Skelton for the tip on this new video.)



  1. I’m not a fan of their music but I always find their videos to be entertaining 🙂

  2. I dropped everything.

  3. so long for Shining.. they make exceptional music


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