Aug 072015

Firespawn video clip


I’m getting a very slow start today, having arrived home extremely late last night after going to a hell of a show in Seattle. I dragged my dragging ass to the computer and, while downing the first few gulps of coffee, tried to focus my leery eyes on the NCS e-mail in-box. One of the first things I saw was a press release about a band named Firespawn that I’d never heard of. And then I saw who was in the band, and the names made me sit up straight:

LG Petrov – vocals [Entombed A.D., Morbid, Nihilist]
Fredrik Folkare – guitar [Necrophobic, Unleashed]
Victor Brandt – guitar [Entombed A.D., Six Feet Under (live)]
A. Impaler – bass [Necrophobic, Naglfar (live)]
Matte Modin – drums [Raised Fist, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Defleshed, ex-Infernal]

I think you’ll agree, that’s a hell of a line-up.


Firespawn-Lucifer Has Spoken
Firespawn have recorded a two-track 7″EP named Lucifer Has Spoken. There’s a silver vinyl version limited to 100 copies that are being sold “exclusively” at the PartySan Open Air! festival. There’s also a black vinyl edition (limited to 400 copies) that can be ordered here, even if you’re not going to PartySan.

And the reason I’m bothering with how to get the record is because the title track was released this morning in the form of a music video, and it’s really good. So is the video.

The song is a heavy, grim, mid-paced death metal monster that reminds me of Behemoth. You can headbang quite nicely to the riffs, there’s a killer solo, and LG’s trademark growls are in good form. And the song also includes what turns out to be a very nice surprise — a chorus with clean singing that enhances the music’s infernal atmosphere.

The video is also very well done — the band look like badasses, and they seem to be in their element with a church burning to the ground around them.



  1. This is seriously awesome, I hope there’s a full album in the works! 🙂

  2. LG sounds huge here. Way better than his performance with Entombed AD in Chicago a few months back. Seems like a transition to slightly blacker realms has helped him.

  3. Vocals, lyrics, video, forceful punch and flaming licks.
    Sounds killer.

  4. death metal with the best little touch of black? Perfect!

  5. Great stuff indeed. Apparently they have plans to release a debut album tentatively slated for November. So fingers crossed it drops before the year is out.

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