Feb 182017


This is the last part of a three-part round-up for this Saturday. Unlike Part 1 and Part 2, this installment is devoted to new music and videos released last week from groups whose names have a pretty high profile, and I would guess that all of the following songs have already made the rounds through much of metaldom without me needing to say much about them.

So, I’m going to just present the songs and videos without commentary, preceded only by some basic info about the releases. But, as always, you should certainly feel free to share your own thoughts in the Comment section.


Album: Atonement
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: February 24
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/immolation/ Continue reading »

Feb 042017


It’s been a crazy week for this half-witted editor. Interferences by my fucking day job coupled with interferences by my non-blogging personal life prevented me from posting any news and new-music round-ups all week. That means I’ve accumulated an enormous list of things since last weekend. Unfortunately, I still won’t have time to catch up this weekend.

I’ve got work I need to do today for an annual event I’m attending tonight with my spouse, and based on past experience, I’ll be in no condition to write anything on Sunday morning. I’ve agreed to post one premiere tomorrow, which I’ll get ready today, but there probably won’t be anything else on the site tomorrow. Maybe the coming week will be less crazy and I can do a delayed Shades of Black thing and/or a “That’s Metal!” post after the new week begins.

Okay, enough with the excuses. On to a regrettably small but diverse collection of new things I noticed last week.


When I first started using the title “Seen and Heard“, it was because I intended to include both news about, and artwork from, new albums, even when there was nothing yet to hear, as well as streams of new songs. And I have items in both categories to recommend today in this large collection, beginning with the artwork at the top of this post. Continue reading »

Dec 252015

Firespawn-Shadow Realms


Here’s the second installment in our “most infectious song” list. When you hear them, you might suspect that I hand-picked this particular trio to coincide with this particular day — and you would be right!


I didn’t give this band enough attention this fall. Their debut album Shadow Realms detonated late in the year, and I’m still picking the shrapnel out of my head. It was a surprise in more ways than one — the quality was no surprise, given the line-up of the band, but the style of the music was a surprise (given the line-up of the band):

Alex Friberg (Necrophobic, Unleashed) (bass)
Victor Brandt (Dominion, Entombed A.D.) (guitars)
LG Petrov (Entombed A.D.) (vocals)
Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed, Necrophobic) (guitars)
Matte Modin (Skineater, Raised Fist, Defleshed) (drums) Continue reading »

Aug 072015

Firespawn video clip


I’m getting a very slow start today, having arrived home extremely late last night after going to a hell of a show in Seattle. I dragged my dragging ass to the computer and, while downing the first few gulps of coffee, tried to focus my leery eyes on the NCS e-mail in-box. One of the first things I saw was a press release about a band named Firespawn that I’d never heard of. And then I saw who was in the band, and the names made me sit up straight:

LG Petrov – vocals [Entombed A.D., Morbid, Nihilist]
Fredrik Folkare – guitar [Necrophobic, Unleashed]
Victor Brandt – guitar [Entombed A.D., Six Feet Under (live)]
A. Impaler – bass [Necrophobic, Naglfar (live)]
Matte Modin – drums [Raised Fist, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Defleshed, ex-Infernal]

I think you’ll agree, that’s a hell of a line-up. Continue reading »