Aug 272015

Fell Ruin vid clip


In the spring of this year, Detroit’s Fell Ruin released their debut EP, Devices. It drew the attention of NCS writer TheMadIsraeli, who praised it here on our site. Now we have the opportunity to premiere the band’s official video for the EP’s opening track, “The Climb“.

The video was directed by the band’s vocalist Brian Sheehan, and it was filmed and edited by Seven Sun Studios, with after effects by Brian Kaurich. I mention all those names because this video really is good. It’s mysterious, unsettling, and hypnotic, the kind of visual artistry that pulls you in and keeps your attention rooted, waiting to see what will happen — though the answer to that question may depend on your own imagination.

Of course, the video can’t be divorced from the music; it’s the combination of the two that makes it such an engrossing experience.

Fell Ruin-Aaron Eschenburg
Fell Ruin photo by Aaron Eschenburg

Fell Ruin make the most of the song’s significant run-time, moving between bouts of explosive, instrumentally acrobatic aggressiveness, oppressive, doom-drenched crawls, and passages of sombre, unsettling beauty. Throughout the changes in pace, mood, and volume, vocalist Brian Sheehan’s scarring growl and August Krueger’s gun-shot drumming are riveting, while the guitar-and-bass duo of Rob Radtke and Jeff McMullen turn in uniformly impressive performances. It’s a potent combination of black metal, progressive metal, and heavy, grinding doom — ominous, perilous, and mesmerizing.

Devices is available via the links below, and I’ve included a stream of the EP after the video.







  1. Great track and cool video 🙂

  2. This, the song and the video, we can call it art!

  3. Hely hell…I’ve always thought Fell Ruin was good…but this pushes me way beyond that sentiment into opening my eyes to them MUCH wider. This is fantastic.

    • Glad you liked it. I’ve really liked this song since I first heard it — probably my favorite on the EP — but there’s something about the combination of the imagery and the music that brings out new depths in the music (which I guess is one thing a good video can do).

  4. It’s completely mind-boggling, if you ask me! And by the way…I totally spaced. I was confusing Fell Ruin with a different band. This IS my first time hearing the band. No wonder I was so shocked by the quality! I put it on my list to write about in my own little “zine”! And I only get around to updating that thing ever so often…but will now that I have something to rant about! \m/

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