Sep 022015

Batmetal-Children of Batman


The Russian animators at Red Medusa Studio (aka Arhybes) have returned after a little more than one year with a new Batmetal video, this one set to Children of Batman’s cover of Dethklok’s “Murmaider”.

I’m leaving this here because, as I go to sleep the night before this thing will actually appear, I have nothing else ready to post on our site — and because it reminds me how much Dethklok kills, and because Batman is the best of all comic heroes, even when put to these kinds of demented purposes. Dementia also rules.

Watch next, and please don’t leave me dangling here in the wind… comments please! Also…

Butt beware / For when you quench your blood thirst / Others will seek vengeance on you / And they won’t rest / Until you’re dead….

(And thank you to Old Man Windbreaker for informing us of this new entertainment.)


  4 Responses to “BATMETAL RETURNS”

  1. There’s so much awesomeness happening here I don’t even know where to begin! And “Murmaider” us my favorite Dethklok song, best lyrical hook ever 😀

  2. Murmaider II has a hell of a hook in it. I like it way better than the original. I think Dethklok got better as the albums went on. The show’s appeal ran thin for me but the music seemed to get better. III has some epic songs on it.

    Also that video is so much better than the Face Fisted on. Leagues above it.

  3. As a kid who grew up in the early ’00s, there was a boatload of nostalgia packed in that video. Also reminds me that I need to listen to dethklok again.

  4. This is gold, so many kinds of wrong. Reminds me I should probably listen to some more Dethklok

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