Sep 042015

Zillah-Serpentine Halo


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song by a Scottish band we’ve been following for a while — Zillah.)

Scotland’s dissonant death metal juggernauts Zillah are a band Islander has written about several times here at NCS, and I’ve been a fan of them as well for many years. They are about to release their third full-length record entitled Serpentine Halo in early October through Sea Of Corruption Records. It’s especially exciting for me because it’s their first record since 2006 when they released an absolutely insane album called Substitute For A Catastrophe.

That record was way ahead of its time, and you should probably check it out as a further primer into the weird world of Zillah. If you enjoy “Made Flesh And Bone”, which is streaming below, check out their prior works at their Bandcamp:


Zillah band photo

One of my favorite things about Zillah is their complete disregard for conventional death metal styles and sounds, a trait that’s apparent throughout every bleak and pitch-black moment on “Made Flesh And Blood”. Their music has always comes from a unique place that sounds like no one else. It’s very abrasive stuff, yet often has very progressive-sounding moments peppered throughout as well. Often I see Zillah spoken of as a technical death metal band, and make no mistake,  “Made Flesh And Bone” is very technical and multi-faceted stuff, but it’s so dissonant that it’s definitely not what you probably think of when you hear the term “technical death metal”.

I don’t need to guess about whether the rest of Serpentine Halo is up to par with this song. I’ve heard it, and believe me, it is. It’s an incredibly varied and diverse record as well, yet always dark and full of immense hatred. So click below and get your fix of grim guitar gymnastics, hoarse pissed-off growls, rumbling tides of distorted bass playing, and grinding drums!



  1. This is killer!! I lived “Substitute for Catastrophe”, can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album 😀

  2. spicy!

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