Oct 142015

Zillah-Serpentine Halo


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of the lethal and fascinating new album by Scotland’s Zillah.)

As most of our readers are probably already aware, Scotland’s own death metal savants Zillah are a band we here at NCS really enjoy. Before the full album stream for Serpentine Halo that you’ll find below, we had previously exclusively premiered both album opener “Therefore I Am” and track three, “Made Flesh And Bone”. We are very proud to be able to let you hear the whole record ahead of its official release date this Friday.

Both of the songs we previously premiered offered an experience akin to injecting pure adrenaline and hatred directly into your skull. Yet calculating full-throttle rage is far from the only mode that Serpentine Halos cycles through. Several tracks that make up much of the second half of the record such as “Karras”, “Man Son Of Swine”, “One Thousand Stones Thrown Pt. 1”, and closer “He Who Knows All” temper their steamrolling nature with an experimental and brooding side that weaves in and out of the faster moments. This really adds a lot of dynamic tension to Serpentine Halo that really expands Zillah’s songwriting palette beyond the typical death metal focus on speed as a weapon — although the album’s other rage-centric numbers, which include “Something Done Cannot be Undone” and “Not All Of Me Shall Die”, are electrifying highlights as well. Continue reading »

Sep 182015

Zillah-Serpentine Halo


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song from the new album by Scotland’s Zillah.)

We’ve been covering Zillah here at NCS since 2011 when Islander first shared their music with our readers and extolled their hard-to-categorize brand of death metal. Recently we were fortunate to premiere a song by them called “Made Flesh And Bone”, which will appear on their soon-to-be-released new album entitled Serpentine Halo. I was very surprised yet happy to see that as of this writing, “Made Flesh And Bone” has been played 1,986 times! Which to me says at least some of our readers must have enjoyed it. For those who liked that one, you’ll be equally pleased with the Zillah song we are premiering today: “Therefore I Am”.

While “Made Flesh And Bone” took its time building toward a blasting second-half conclusion, “Therefore I Am” is an adrenaline-fueled ride from start to finish. It’s a swirling maelstrom of venomous barks and chaotic, spidery riffing colliding with a deep bass low-end and an accomplished drum performance that drives the song forward into the demented void. Continue reading »

Sep 042015

Zillah-Serpentine Halo


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song by a Scottish band we’ve been following for a while — Zillah.)

Scotland’s dissonant death metal juggernauts Zillah are a band Islander has written about several times here at NCS, and I’ve been a fan of them as well for many years. They are about to release their third full-length record entitled Serpentine Halo in early October through Sea Of Corruption Records. It’s especially exciting for me because it’s their first record since 2006 when they released an absolutely insane album called Substitute For A Catastrophe.

That record was way ahead of its time, and you should probably check it out as a further primer into the weird world of Zillah. If you enjoy “Made Flesh And Bone”, which is streaming below, check out their prior works at their Bandcamp:  https://zillah.bandcamp.com/album/substitute-for-a-catastrophe Continue reading »

Feb 112012

A video I saw about some difficulties Apple is experiencing with its Siri speech-recognition software gave me the idea for this post. It don’t seem to do too well with the Scots dialect (or at least the Glaswegian variant of it). I wonder how it would do with lyric recognition when voiced by Scottish extreme metal bands. Probably not to fukkin well. And running some bagpipe metal through the thing would probably cause it to melt down.

First, here’s the video. HIGH-larious. (And to see a translation of what’s being said, along with an explanation by the creator of the video, go here.)

As for Scottish (and Scottish-themed) metal, the line-up after the jump is a mix of new, newish, and older music from three Glasgow bands (Man Must Die, Cerebral Bore, and Achren), one from Edinburgh (Zillah),  and Haggis and Bong (okay, they’re from South Africa, but how can we write about Scottish metal without including some new bagpipe shred?). Continue reading »

Nov 152011

My blogging time still being restricted, I’m just gonna hit you quickly with the following three items and then run away back to cloudland. What I have are new songs from Coldworker (Sweden), Mordbrand (Sweden again), and Zillah (Scotland).


I’ve been a fan of Coldworker since their early days. Both albums they’ve released to date — The Contaminated Void (2006) and Rotting Paradise (2008) — are worth your time if you like extreme trauma in your music. Featuring former members of Nasum, Relentless, Ruin, and Phobos, they play a violent amalgamation of grind and death metal.

In August, they signed with Listenable Records, which will be releasing their third album, The Doomsayer’s Call, on February 13, 2012. The cover art, which you can see above, is by the masterful Pär Olofsson (not his usual style, but still quite cool). Yesterday, they released the first song from the album. It’s called “Violent Society”. It will tear you a new one but leave you smiling as you bleed out. Give it a listen after the jump. Continue reading »