Sep 162015

Cover of Ruach raah - hate fanaticism


With a debut demo and two splits behind them, Portugal’s Ruach Raah are now on the brink of releasing their debut album, Hate Fanaticism, via War Arts Productions. As a sample of what it holds in store, today we’re premiering a track called “Arsonist“.

If you’re looking for modern production values and atmospheric melody, look elsewhere. “Arsonist” is a piece of primal, primitive, stripped-down black metal savagery. The sound is abrasive, caked in grit and choked with hate. No frenzied blast-beats, whirring chords, or Northern darkness are to be found here — just a lashing of poisonous riffs, neck-snapping percussion, and enraged, throat-scraping howls. But as raw and primeval as this music is, it’s catchy as hell right from the start.


Band photo - Ruach raah


And that’s what this masked trio do well — they churn out blood-pumping riffs and punk-fueled rhythms that immediately grab hold of your throat and make a fast connection to the reptile part of your brain. It’s militant, malicious, and old-school to the core — the kind of music that lives up to the album’s title.

Hate Fanaticism will be released on September 25 by War Arts Productions in vinyl format limited to 250 copies (150 black and 100 magenta). Further information can be found via the links below.



  1. Ahhhhhh, a refreshing blast of raw intensity, i like it 🙂

  2. I fee like there’s a good sub-Reddit waiting for band logos that kinda look like Batman.

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