May 282021


In your searching for new metal, if you need to check off boxes like “melodic”, “nuanced”, “forward-thinking”, “intricate”, or “soulful”, you should probably stop reading right now. On the other hand, if adjectives like “filthy”, “feral”, “primitive”, “carnal”, and “ferocious” are on your list, you’ve come to the right place.

With vitriol surging in torrents through their veins and no regard for the well-being of their listeners, the Portuguese black metal band Ruach Raah (now stripped down to a duo) are returning with their third album, Misanthropic Wolfgang, which is set for release by Signal Rex on June 30th. Based on the music, we’re guessing that the title isn’t an homage to Mozart but is instead a contraction of “wolf gang”. They do indeed sound like wolves on the hunt, racing their listeners into the ground with teeth bared — or maybe more accurately igniting a desire among listeners to run with them on their wild romps.

And make no mistake, as abrasive, rabid, and riotous as the music is, it’s primally infectious stuff — which you’ll discover through today’s premiere of the new album track “Skulls Cracked“. Continue reading »

Sep 162015

Cover of Ruach raah - hate fanaticism


With a debut demo and two splits behind them, Portugal’s Ruach Raah are now on the brink of releasing their debut album, Hate Fanaticism, via War Arts Productions. As a sample of what it holds in store, today we’re premiering a track called “Arsonist“.

If you’re looking for modern production values and atmospheric melody, look elsewhere. “Arsonist” is a piece of primal, primitive, stripped-down black metal savagery. The sound is abrasive, caked in grit and choked with hate. No frenzied blast-beats, whirring chords, or Northern darkness are to be found here — just a lashing of poisonous riffs, neck-snapping percussion, and enraged, throat-scraping howls. But as raw and primeval as this music is, it’s catchy as hell right from the start. Continue reading »