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(Leperkahn is on a roll again, with a multi-part roundup of new music streams. Here’s Part 1.)

The metal world is really good at trying to drown us in new stuff. Here, we take a stand and fight back, trying to cover all that we can. A new wave of defense for NCS starts with this post, in which we cover (briefly) five albums you can now stream in full on the interhole.


We’ve been covering Antiliv, the new album from these Norwegian black metallers, pretty much since it was first announced, so I’ll cut to the chase and say that this ripper is available for you to stream via Decibel. If you like your black metal staunchly traditional, yet still pretty well-produced, dig in.







These Finnish funeral doom legends also need no introduction (gonna be a theme here for the most part), so I’ll leave you with their new opus Ordeal, recorded live at Klubi in Turku, Finland, streaming via Noisey.





The Black Dahlia Murder-Abysmal


Another band with no introduction needed (if you’d like one, specifically for this new offering Abysmal, check out TheMadIsraeli’s review), so I’ll just leave the new album below, streaming via Metal Blade’s website.





Witchsorrow-No Light Only Fire


These UK doomsters, who recently conducted an interview with Comrade Aleks right here at NCS, also have their newest offering, No Light, Only Fire, streaming via Noisey. If you like your doom proper, check out Aleks’ interview as you give this a proverbial spin:








As I plopped links in for the rest of these, I’ve been streaming Blacklisters’ sophomore effort Adult via Metal Hammer. If you fancy yourself some noise rock in the vein of The Jesus Lizard or KEN mode, you’re gonna love these guys. It certainly is right in my wheelhouse of noise rock, a genre that I can have trouble getting behind when the term applies to something other than this Jesus Lizard-esque sound.

Anyway, this is a sufficiently pissed and misanthropic release for me – dig in:



  1. Not that it really matters, but thanks to Season of Mist the new Tsjuder is also streaming over at Metal Underground:

    • Pick your poison, I suppose. Tsjuder has a habit of having their stuff streaming on like fifteen different websites, depending on country.

  2. I owe Aleks a thanks for turning me onto Witchsorrow, they’re awesome 😀

    • I’d heard of them a bit with God Curse Us, but they’d entirely fallen off my radar before Aleks’s interview. I gotta thank him for putting them back on my radar, becaue No Light, Only Fire kicks all kinds of ass.

  3. Been looking forward to the new Tsjuder since seeing them tear it up at MDF.

    • I envy you, both for seeing Tsjuder and going to MDF. One day, I will accomplish both, though not necessarily at the same time.

    • Yes!…that was such a killer set. Really didnt think Tsjuder had it in them, but about three songs in they hit their stride and crushed it

  4. No Light Only Fire and Ordeal are easily 2 of my favorite releases of the year. Top contenders for certain.

    • Certainly doom of the highest order in both cases. Can’t wait to give them both more time to sink in and leave deeper impressions in my brain.

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