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About a week ago we happily reported that Vancouver’s Nylithia had finally announced the release date for their debut album Hyperthrash. It has been a long time coming, but the band have given us plenty of reasons to get excited about it — and today we’re bringing you one more, through our premiere of the album’s tenth track of 12: “Blüdwolves“.

The story of our acquaintance with Nylithia began in March 2012, when we discovered the first three songs they had released for the planned album, each of which was accompanied by separate artwork and videos — “Trainsaw”, “Immersed In the Maniacal”, and “Vein of Creation”. And then in September of that year we had the pleasure of debuting the title track — “Hyperthrash”.


Nylithia-photo by Derek Carr
photo by Derek Carr

The following January brought the video for that song, and then the band released their video for “Vein of Creation” in May of 2013. Two years passed after that without anything new, until Nylithia brought forth a song called “61-50-7” this past July and yet another new song, “Razor”, which accompanied their announcement a week ago that Hyperthrash would be released next month.

So with that back-story, we come now to “Blüdwolves“.

Nylithia have always had a bit of an extra-dimensional or futuristic atmosphere to their music, due in part to the fact that they’re fast as lightening, and “Blüdwolves” is definitely a rocket ride, fueled by high-octane double-bass blasts and super-heated riffs. Apart from the music’s infectious energy, the song has a dark but catchy melody that pulses through the adrenaline rush, and the snarling vocals sound exactly like what the song’s title suggests. Awesome track.




So to repeat, the wait is almost over: Hyperthrash will be released on November 21, and you can now pre-order the album via the first two links below.



UPDATE!  We aren’t the only folks to premiere a new Nylithia song today. Metal Sucks debuted another rager named “Whips & Chainz” — and you should go HERE to check that out.



  1. Holy fuck that’s groovy

  2. So good to finally hear new Nylithia. Can’t wait for the whole thing to drop.

  3. An absolutely sick track! Nylithia always has the most badass artwork 🙂

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