Oct 192015

Nachtlieder-The Female of the Species

Photo by Åsa Hagström

The Female of the Species is the second album by the Swedish one-woman black metal band Nachtlieder, due for release on December 7 via the always interesting I, Voidhanger label. What we have for you today is a somewhat unusual premiere of music from the album — featuring two songs instead of one.

These two songs — “Lonely Mortal” and “Eve” — appear back-to-back as the fourth and fifth tracks on the album. And they will give you a sense of how the music flows within the album, and of the contrasts that Nachtlieder has created. After you hear them, you may conclude that the peaceful, self-reflective quality of the photo on the album cover is a misdirection.



Photo by Åsa Hagström

With outstanding drumming assistance from Martrum, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dagny Susanne has created a concept album produced with a powerful sound that’s a reflection of rage and the fight for liberation. This is an Eve who is ready to burn Eden to ashes and embrace the darkness.

“Lonely Mortal” is a thundering, predatory song laced with subtle melodic touches that generates an overarching atmosphere of peril. With riffs that range from grinding and flailing to huge, heaving chords, and propelled by a blasting drum attack, the music is intense — electrifying as well as very dark.

By contrast, “Eve” is a mid-paced piece constructed on the foundation of a repeating sledgehammer riff that’s an immense headbang trigger. That massive rhythm proceeds without break until nearly the end, and while it bends your neck to its will, the lead guitar spins out sinuous and exotic melodies.

In both songs, Dagny Susanne’s vicious, rasping howl magnifies the music’s intensity. After the music streams below, you’ll find the lyrics to both songs.


The Female of the Species was produced by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio. The track list is as follows:

1. Malice, Come Closer (4:20)
2. Nightfall (4:34)
3. Fatale (4:14)
4. Lonely Mortal (4:39)
5. Eve (5:16)
6. Silence And Devastation (3:58)
7. Cimmerian Child (4:34)
8. The Female Of The Species (8:25)
Total running time 40:00






I stared into the fathomless dark
My mind stirred and ached and pounded
A painful attempt
To pardon this use of flesh
and animate this lifeless shell

Beholding, looking deeper
My sweat and blood filled its void
My feet glued to the ground
I sang as i was drained

Lonely mortal
Let this be my revival
Pour an open portal from my fingers
For colorless is my survival

I disintegrate
or burst into flames
or all swept away

This unfilled existence
I stared into the dark
Beholding all, everything, nothing



With every breath and pulse
Draw on the first drops of dark
A never sedated thirst

Breath the water
Smell the blood
Bind the moment

Reach into a vast hollow night
And grasp its matter
Become its light, unbound


  1. I’m gonna need this album. Let’s see how much money I can find in between couch cushions for it.

  2. This sounds great, she’s got mad skills 😀

  3. Love the riffs, the vocals, The bass lines, the drum sound. Like pretty much everything about this! Aeons better than Myrkur, as im sure this will be compared to by some. Too bad this girl wont have the same Hype machine to get her music out there

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