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(Grant Skelton provides both an audio stream of his recent interview with Witch Mountain vocalist Kayla Dixon and a review of their show in Memphis on October 7.)

Witch Mountain are currently on the Blackest Of The Black Tour with Veil Of Maya, Prong, Superjoint, and Danzig. Prior to the band’s set at Minglewood Hall in Memphis on October 7, I had an opportunity to sit down with the band’s new vocalist, Kayla Dixon. We discussed vocal training, the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “Sleeping Village”, and progress on the band’s next album. Stream the interview here on Soundcloud, courtesy of Local X Radio (localxradio.com):




Blackest Of The Black Tour

The band’s setlist that night was as follows:

“Psycho Animundi”
“Veil Of The Forgotten”

I’m still kicking myself for missing Witch Mountain when they were in Memphis back in March with YOB (who I also need to catch live). Headlining sets are always longer, but Witch Mountain’s shorter set that night did not disappoint.

The rhythm section of Nathan Caron (percussion) and Justin Brown (bass) bulldozed the audience. I could feel the bass notes ricocheting off my own body. Brown’s bass is tingly rumbling wave that mows over the audience. Carson’s drumming sets a slow, hypnotic pace that entrances the observer to succumb to the band’s catchy, doomy groove.

Being a Memphian, I love blues. And blues is evident in guitarist Rob Wrong’s style. His riffs and solos carry a swaggering, swampy twang that would fit perfectly among the boggy backwoods of the Mississippi Delta.

Kayla Dixon’s theatre background emerges in her performance. And I emphasize performance. Her vocal range can instantaneously switch from clean and soulful to a gritty blackened rasp. As a fan of the band, I can confidently assure anyone who hasn’t seen them live that it’s most definitely worth watching. What you hear on the album is what you get live, only better.


Video by Doomed & Stoned

Witch Mountain’s latest album, Mobile Of Angels is available now on Profound Lore Records. Stream/purchase it here.



Blackest Of The Black Tour Dates

Fri 10/16 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Sat 10/17 Worcester, MA – Rock & Shock fest w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Sun 10/18 Montreal, QC – Metropolis w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Tue 10/20 Portland, ME – State Theater w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Wed 10/21 New York, NY – PlayStation Theater w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Thu 10/22 Pittsburgh, PA – Howler’s w/Argus, Carousel
Fri 10/23 Cleveland, OH – Agora w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Sat 10/24 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Sun 10/25 Omaha, NE – Sokol Auditorium w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Tue 10/27 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Thu 10/29 San Jose, CA – City National Civic w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong
Fri 10/30 Las Vegas, NV – The Joint w/Rob Zombie, Danzig
Sat 10/31 Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater w/Danzig, Superjoint, Prong



  1. I’ve missed these guys at least once or twice, and I’m still kicking myself for it.

    • I know man! I hate that I missed them with YOB. I’m sure their set was longer. And YOB I’m still new to. But would love to see them live.

      • They’re about to tour again with Black Cobra I think. I know they’re hitting Chicago in a little over a week but I’m not sure whether they’re hitting Memphis or not. They killed it when they toured with Enslaved, but I’m excited to catch them in a headlining slot.

  2. Oh, yes, Uta Plotkin left the band in 2014. Need to check how they sound with Kayla. Thanks for the interview.

  3. Very cool, Dixon has an amazing voice 🙂

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