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October 30 is the date set by Agonia Records for the release of Home, the debut album by a German duo (Blitz and Vinterbarn) who call themselves NYX. We’re helping introduce you to NYX through our North American premiere of a song from the album called “Going On”.

The backbone of this creative, multifaceted song is made from black metal, but it reveals other musical ingredients as well — and the overall effect of the music is dark, unsettling, and very engrossing.




NYX weave a dark spell, entwining the song with dissonant melodies while moving from thick, jagged, jabbing riffs to radioactive gales of harsh noise to rippling guitar chords over a rocking backbeat that ratchet the tension even further. And over all this instrumental and rhythmic variety, the shrieking vocals rip and tear like an ice storm.

For a song that is often discordant and that changes in often unexpected ways, it does get its hooks in you (or it did in me). NYX aren’t following a straight and well-defined path in their music — what they’re doing instead is much more interesting.

Home was recorded and produced at Blackout Studio (Enthroned, Corpus Christii, Emptiness, Lvcifyre) by Enthroned’s bassist Phorgath. To pre-order Home, visit this location.

One other song from the album (“Beyond”) premiered at Decibel, and to hear that one, use this link.



  5 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: NYX — “GOING ON””

  1. Wow! Really digging this. The vocals are incredible. Thanks for the heads up, Islander–I’ll definitely be picking this up when it comes out. 2015 just keeps getting better and better…

  2. This is really cool, I love the shifts between an infectious groove and chaotic thrash. And the great production keeps those killer riffs front and center 😀

  3. I like what I’m hearing from Nyx – that track at Decibel also slayed.

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