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Forward Without Motion is the fourth album by Arizona’s Vehemence — and the first since the band split up in 2005 following the 2004 Metal Blade release of Helping the World To See. They are obviously back — and as you’re about to hear from our premiere of a full stream of the new album, they are back with overpowering force.

We knew this album was on the way. In September our writer Andy Synn helped pave the way for its arrival by compiling reviews of all three of the band’s previous full-lengths for the 62nd installment of The Synn Report (here). What we didn’t know then was that we would be invited to bring you a full listen to the new album — but we’re damned glad the opportunity has come our way.

The wait has been a long one — and no one knows that better than the band. They provided us this statement to accompany the album stream:


Vehemence band


“Thanks to everyone who has supported VEHEMENCE over the years. Especially the many years of inactivity. It is really humbling to all of us that we still have fans that give a shit and kept our band alive. Regarding this record… We really feel that this is the pinnacle of our career. We worked hard to get this album to you, and we hope you all enjoy it. Cheers!”

The work shows, and the new album proves that Vehemence haven’t lost a step in decade that has passed since their last album. Like all of the band’s previous releases, this new one is a dynamic, multi-faceted trip. To borrow some of Andy’s adjectives from his Vehemence retrospective, it’s virulent, whiplash-inducing, bowel-shaking, chaotic, blast-filled, frenzied, juddering, harrowing, crushing, brutish, gloriously morbid, filthy, gore-soaked, galloping, razor-edged, chilling, and murderous. And…

It’s also majestic, anthemic, sweepingly melodic, and memorable. It all depends on where you land within this head-spinning powerhouse of a record. But wherever you choose to dive in, we can promise you’ll get an adrenaline surge you’ll remember. Featuring amazing technical athleticism and melodic dual-guitar solos that are alone worth the price of admission, plus an array of hair-raising forms of vocal savagery, this is an album that’s strong as steel from start to finish — one of the best melodic death metal albums of this year.

In a nutshell, Vehemence haven’t lost a step in the 11 years since their last album — but this new one has the capacity to knock you off your feet.

Further Details:

Forward Without Motion is adorned by cover art by Hal Rotter/Rotting Graphics (Atriarch, Inherit Disease, Barghest). The album will be released by Battleground Records on October 23 through all digital outlets, on digipak CD, and as a 2xLP limited to 300 copies on 180-gram black vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve (including a digital download). The digital download includes two bonus tracks — re-recordings of the songs “I Take Your Life” and “Reconditioning The Flock” from the band’s self-released 1999 debut album, The Thoughts From Which I Hide.

Preorders are available for the digital HERE, the digipak CD HERE, and the 2xLP HERE.

Vehemence will be playing two release shows for the new album:

10/23/2015 The Rock – Tucson, AZ w/ Magguts, Chronovorous, Defiled Existence, Dead Is He, Dirt Over Lime
10/24/2015 Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ w/ Sorrower, Lago, Through The Earth




  1. holy fuck, A Dark Figure in the Distance is worth the album all by itself. I think it’s become one of my favorite songs ever in the snap of a finger. I honestly haven’t enjoyed music as much as I just enjoyed that song in years

  2. Awesome, I’m excited to hear the re-recordings 🙂

  3. Much love and support to you all. Missed your music, and this album is nothing short of amazing.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    You guys have been in my setlist since middle school, still one of my top favorite bands.
    Thank you, for the great music.
    Horns up – Hails from Michigan \m/

  4. This is going to be a highlight, the first track off this album is killer!

  5. A Masterly crafted audio onslaught from melodious death metal tyrants. Vehemence delivers yet again

  6. Saw Vehemence with Akercocke and Mortician back in the day INCREDIBLE!! show. And the new album is great. cheers!!

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