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We’ve previously premiered two tracks from the new album by Germany’s Invoker — “Secrets of Seed” and the title track “Aeon”. Two is not enough. We have more, beginning today with the album’s seventh track, “Engulfed For Millions of Years”.

If you’ve been following the songs from Aeon that have appeared to date, you already know about Invoker’s talent for weaving dark melodic hooks into the majestic and multifaceted tapestry of their sound, and “Engulfed…” is another grant example of that skill at work. The song races and rips from the beginning, seizing the listener’s attention without delay, and then begins to move along a changing course that includes hard-jabbing riffs, a swirling melodic guitar melody that shimmers like streamers of light, and big, booming hammer blows of pile-driving power.


Invoker band


Incorporating elements of black metal and doom-influenced melodic death metal, and featuring T.B.’s deep, ravaging roars to great effect, the song is tremendously memorable. It matches a sense of forlorn, melancholy beauty with storming, adrenaline-pumping intensity. If you haven’t yet discovered the gems that Invoker have spread throughout Aeon, this is a fine place to begin exploring.

Aeon will be released on October 30 by Non Serviam Records. Below you can see the track list and listen not only to “Engulfed…” but also to both “Secrets of Seed” and “Aeon”. You can pre-order the album HERE.


1. Hunger (Instrumental)
2. Aeon
3. Secrets Of Seed
4. Lawless Hunter
5. The Wolves Chant (Instrumental)
6. In The Womb Of Arrogance
7. Engulfed For Millions Of Years
8. Across The Abyss
9. Woods of Nothingness







  1. Can you get a 4’x4′ framed version of that album art? Asking for a friend.

  2. Going to be a pretty good release. I love this album art as well!!

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