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(After a two-month break, Father Synn returns to NCS, ready to cleanse you of your manifold metal sins. Prepare to share your putrid failings in the Comments and accept the penance.)

Repent!!! Repent all ye sinners and sodomites!!! Repent and confess, for Father Synn has returned from his long pilgrimage in the vast and godless wilderness, eager to hear your tales of woe and transgression once more.

As always, let mine own flaws and failings be a lantern, leading you along the path of redemption!




  1. I almost always skip the instrumental tracks on every Shining album.
  2. And, speaking of skipping things, I skipped watching High on Fire at Damnation Festival last night just so I could have a chance to finally sit down and rest my legs (though it did also give me a chance to grab some prime real-estate in order to watch Primordial).
  3. I keep finding album promos on my computer that I’ve downloaded with the intention to review, but then never listened to.
  4. I’m still not as blown away by Panopticon as everyone else on this site seems to (though I still really like the music, particularly Kentucky).
  5. I still can’t stand Manowar.


  1. 1. I had the chance to catch Krisiun, Origin, Aeon, and Ingested, however I chose to catch Madball instead. I do not regret this decision.
    2. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but I don’t understand this hardcore dancing involving karate kicks and arm flailing. It seems injurious to the ‘dancer’ and any innocent bystanders nearby.
    3. I’m pumped to see Blind Guardian next weekend.
    4. I thought the newest Dragonforce record was awesome.
    5. Finally got around to picking up and listened to the Full of Hell/Merzbow collaboration and Swarrrm ‘ s latest offering ‘flower’, both released well over a year ago.

    • To be fair, Madball are pretty badass. Though Krisiun + Origin is a killer pairing.

      I cannot bloody stand Ingested though. Do not see the appeal.

      • Agreed on krisiun and origin. However,I have seen them before on a couple occasions.Madball was a first, and they killed it live. Ingested doesn’t do much for me either, to be honest.

    • Karate moshing is a blight that must be contained.

    • Number 2 has nothing to do with age…its a completely moronic activity that makes you look like a jackass and yes, plenty of innocents get cracked in the head because these people are so busy having full body seizures set to music that they dont care who they hit. They also throw a tantrum when you tell them to knock it the fuck off

      • At the aforementioned Madball show, 10 minutes into the opening act (slumlord) some dude had torn both his earrings out and another dude had a bloody nose, presumably broken. So dumb. I hate having to watch my back at a show for flying feet/shoes/fists.

      • And so many fights.

        Moshing is rough and all – and I’m not saying it never gets nasty – but there’s something communal about it, too. You fall down, someone picks you up. Meanwhile, hardcore dancers are constantly kicking the wrong guy, and that guy is willing to get thrown out of a show just to kick your ass.

        I’ve seen maybe 4 times the number of fights in the club stemming from slam dance antics that from traditional mosh aggression.

  2. I would be mad at your #2, but fatigue is something one can’t ignore. #3 is all too familiar for me, though scatterbrain and laziness generally explain the unused promos on my computer. And I, too, don’t have quite the hard-on that many have for Panopticon (though I do really like his stuff, particularly the last few albums).

    My confession: my ultimatum to myself to stop going to so many concerts alone has meant that I’ve skipped out on a ton of concerts that I conventionally shouldn’t have skipped. Examples:
    1. Left that Cattle Decapitation/King Parrot/Black Crown Initiate tour after BCI, since I didn’t have a particular interest in catching King Parrot, had just seen Cattle a month before on Summer Slaughter, and was there alone.
    2. Skipped Red Fang/Whores, Clutch/Corrosion of Conformity (w/ Pepper), Cult Leader, YOB/Acid King/Black Cobra, and most recently Hate Eternal/Misery Index/Beyond Creation/Rivers of Nihil for the same reason. Probably also gonna miss Necrophobic/Kommandant/Morpheus Descends/Disrotted, or Fister, or Blind Guardian tonight as well, also because I’ve realized I need to have a strong reason to go to a concert where I know I’m not gonna know anyone there.

    Forgive me Father.

    • Enjoy those concerts while you can, when you get into your 30’s and 40’s the idea of staying awake, watching a band until 3:00am on a weekday and then getting up for work afterwards starts to lose some of the appeal

    • There is NO excuse for missing Misery Index/Beyond Creation/Rivers of Nihil.


      I cast thee out (until next time, obviously).

      • Only one I’m really kicking myself for missing out of the bunch is Misery Index. Never seen them, and especially with how good The Killing Gods was it was hard to miss. I just caught Hate Eternal in May with Deicide and others, and just caught Beyond Creation in August on Summer Slaughter, so missing them wasn’t the end of the world for me. Rivers of Nihil would’ve been cool, but they don’t quite excite me as much as I feel they should, though I’ve liked Monarchy the couple times I’ve spun it.

        • You have the chance to see Necrophobic and you aren’t going to go because you’ll be alone…

          I might hate you. 🙂

    • That’s odd, I mainly go to shows alone, I only got one friend that is into some of the same music.

  3. 1. Next weekend and I’m going to Black Flames of Blasphemy VI at the expense of my family (and probably my own sanity)
    2. I never really liked Shining in the first place (Swe version – love Shining (Nor))
    3. In two weeks I’ll see Ne Obliviscaris (whom I’m more stoked for) supporting CoF (who I have supported for 15-20 years have never seen, and not that pushed by that any more)
    4. I tihnk I’m going to have to sell some organs in the near future so that I can afford the Emperor Box set from Blood Music
    5. I have only read one of the The Rearview Mirror articles, Zyklon…………

  4. 1. I haven’t been as immediately blown away by Horrendous – Anareta as I hoped I would be. Then again, I didn’t “get” Ecdysis right away either, and it later became a permanent fixture in my rotation.

    2. I always wear earplugs at shows. Not the little ones either, but the huge neon green suckers that extend out beyond my ear canal by at least a half-inch. I feel slightly self-conscious about it, as if I’m saying to the bands “I like your music, but not so much that I really want to hear it.” Then again, my job requires that I be able to hear, and I believe that the troo metal mentality gives preference to the individual’s beliefs and preferences rather than adhering to a self-destructive norm…so fuck you.

    3. I can’t wait to see Tribulation in a few weeks, and I may walk out before Deafheaven starts. I’m undecided.

    4. I typically like a band’s early stuff – or – their later stuff. Rarely do I like a band’s whole catalog. At some point I feel like I’ve heard enough from one artist or band, and it’s time for me to move on.

    • Earplugs are a necessity at a show for me. At a motorhead show many years ago, they had people at the door handing out earplugs, which I thought was a great idea.

      • Agreed…first metal concert I ever went to thought Id be fine without them…Five seconds into the sound check I was begging my friend for his spare set. Ive seen plenty of guys who dont use them and I have no idea how they do it

    • Glad I’m not the only one that wears those fucking massive neon green earplugs.

    • Yeah, earplugs are a MUST.

      I actually need to replace my current pair of ER20s as they are rapidly disintegrating due to their use at practices for both bands, and at the various shows I go to.

  5. 1) I find that Ive discovered so many albums this year, that frankly theyre starting to blur together

    2) I still dont understand how anyone can listen to black metal with clean production values

    3) While its never really been my thing to begin with, I think that the current crop of techdeath bands are so busy trying to show off their knowledge of musical theory that theyve completely forgotten how to write a decent riff

    4) Unless youre called Altar of Plagues, Id be perfectly happy never listening to another post-black metal band again

    5) The preview track for the newest Ketzer release completely shit the bed…thats not a confession, its a fact

    • 1. Pretty much. That, or I’m starting to forget so many, as incoming albums push others out of my brain box.

      2. Depends what you mean by “clean”, but not all Black Metal needs (or should) have the same “necro” production.

      3. That’s how you identify the good ones though. The ones who write actual riffs and… gasp… songs. So I’m partially with you on this one!

      4. They were really good last night. But, that being said, I think there’s a LOT of good stuff out there in the (rather nebulously defined) field of “Post” Black Metal. And I don’t mean Deafheaven.

      5. In a good way…? (some people are into that, I’m sure)

      • 2) It dosnt have to be as raw as your typical war metal band, but unless we’re talking symphonic black metal (because, with very rare exceptions…blah) it should have some kind of fuzz in the sound.

        3) Thats my issue with a lot of it though, the art of mixing actual rhythm and groove into techdeath seems to be a lost art

        5) Have you ever really known the term “shit the bed” to be used in a positive way?

      • Can I confess to LIKING Deafhaven?

  6. 1. I like country. That in itself is not really a “confession”, but this is; one of my favorite country artists is Florida Georgia Line, a “bro-country” duo who is the subject of much love/hate in the country music community. If you enjoy the genre to any extent I dare you to try and not love the chorus of “This is how we Roll” or “Cruise”. Luke Bryan’s recent album “Kill the Lights” is a delight, as well.
    2. I’m still pitifully mourning the deth of 1985-1990 era Megadeth, and subsequently continue to give current Deth second and hundredth chances to convince me that Mustaine is still capable of writing another “So Far, So Good…So What” or “Rust in Peace”. He’s not.
    3. I like Hatchet. Yes, I know that they’re nothing more than a lesser clone of Havok, just like Britney Fox was nothing more than a lesser clone of Cinderella. But they know how to throw down a sweet riff and thrash fans really should give them a fair shake.
    4. I just don’t get the hate being loaded, cocked and fired at Justin Beiber for his Ozzy lip-sync performance. No, I’m not a beleiber (or whatever it’s called) and I’m even less of a fan of the lip-sync tv show, but his performance was no worse than any other that has aired on that program. C’mon, let it go.
    5. I think the new Def Leppard single, “Let’s Go”, is one the best things they’ve done since “Hysteria”.
    6. Duran Duran is still awesome. That’s not a confession, just a fact.

    • Ah, but now he has Jesus on his side. Which will make his music INFINITELY better. Definitely.

    • It takes a lot of guts to admit you’ve got such bad taste in country, I applaud you.

      • My parents watched Hee Haw religously every week when I was a kid. The skits were awful eye-rollers but there were some great performances; Barbara Mandrell, Rory Clark, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn, Gatlin Brothers, Mel Tillis, etc. And of course we had several country 8-tracks, mostly best-of kind of stuff 🙂

    • Townes Van Zandt is better than every Death Metal band, ever. Most metal, actually, can not even compare.

  7. 1. Since I discovered high velocity / high quality thrash bands like Nekromantheon, Inculter, and Repugnant, the common mid-tempo thrash scene just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

    2. I watched almost the entire CMA awards the other night. Granted, my wife wanted to watch it and so I did so I could spend some time with her, but still… I heard maybe 3 actual country songs the entire evening. Sad state of affairs for Nashville. If you know what I’m thinking, you’ll know that pop country really sucks.

    3. I skipped the recent Kataklysm / Belphegor show at this great small venue nearby because I’ve seen both bands before a bunch of times. I dig both bands quite a bit, but there are too many better shows coming up.

    4. I love hardcore gangsta rap. The grittier the better. C-Bo, Spice 1, Big L, Compton’s Most Wanted, Scarface, Westside Connection, etc.

    5. The new Ketzer track sounded like Metal Blade is trying to turn them into another Tribulation… but there is only one Tribulation.

  8. 1) It’s been pretty much years since I’ve put new music into my old android phone. Not that I listen to it often to begin with

    2) I could use a better way to listen to music at work, other than youtube. Should I try this spotify thing?

    3) Any sites anyone can recommend me, similar to this one, including both comments and videos and occasionally interesting musings, not necessarily metal-related?

    Not really confessions but they kinda fit, I hope.

  9. 1. Never like Manowar as well and I’ve got a special kind of irrational dislike and spite reserved for them which just might prevent me from even listening to their tunes in a non-biased way.

    2. Tend to despise black metal kvltists and look down upon them as ridiculous (physically) overgrown children.

    3. I never cared for Obituary. Just drawing blanks time and again when spinning anything by the band, which kind of seems inexplicable as there’s nothing wrong with their earlier output.

    4. I think that Necrophagist is the worst thing that ever happened to death metal.

    5. I can’t dissociate lyrics and some, let’s say, ideological basis for them from the music and therefore don’t even want to spin Arghoslent, for instance. That shit would just annoy and irritate me.

    6. Unlike the impression these little confessions could produce, I think it’s fair to say I’m not a frustrated and negative kind of guy at all. It’s a bitg shocking to realize this. Also I adore cats and cutesy little animals.

  10. 1) Alcest is a really mediocre screamo band. Funeral Diner did it so much better.
    2) That is not really a confession. Confessing stuff about your music taste is silly. Like what you like and fuck the rest.

    • A column called “Father Synn’s Metal Confessional” is silly?

      How dare you!

    • I think you need to check out what screamo is. Glassjaw and Cave in are better comparisons. Alcest is a shoegaze band that use to be black metal. Now they are just shoe gaze. Fine if you don’t like them, at least get the genres right.

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