Nov 162015

Affliction Gate-Dying Alone


(KevinP provides the following introduction to our premiere of a song from the new EP by Affliction Gate.)

One normally doesn’t associate France with death metal.  Sure, you have standouts such as Massacra (RIP) and Loudblast.  But most people think of black metal bands like Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, and Alcest.  So Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur’s Affliction Gate either have a lot to live up to or a golden opportunity to fill a void.

Formed in 2006, this old-school-inspired death metal outfit have two EPs and one full-length under their belt.  January 2016 will mark the release of their new Dying Alone EP through Transcending Obscurity Productions.  We are proud to premiere a track off this EP, entitled “Devising Our Own Chains”.


Affliction Gate


This is easily the band’s strongest material to date.  And much in the same way that we refer to veterans such as Autopsy, Immolation, Bolt Thrower, and Morbid Angel (well, we used to) and newer bands like Hail of Bullets and Sulphur Aeon, as simply DEATH METAL, Affliction Gate have shed their old school death metal monicker and joined the fold.  There’s no other adjective or descriptive term that’s needed here.  It’s DEATH METAL through and through.  It’s not trying to mimic a sound from the past, nor is it trying to sound ultra-modern or off the wall.

If you like what you hear, stay tuned, as next month we will be be streaming the entire EP prior to its January 6, 2016, release date.



  1. A solid slab of pure death metal for sure. Psyched to hear the whole thing whenever it comes our way.

  2. solid!

  3. Thanks a lot for your support guys! Cheers to great music!

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