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Many metal bands have chosen the name Gomorrah, but only one is based in the Okanagan Valley town of Kelowna, British Columbia. Since originally coming together in 2006, the band have altered their style of music, and their new second album reveals the current state of their malicious and malformed development. Entitled The Haruspex, it will be released in January by Canadian label Test Your Metal Records, and today we bring you the premiere of a track from the album named “Sitra Achra“.

The band’s line-up consists of vocalist Jeff Bryan and guitarist Bowen Matheson, and on this new album they’re joined by drummer Casey Long-Read. Bryan and Matheson had this to say about the song you’re about to hear:


GOMORRAH press photo as Nov 17


“Sitra Achra is the realm where evil is birthed through the discarding of the remnants of the Sephirot. These remnants are the dark opposition of the holy light, which create the Kings of Sulphur. The Kings are summoned forth, undoing creation in our plane of existence. The instrumentation was based off of a demo track from 2011, with alterations by key change, rewritten drum and bass guitar parts, rhythm guitar influence from Cannibal Corpse and Archspire, and lyrical content and vocal structure to fit the narrative concept of the album”.

The song is propelled by turbocharged drumming and voiced by the roaring sound of guttural vocals. It rages in a wall of distorted chords and deep, warping riffs with a distinctive tone, punctured by squealing slides that underscore the music’s sense of chaotic derangement and segmented by huge pounding grooves, whose big, atonal jackhammering movement is accompanied by pulsating electronic noises. And for the last third of the song, Gomorrah switch gears dramatically, creating a cold, void-like atmosphere with reverberating guitar notes and the deep thrum of the bass.

In an nutshell, it delivers a thorough ass-kicking.

The track list for The Haruspex is as follows:

1. Imperial (1:55)
2. Nine Kings of Sulphur (3:17)
3. Carcosa (2:31)
4. Dismantling The Throne (2:59)
5. Sitra Achra (3:51)
6. Crowns of Flesh (3:50)
7. Cerulean (3:05)
8. Venom and Rapture (4:14)
9. Architects (1:33)
10. The Mark of Veritas (3:40)
Album Length: 30:59

The album is scheduled for release on January 15 and is available for pre-order HERE. In addition, from today through the end of this coming weekend the label is offering the album on CD at a sale price of $9.99 (it comes with immediate download of “Sitra Achra”); the pre-order price for the digital version will remain at $6.66.



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