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We’re now beginning the final month of 2015, and you know what that means: Now begins the countdown to the end of the year and the strengthening onslaught of the annual holiday season. In the world of metal, this month we’ll also start seeing more and more lists of the year’s best albums.

Back in 2009, when this site was just a few days old, I wrote a post about year-end lists and why people bother with them. The best reason still seems to be this: Reading someone else’s list of the albums they thought were best is a good way to discover music you missed and might like.

We don’t do an “official” NCS year-end “best albums” list. However, we publish the picks of each of our regular staff writers as well as a large group of guest writers (which we’ll start doing later this month), and every year we also invite our readers to share their lists. If YOU have made your own list of the albums, EPs, or splits released in 2015 that you think are the best of what you’ve heard this year, we invite you to share it with us in the Comments section to this post. And if you haven’t made a list yet, maybe you should consider doing that.


We don’t have any hard-and-fast rules about year-end lists. Your list doesn’t have to be a specific number — it doesn’t have to be a “Top 10″ or “Top 20″ list, it could be a Top 2 list or a Top 15, or any other number.

And it doesn’t have to be a cross-genre list, i.e., the best of all metal you’ve heard this year. It could be the best hardcore albums you heard, or the best death metal, or the best black metal, or the best grind, or the best folk metal, and on and on — pretty much whatever you want to do and feel comfortable doing, as long as it fits your definition of metal.

Don’t be shy, and don’t worry about being judged — if you haven’t figured it out already, it ain’t our style or the style of our commenters to ridicule what someone else thinks is great metal.

And if you don’t have a list ready yet, no sweat, because you can come back to this post whenever you like and add your list later — or comment on the lists others have posted. I’ll put a link to this post at the top right side of every page so people can find it quickly — look for the link to 2015 NCS READERS’ YEAR-END LISTS. That will make the comments to this post a collection point for “Best of” readers’ lists. And that link will stay on our page throughout 2016.

So start thinking and start commenting (please, and thank you).


  1. This is the first year I’ve been regularly visiting this blog and may I say how much I appreciate a metal blog that focuses on the music and artists instead of gossip and sensational news stories. I am continually turned onto new and exciting bands I would have otherwise missed out on. Thanks! With regards to my list it’s my lucky 13 listed alphabetically; I tend to favor the prog/tech metal bands but there’s a sprinkling of other genres as well.

    1. Alkaloid “The Malkuth Grimoire”
    2. Alustrium “A Tunnel to Eden”
    3. Barren Earth “On Lonely Towers”
    4. Between the Buried and Me “Coma Ecliptic”
    5. Black Fast “Terms of Surrender”
    6. Cattle Decapitation “The Anthropocene Extinction”
    7. Dark Sermon “The Oracle”
    8. Khemmis “‘Absolution”
    9. Leprous “The Congregation”
    10. Paradise Lost “The Plague Within”
    11. Sanzu “Painless” (EP)
    12. Walking Corpse Syndrome “Human Delusion”
    13. Wrvth “Wrvth”

    • Interesting as this will be completely different from my Top 25 list.

      But always good too see other stuff for me to go back and reconsider 🙂

      • Thanks! I always enjoy these year end lists and seeing what everyone has been getting into. I’ve been playing the s**t out of the Paradise Lost and Leprous records particularly. Cheers!

    • That Barren Earth album is so, so damn good. Very nice list.

      • Thanks! Yeah that Barren Earth album has been horribly overlooked imho. Maybe because it came out at the very beginning of the year, who knows? 🙂

        • Yeah I agree. You’d think a band with that sort of pedigree would draw more attention. Imo each of their albums has been better than the last.

  2. Ohhhh shiiiiii…..

  3. Would it be really cheeky to shove a link to a list I already sort of did? Ah well, doing it anyway:

    Not really in any order, though I’m fairly confident The Great Tyrant is my AotY. Listening to it is what I think Swans fans must feel when they go apeshit over whatever Swans album they’re going bananas over. It’s just immense.

    • But I guess the notable ones would be something like this, in no real order:

      The Great Tyrant – s/t
      Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues – NV
      L’indécis – Céleste
      Tribulation – The Children Of The Night
      Sea Witch – The Blackened Sea
      Pyramids – A Northern Meadow
      PSUDOKU – Planetarisk Sudoku
      Magister Templi – Into Duat
      Leviathan – Scar Sighted
      Howls of Ebb – The Marrow Veil
      Björk – Vulnicura
      Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
      Ghost – Meliora
      Anna von Hausswolff – The Miraculous
      Faith No More – Sol Invictus (Sue me: best FNM album if you ask me. Incredible work)
      Echoes of Yul – The Healing
      Chaos Echœs – Transient
      Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

      Cap it at that I guess.

      • I’ve been meaning to finish a review of Grey Heaven Fall that I’ve left alone for far too long. Seeing it here was a reminder of how badly I’ve been neglecting it. And I guess I need to listen to The Great Tyrant. Had no idea that’s where the Pinkish Black people came from.

      • Yeah, that’s the one. The vocals get quite sublime a bit later on into the record.

        • Literally never heard of this band or their new band until you mentioned it. Sounds interesting and messed up (in a good way) so far. Thanks 🙂

          • No problem! I found them randomly on a couple of months ago. Pinkish Black have been making a little headway in recent times, and aren’t too bad. Like a more dulcet, gothy version of The Great Tyrant I think, though I haven’t explored them too deeply.

  4. This is my list about the albums, demos and EPs that I consider the best I have heard this year. You will find more than a genre. It’s a long list but I know that quality is better than quantity. I hope to read lists made by the other readers and writers of course and thank you for this request:

    Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    Hate Eternal – Infernus
    Theories – Regression
    Abhorrent Decimation – Miasmic Mutation
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Ævangelist – Enthrall to the Void of Bliss
    Vorum – Current Mouth
    Rannoch – Age of the Locust
    Human Improvement Process – Enemies of the Sun
    Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
    Slægt – Beautiful and Damned
    Kaeck – Stormkult
    Devouring Star – Through Lung and Heart
    Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    Leviathan – Scar Sighted
    Reverie – Bliss
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Amiensus – Ascension
    Vampire – Cimmerian Shade
    Tribulation – The Children of the Night
    Horrendous – Anareta
    Gruesome – Savage Land
    Undead – False Prophecies
    Sadistic Ritual – Edge of the Knife
    The Monolith Deathcult – Bloodcvlts
    Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    Serpents Lair – Circumambulating the Stillborn
    Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void
    Devathorn – Vritra
    Acherontas – Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)
    Shape Of Despair – Monotony Fields
    Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire
    Sanzu – Painless (EP)
    Sanzu – Heavy Over The Home
    Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death
    Marduk – Frontschwein
    Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot
    Destruktor – Opprobrium
    Possession – 1585 – 1646
    Sacrificium Carmen – Ikuisen tulen kammiossa
    Kampfar – Profan
    Enslaved – In Times
    Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short
    Kroda – GinnungaGap GinnungaGaldr GinnungaKaos
    Khors – Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours
    Outre – Ghost Chants
    Serpent Noir – Erotomysticism
    Akhlys – The Dreaming I
    Blaze Of Perdition – Near Death Revelations
    Creeping – Revenant
    Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden
    Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower
    Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth
    Gorrch – Nera Estasi
    Isvind – Gud
    Abjvration – The Unquenchable Pyre
    Aegrus – Devotion for the Devil
    Tsjuder – Antiliv
    Awe – Providentia
    Altarage – MMXV (Demo)
    Tyranny – Aeons in Tectonic Interment
    In Dread Response – Heavenshore
    Thornesbreed – GTRD
    Azavatar – Azavatar
    Inculter – Persisting Devolution
    Deathhammer – Evil Power
    Byzantine – To Release is to Resolve
    Cold Cell – Lowlife
    Ghost Bath – Moonlover
    Pyrrhon – Growth Without End
    Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
    Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament
    Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares
    Grave Pleasures – Dreamcrash
    Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    Firespawn – Shadow Realms
    Kvltist – Catechesis
    Diavolos – You Lived Now Die
    Autopsy – Skull Grinder
    Clutch – Psychic Warfare
    VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum

    • “There’s just no good music being made anymore,” they say. “Music is dead,” they say.

      • Yes, they say it but is their opinion, not a fact. The music is something directly connected with the emotive part of the listener, you know, seems that for some people music is just a way to kill the silence or to kill boredom or just because is the trend of the moment who probably will never understand why some genres as became “cult” or why some people needs to express themselves through art, well, in some way, they’re lying.

    • I count 11 of these that will be on my Top 25 🙂

      • I’m glad that you appreciate some of the releases in my list, I guees that Imperial Triumphant are one of those names. 🙂

    • Is this your favourites list or is this every album that you listened to this year?

    • I’m sorry but I forgot one album that I think is great Death Metal:

      Demiurgon – Above the Unworthy

    • Thanks a lot for this list. I hadn’t heard of Khors before, and I’m really enjoying it.

      • You’re welcome, thanks for your time and let me suggest you their previous albums in “Wisdom of Centuries” and the debut in “The Flame of Eternity’s Decline” but the entire discography is worthy to be heard.

  5. My top 25 for the year is looking something like this:

    1. Crypt Sermon – Out Of The Garden
    2. Mgla – Exercises In Futility
    3. Visigoth – The Revenant King
    4. Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator
    5. Death Karma – The History Of Death And Burial Rituals Part I
    6. Embodied Torment – Liturgy Of Ritual Execution
    7. Ghoulgotha – The Deathmass Cloak
    8. Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    9. Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
    10. Scythian – Hubris In Excelsis
    11. Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    12. Destruktor – Opprobrium
    13. Rosy Finch – Witchboro
    14. Ghost Bath – Moonlover
    15. Tome Of The Unreplenished – Innerstanding
    16. Wooden Stake – A Feast Of Virgin Souls
    17. Horrendous – Anareta
    18. Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega
    19. Iniquitous Deeds – Incessant Hallucinations
    20. Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism
    21. Wolfheart – Shadow World
    22. Advent Sorrow – As All Light Leaves Her
    23. Ruby The Hatchet – Valley Of The Snake
    24. Undergang – Doden Laeger Alle Sar
    25. Employed To Serve – Grayer Than You Remember

  6. Hi, my list is going to be a short one as i found this year good for metal but only a few releases really kick my ass hard.

    Outre – Ghosts chants
    Alustrium – A tunnel to Eden
    MGLA – Exercices in futility
    Abjvration – The unquenchable pyre
    Serpents Lair – Circumambulating the Stillborn
    Good – A maze of recycled creeds

    Hail from France, keep going NCS, you’r great. Thx !

  7. “if you haven’t figured it out already, it ain’t our style or the style of our commenters to ridicule”

    I will totally judge and ridicule your tastes

    • Yeah, Islander was asleep at the wheel on that one. LOL

      On a serious note, any ridicule I dish out is pure fun and ball busting. But even I have softened over the years and learned to play “nice”, for the most part.

      I guess living under a semi Frenchie dictatorship will do that to ya 😉

    • Well, yeah, my language was a little loose. What I meant to say was “it ain’t our style or the style of our commenters OTHER THAN SURGICALBRUTE to ridicule.”

  8. These eleven stand out in my mind (in no particular order):

    Crypt Sermon
    Magic Circle
    Chapel of Disease
    Sulphur Aeon

    This has been a really, really good year for old-school doom and old-school death metal.

    • I disagree about death metal…theres been some really good albums of course, but as far as actual number of releases, I think this is one of the slowest years for that style in awhile

      • Are we in agreement that the style has reached its saturation point already? I’m sorta over it unless it is super well done or adds something interesting into the mix 🙂

        • I totally agree that it’s been a slow year for death metal releases AND that OSDM has more than reached the saturation point . I was actually rather surprised when I realized just how many albums more or less in that style impressed me this year. That said, I’ll take quality over quantity any time, and the handful of truly memorable old school death metal albums I heard this year is noteworthy. If I included the much more “modern” sounding releases from Lost Soul, Abhorrent Decimation, Abhorrent, Contrarian and Alkaloid (all of which I like, but not quite as much as those I mentioned above), then in my eyes it’s been a very strong year for death metal overall.

        • I’d say it pretty much peaked in 2012, with a few stragglers popping up in 2013. Honestly, I’ll never get tired of those bands because I enjoy the style so much, but like you said, at this point it has to be an album that really catches my attention for me to add it to my year end list

    • As an OSDM fan I’m surprised you don’t have the new Cruciamentum here. It’s quite the good thing.

      I have to admit I’m a little burned out on OSDM this year. Probably because 2013 and 2014 saw such strong death metal releases. I think Grave Miasma’s ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ was probably the peak for me, and since then everything has sounded just a tad worse as a result. This year has definitely had its fair share of good stuff though.

      • Cruciamentum was really underwhelming…not bad, but really not as good as it could have been, especially given the amount of time it took to release it

        • I think it was a couple of years too late to be sure. At the moment I’m much more enthused by the sort of deconstructive death / black like Emptiness, Chaos Echœs and the like that’s been popping up. It’s hard to focus on the more standard fair right now, even if it is good.

        • To be honest, I’m with SurgicalBrute on Cruciamentum – it’s distinctly underwhelming. It’s not bad, just bland (in as much as death metal can be bland).

    • The three “Illusion of Choice” songs/segments/movements at the end of the Alustrium album are some of the most inspired pieces of music released this year. Nice list!

      • Thanks! I love the “Illusion of Choice” suite; it’s the sort of audacious concept that when it succeeds (as it does here) really sets a band apart from their peers.

  9. Something like this:

    1. Draconian – Sovran
    2. Wilderun – Sleep At The Edge Of The World
    3. My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery
    4. Trials – This Ruined World
    5. Ghost – Meliora
    6. Swallow The Sun – Songs From The North
    7. Mgla – Exercises In Futility
    8. Galar – De Gjenlevende
    9. Horrendous – Anareta
    10. Nechochwen – The Serpent Tradition
    11. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

    Great year for metal.

  10. I don’t have a list, but if I did, it would have to include this:

    Kroda – GinnungaGap​-​GinnungaGaldr​-​GinnungaKaos

  11. I had hoped to have a list by the time this post went up, but I don’t. There’s still a few albums I really want to check out and I’ll probably find a few more from others.

    • I’ll give you 25 in the very beginning of January.

      Or if you want 60, just read my monthly column 😉

      • I’ve been behind on new stuff for most of the year so I was using your columns to help catch up; they’ve been very helpful. Our final lists may not have a ton of overlap but there should be a handful we’d agree on.

    • Plenty of time left. We’ll be posting lists well into January before we finish, and I expect (and hope) the lists in this Comment section will also continue to come in for the rest of this month and into early next year.

  12. I don’t have a carefully ranked list, but if I did, the following five would certainly be somewhere at the very top:

    Mgła – Exercises in Futility
    Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    FIN – The Furrows of Tradition
    Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void
    Ghost – Meliora

  13. My top 25. Not ranking them because I don’t need that unnecessary stress in my life. Alphabetical order cuz I’m cool like that!

    Abhorrent – Intransigence
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
    BlackQueen – The Directress
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
    Crypt Sermon – Out Of The Garden
    Dalkhu – Descend Into Nothingness
    Dystrophy – Wretched Host
    Elder – Lore
    Iniquitous Deeds – Incessant Hallucinations
    A Loathing Requiem – Acolytes Eternal
    Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon
    Nylithia – Hyperthrash
    Obsequiae – Aria Of Vernal Tombs
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Putridity – Ignominious Atonement
    Repulsive Dissection – Church Of The Five Precious Wounds
    Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy
    Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    Serocs – And When the Sky Was Opened
    Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere
    Temple Of Baal – Mysterium
    Theories – Regression
    Ur Draugr – With Hunger Undying – I know this album hasn’t been released yet but I’m putting it up here because I’m really looking forward to it and I think it’s gonna be a year end gem

    • First time I’ve seen someone mention Hyperthrash anywhere. That album is so damn good, and so damn fun. Been meaning to review it here, but I keep putting it off to maintain the illusion of diligent academic study.

  14. You guys are going to be so fucking bummed when I just list Jethro Tull’s discography.

  15. I warn everyone that I barely have time to listen to more music than is posted here at NCS, so most albums below should (or at least, could) be familiar to you.

    Top tier:

    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Tempel – The Moon Lit Our Path
    VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum

    Second tier:

    Alustrium – A Tunnel to Eden
    Irreversible Mechanism – Infinite Fields
    Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs
    Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy
    Eïs – Bannstein
    Praetoria – Mirror of Modernity
    Enshine – Singularity
    Lost Soul – Atlantis: The New Beginning
    Sunset in the 12th House – Mozaic

    Not listened enough to judge tier:

    Blaze of Sorrow – Eremita del Fuoco
    Abhorrent – Intransigence
    Odious – Skin Age
    Dawn of Dementia – Immolation of Avernis

    Oh, and like last year, the top tier will probably be expanded up to March with all the fantastic material the other posts here contain… There’s not enough time.

    • I was SO looking forward to that VI album, but was a little disappointed. Just makes me want to listen to Arrow in Heart. Still one of the better releases this year.

      • Interesting, I can definitely hear the similarities there. But two years ago I distinctly remember not liking that release. A nice proof of evolving taste 🙂

    • Hail Odious, my Alexandrian komrades, keepers of the Egyptian metal flame

  16. I found this to be a particularly strong year for metal and these were the albums I listened to the most:

    01. Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    02. Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth
    03. Killing Joke – Pylon
    04. Unrest – Grindcore
    05. Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain
    06. Tombstalker – Black Crusades
    07. Kowloon Walled City – Grievances
    08. Temple Of Gnosis – Mysterium Magnum
    09. Heaving Earth – Denouncing The Holy Throne
    10. The Kill – Kill Them… All
    11. Firespawn – Shadow Realms
    12. Castrator – No Victim
    13. Subterror – Antropomortem
    14. Nile – That Which Should Not Be Unearthed
    15. Grave Ritual – Morbid Throne

  17. 1. Faith No More
    2. Iron Maiden
    3. Finsterforst
    4. Kauan
    5. Macabre Omen
    6. Mgla
    7. Grimoire EP
    8. Grift
    9. Enslaved
    10. Cradle of Filth

  18. 1.The Kill- Kill them….All
    2.Ling Tosite Sigure- Es or S (EP)
    3.Suffering Mind- Waste Farm
    4.Maruta-Remain Dystopian
    5.Leviathan- Scar Sighted
    6.The Crinn-ShadowBreather
    7.Despise You-All your Majestic Bullshit (7″)
    8.Panopticon-Autumn Eternal
    9.Mgla-Excercises in Futility
    10.Sacridose/Triac (Split 7″)

  19. A huge surprise and my favorite album of the year: Abigail Williams – The Accuser. I never, EVER thought I’d write that, but this album has everything, yet sounds like nothing else. It might not be your cup of tea (or blood), but if you’ve avoided this album due to the, um, unevenness of their previous releases, you might be missing out on something very special.

    That being said, here’s my 20.

    Abigail Williams – The Accuser
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing, and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    Aevangelist – Enthrall to the Void of Bliss
    Amestigon – Thier
    Azavatar – Azavatar
    Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations
    Cult Leader – Lightless Walk
    Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
    Krallice – Ygg Huur
    Lux Ferre – Excaecatio Lux Veritatis
    Moonreich – Pillars of Detest
    Mord’a’Stigmata – Our Hearts Slow Down
    Outre – Ghost Chants
    Pyramids – A Northern Meadow
    Regardes les Hommes Tomber – Exile
    Shrine of Insanabalis – Disciples of the Void
    This Gift Is a Curse – All Hail the Swinelord
    Tod Huetet Uebel – Malícia
    VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum

    • I’m guessing I’ve liked the previous AW albums more than you did, but I’m totally in agreement that The Accuser was outstanding. I hope it will open the eyes of more people who might have written off AW years back and never realized how really talented Sorceron is (and IMO their current line-up is the best yet). Enjoyed the rest of your list too.

    • I didn’t listen very closely to Tod Huetet Uebel, but, i think, it’s really good stuff. Thumbs up.

    • Nice to see Mord’a’Stigmata and Tod Huetet Uebel up there.

  20. There is always so much to be discovered in these lists. Here are a few in loose order:
    Bloody Tyrant – The Legacy of Sun-Moon Lake
    Bell Witch – Four Phantoms
    Tribulation – Children of the Night
    Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth
    Horrendous – Anareta
    Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Night Creeper
    Moan – First Four Years
    Grave – Out of Respect for the Dead
    Show Me Wolves – Between Man God and False Idols
    Venomous Maximus – Firewalker
    Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery
    My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery
    Seagrave – Stabwound
    Secrets of the Sky – Pathway

  21. 01 Antlion – The Prescient
    02 Queensrÿche – Condition Hüman
    03 Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy
    04 Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short
    05 Symphony X – Underworld
    06 Melechesh – Enki
    07 Gorod – A Maze of Recycled Creeds
    08 Lost Soul – Atlantis: The New Beginning
    09 Satyricon – Live at the Opera
    10 Slayer – Repentless

  22. 1. Swallow the Sun – Songs of the North
    2. Arcane – Known/Learned
    3. Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields
    4. Earthside – A Dream in Static
    5. Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic
    6. My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
    7. Native Construct – Quiet World
    8. Riverside – Love, Fear And The Time Machine
    9. Enslaved – In Times
    10. Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase.
    11. Bruce Soord – Bruce Soord
    12. Transience – Temple
    13. Ahab – The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
    14. The Slow Death – Ark
    15. Caligula’s Horse – Bloom
    16. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    17. Skepticism – Ordeal
    18. Enshined – Singularity
    19. Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire
    20. Ne Obliviscaris – Hiraeth/Sarabande to Nihil

  23. I didn’t have as much time and money to devote to finding new music this year, so the bulk of my list consists of bands that I was already familiar with.

    Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Ghost – Meliora
    Indesinence – III
    Krallice – Ygg Huur
    Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Sigh – Graveward
    Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    Thy Catafalque – Sgurr
    Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding
    Tribulation – The Children of the Night
    Vhol – Deeper Than Sky

    • Thanks to all who have contributed, I have been able to catch up on stuff I had missed. I’ve padded out my list of great tunes by including new releases from the following:

      A Forest of Stars
      Death Grips
      Death Karma

      Thanks again everybody for once again making this my favorite time of year. Cheers! \m/

  24. My top 25 mainly is made up of:

    A Forest of Stars- Beware The Sword You Cannot See
    Abhor- Ritualia Stramonium
    Amiensus- Ascension
    Ares Kingdom- The Unburiable Dead
    Barus- Barus
    Crimson Swan- Unlit
    Desolate Shrine- The Heart of the Netherworld
    Endlesshade- Wolf Will Swallow The Sun
    Foehammer- Foehammer
    Goatsnake- Black Age Blues
    Jute Gyte- Ship of Theseus
    Kanseil- Doin Earde
    Macabre Omen- Gods of War- At War
    Magic Circle- Journey Blind
    Mare Infinitum_ Alien God Monolith
    Mgla- Exercises in Futility
    Mourning Mist- Mourning Mist
    Nachterror/Altars of Grief- Of Ash and Dying Light
    Negative Mantra- A Hymn To Disappointment
    Obsequiae- Aria of Vernal Tombs
    Porta Nigra- Kaiserschnitt
    Satan’s Host- Pre-Dating God Part 2
    Sunset In The 12th House- Mosaic
    VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum
    Wilderun- Sleep At The Edge of Earth

    Thanks to this site, and AMG’s, I’ve discovered some great bands and some amazing music and I’m looking forward to a very strong 2016 in metal.

    • Seems like every list on here adds some things that haven’t appeared in the others, and on yours I’m especially glad to see Ares Kingdom, Nachterror/Altars of Grief, and Porta Nigra (plus more albums I haven’t heard of before).

      • Most of my top 25 have come from some great commendations on NCS and then getting lost in a bandcamp k-hole! Looking at others’ lists I’ve realised I’ve missed off a lot of great albums that I’ve heard but not had an opportunity to buy yet.

  25. Sulphur Aeon – Gateways to the Antisphere
    Mgla – Exercises In Futility
    Voices – London
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Arcturus – Arcturian
    Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering Tome I
    Raising the Veil – Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena
    Invoker – Aeon
    Irreversible Mechanism – Infinite Fields
    Akhlys – The Dreaming I
    Thy Art is Murder – Holy War
    Apophys – Prime Incursion
    Vehemence – Forward Without Motion
    Entheos – Primal
    Temple of Baal – Mysterium
    Shining – IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends
    Mortal Torment – Cleaver Redemption
    The Antichrist Imperium – S/T
    Inquinamentum – Void
    Melechesh – Enki
    Abyssal – Antikatastasies
    Slugdge – Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms
    Horrendous – Anareta
    Shattered – New Atlantas
    Vulvodynia – Finis Omnium Ignoraniam

    I realize the Voices album is kind of a cheat here. The UK release was last year but the US release wasnt until the end of january, which i found it shortly after. I figured it still counted.

  26. So far I’m seeing very little overlap between what I’ve had on high repeat and the other pics here. Granted, there’s still so many albums I’ve been meaning to pick up. But here’s my top for 2015 so far:

    Mephorash – 1557 – Rites of Nullification
    I’m not even entirely sure what you’d class this as – occult black death metal? how about just “luciferian goodness”

    Mechina – Acheron + The World We Lost
    The space opera continues with some real interesting musical twists. Mechina have managed to carve a unique niche for themselves.

    Finsterforst – Mach Dich Frei
    Symphonic folk metal, sung in deutsch. If that intrigues you I spewed my thoughts on this album back in February:

    Stömb – The Grey
    Just a solid listening experience. Instrumental, largely djent – which is description that would send many readers running. But they’ve got songwriting and variety and they use it well.

    Below The Sun – Envoy
    An album about the flight of Voyager 1 through the solar system.. and man did they capture the terrifying beauty and immenseness of flying alone through space. A concept album that could have gone all kinds of wrong but really hits the nail.

    Myrkur – M + Den Lille Piges Død
    Vocals and melodies that can be haunting but also strangely homely.

    Second To Sun – The First Chapter
    Huge thanks to Islander for posting this a few weeks back. Quite an odd instrumental metal album, sounds like a Frankenstein of conjoined musical twins: part throwing all kinds of metal into the mix, part something that sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place in an anime cartoon.

    Fear Factory – Genexus
    Classic Ff sound, reminds me a lot of Obsolete. Catchy, bouncy, quite a fun album.

    Julia Kent – Asperities
    Not metal at all, but if you’re in the mood for some sombre yet also just a little hopeful cello Julia just wrote an album special for you 😉

  27. My favourite albums of 2015. All of these will get heavy rotation for years and years to come.
    50% of all music i have listened to this year, is probably just these 3 albums.

    1-Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    2-Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    3-Peste Noire – La Chaise-Dyable

    Great albums that deserve more listens. They are far far from the 3 albums listed above, but they are still pretty great.

    Shining – International Blackjazz Society
    AU-DESSUS – Au-Dessus
    Thy Catafalque – Sgurr
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Outre – Ghost chants
    Murg – Varg & Björn
    Death Karma – The History Of Death & Burial Rituals part I
    Tsjuder – AntiLiv
    Kampfar – Profan
    Queensrÿche – Condition Hüman
    Symphony X – Underworld
    Marduk – Frontschwein

  28. The Agonist Eye of Providence
    Cloud Rat Qliphoth
    Deathhammer Evil Power
    Disrupted Morbid Death
    Distant Sun Dark Matter
    Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis
    Marduk Frontschwein
    Mefitic Woes of Mortal Devotion
    Necrosy Perdition
    Der Weg einer Freiheit Stellar
    Withering Soul Adverse Portrait

  29. 2015 has been a great year. The best releases (not in order) that I’ve managed to listen in my limited time are:

    Ithaqua – Initiation To Obscure Mysteries
    Marduk – Frontschwein
    Ghost – Meliora
    Tribulation – Children of the Night?
    Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia
    Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War
    Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples
    Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fade
    Urfaust – Apparitions
    Spectral Voice – Necrotic Voices
    Iron Maiden – Book of Souls
    Akrotheism/Septuagint – split
    Saturnalia Temple – To the Other
    Caedes Cruenta – Ereipia Psixon
    Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding
    Devathorn – Vritra
    Svartgren – Prazan Grob
    Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan
    Spectral Lore – Gnosis
    Acherontas – Ma Ion

    Once again Greece dominates the list.

  30. going through lists posted here so far was a great memory refreshment for yet another stellar metal year, following steadily up the volcanic 2014; moreover i’d just like to list a few of the records not mentioned on this page to this point, most of which i learned about from NCS, of course.

    Exgenesis – Aphotic Veil
    Downfall Of Nur – Umbras De Barbagia
    Mare Infinitum – Alien Monolith God
    Tjolgtjar / The Meads Of Asphodel – Taste The Divine Wrath
    Vahevahian – Wrath Of Baalshamim
    Knife Of Maleqart – LP
    Zatokrev – Silk Spiders Underwater
    Akrotheism / Septuagint – Sphinx: Great Enigma Of Times
    Devouring Star – Through Lung And Heart
    Haethen – Shaped By Aeolian Winds
    Akhlis – The Dreaming I
    Oxxo Xoox – Namidae
    Sigh – Graveward
    Corpot-Mente – s/t
    Temple Of Gnosis – Mysterivm Magnvm
    Arphael – Ambigram (2014)
    Gurthang / Beyond Life – Melodies Of Sorrow
    Alda – Passage
    The Horn / Nekrasov – Volume 13
    Taatsi – Olden Folk
    Zgard – Totem
    Spectral Lore – Gnosis
    Hornood Fell – Yheri
    Weightless – s/t
    Ether – Hymns Of Failure
    Gravsang – La Dine Taarer Livet Begrave
    Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
    Petrychor – Apocalyptic Witchcraft
    Blaze Of Sorrow – Eremita Del Fuoco
    Shattering Ice – Ragnarok
    Blot – Ilddyrking
    Hermodr / Is – When The Frost Has Stopped The Time
    Nebula Orionis – Winter Hymns
    Order Of The White Hand / Nordwind – Victory Monument Of Death
    Nova – Il Ritorno
    Hermodr – What Once Was Beautiful
    Sivyj Yar – Burial Shrouds
    Sterbefall – Plattensee
    Witcher – Csendes Domb
    Wild’s Reprisal – Against Leviathan
    Echoes Of The Moon – Entropy
    Lychgate – An Antidote For The Glass Pill
    Path – Via Cultus
    Wolfshade – Solipsisme (best album title)
    Severoth – Winter Fall
    Percht – Downshrine
    Uncaladon – Interstellar Absorbtion
    Crescent Day’s – Dead Luminous Ocean
    Frostagrath – A Defective Incarnation (Egypt)
    Ymir – Tumults In The Absence
    Lustre – Blossom
    Spectral Wound – Terra Nullius
    Ulgard – Songs For The Wanderer
    Vallendusk – Homeward Path
    Irae – Hellnation (best Bathory-sounding)
    Svarte – Wanderer Between The Light And Dark (Egypt)
    Keep Of Kalessin – Epistemology
    Seltar – Declaracion
    Borgne – Regne Des Morts
    Sickening – The Beyond
    Eintritt – Breath Of Thanatos
    Nyseius – De Divinatione Daemonum
    Sale Freux – Crevecoeur
    Introspectiva – Transfiguration
    Mysticisme – Repandre
    Lvthn – The Grand Uncreation
    Aqen – L’Etrange Chemin Vers L’Univers Occulte
    Aether Lights – Mankind
    Twilight Fauna – Shadows Of Ancestors
    Anhedonia – Der Shrei Der Natur
    Hoth – Oathbreaker
    Troll – Drep De Kristne
    Taiga – Gaia
    Stworz – Coz Po Zyznych Ziemiach
    Nahtrunar – Symbolismus
    Basarabian Hills – Enveloped In The Velvet Cloak Of Midnight (synths, not metal)
    Ashbringer – Vacant
    Solarstorm – The Sun
    Dynfari – Vegfero Timans
    Nox Aeternum – Incipiunt Oblivionem
    Wisdom Of Shadows – Sciah Vosieni
    Sviatibur – Dans La Splendeur Des Dieux
    Truth – Endurance
    Celtefog – Deliverance
    Rhadamanthys – Midnight Skies
    Heresiarh – Dragons Of War

    • Ever since primary school, I considered myself pretty good at counting. But to see this called “a few” implies I still have several aethereal planes of knowledge to ascend… Intimidating.

      Minor remark: Oathbreaker was actually released in 2014. It was in my top 5 of the year though, so I hope its mention here will lead to enlightenment of those poor souls whose ears have not heard its glory yet. 🙂

      • Oathbreaker had a digipack/special edition release in the early months of 2015, that may be what he was thinking about

      • I like to compare all collections of things I like to the grains of sand on a square yard of beach, making them all “a few” of my favorite things.

      • i, too, realized the same thing but it was too late so i end up listing every album i liked that were not mentioned above, though afterwards i see someone beat me to the Temple Of Gnosis..
        it will be hard for me to make a proper list out of those hundreds of good albums this year; that’s also why i count on NCS

    • This was a good reminder for me too, especially now that I’m trying to compile my list of “most infectious” songs and failed to religiously keep track of favorites as the year rolled along.

    • That YMIR album was released in 2010. Did it get released?

      But otherwise, great to see Downfall of Nur, Blaze of Sorrow, Sviatibor, and Devouring Star–crushing album.

  31. Top 10 metal releases:

    1. Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations
    2. Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short
    3. Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    4. Murg – Varg & Bjorn
    5. Amestigon – Thier
    6. Abstracter – Wound Empire
    7. Grift – Syner
    8. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Exile
    9. A Forest of Stars – Beware the Sword You Cannot See
    10. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

    Honorable not necessarily metal mentions:
    Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    Urfaust – Apparitions
    Tervahaat – s/t

  32. Let my start by saying how much I love this site. I discovered it earlier this year and it has introduced me to so many new bands. Anyway, I decided that ten would be the perfect number. Here are my top ten albums of 2015:
    1. Alkaloid- Malkuth Grimoire
    2. Desolate Shrine- The Heart of the Netherworld
    3. Abhorrent- Intransigence
    4. Mgla- Exercises in Futility
    5. Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction
    6. Swallow the Sun- Songs From the North
    7. Thulcandra- Ascension Lost
    8. Gorod- A Maze of Recycled Creeds
    9. Horrendous- Anareta
    10. Marduk- Frontschwein

  33. Well, list season sure got here quick this year. I’ve managed to wrestle down my personal favorite albums of the year to twenty-five.

    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death
    Black Trip – Shadowline
    Byzantine – To Release Is To Resolve
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Clutch – Psychic Warfare
    Ghost – Meliora
    Hæthen – Shaped By Aeolian Winds
    High On Fire – Luminiferous
    Humm – Sanctuary
    Iron Maiden – Book Of Souls
    Kampfar – Profan
    Kowloon Walled City – Grievances
    Lamb Of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang
    Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor
    Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    Öxxö Xööx – Nämïdäë
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Ritual Killer – Exterminance
    Sigh – Graveward
    Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain
    Slayer – Repentless
    Thou & The Body – You, Whom I Have Always Hated
    Venomous Maximus – Firewalker
    Vhol – Deeper Than Sky

    • That’s a cool list, as I expected it would be, and reminds me (among other things) that I stupidly never listened to that whole Venomous Maximus album. Nice to see Humm and Hæthen on this page for the first time, too.

  34. Favourites that haven’t been mentioned yet:

    Ghost Ship Octavius
    Loch Vostok – From These Waters
    Solution .45 – Nightmares In The Waking State – Part I
    Antigama – The Insolent
    Lindemann – Skills In Pills

    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Vhol – Deeper Than Sky
    Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    Shining – International Blackjazz Society
    Fear Factory – Genexus
    Gorod – A Maze of Recycled Creeds

    • I was wrestling today with the enormous list of “most infectious song” candidates, and happened to listen to both “Mills of the Gods” by Ghost Ship Octavius and “Used To” by Antigama. I really didn’t expect to like the former, but it grew on me. “Used To” is more my style. 🙂

      • Agreed that Ghost Ship Octavius is an odd beast. Modern metal with traditional tendencies, both genres I would typically avoid. It is technical and melodic, feels a bit like Nevermore at times. Varied, catchy, expertly written and performed. A real surprise.

  35. My Top Five, in no order:

    Desolate Shrine
    Imperial Triumphant

  36. It’s been a massive year for music, and metal specifically. Any of the albums in my top 10 could’ve easily been my #1, were it not for the intensively high quality of albums released this year.
    I’ve managed to condense this to a top 30 to force myself to make some options.

    1/Vattnet Viskar – Settler
    Sky Swallower was good, but this album blows it completely out of the water. People had issues with the production, but personally I am not bothered at all by it. Everything works on this record; the theme, the music, the artwork, the emotion, the most catchy song of this year (“Impact”) and the most moving song of this year (“Coldwar”). Vattnet Viskar promoted themselves in my book to one of the most talented bands out there this moment that I need to keep a very close eye upon.

    2/Zatokrev – Silk Spiders Underwater
    I loved their 2013 release with the impossible title to remember, but Silk Spiders Underwater proves they have so much more potential than a retain their underground status in Switzerland. And “Swallow the Teeth” may very well have the best opening minute I ever heard in a song.

    3/Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers
    Curse of the Red River was awesome and the Devil’s Resolve had its moments, but overall I was shocked to hear that StS’ singer Mikko stopped providing the band (with pretty stellar) vocals. But the impossible happened; team Barren Earth found a singer that fits the band even better. On Lonely Towers delves even deeper into the seemingly limitless create potential that exists in this band and released one of my favorite songs of the last decade: “The Vault”.

    4/Swallow the Sun – Songs From the North
    I’ve had my say about this album at the review on this site, but overall I think StS pulled off the impossible: deliver a TRIPLE release of which every albums more than holds its own. I wanted to promote them too #1 purely because of this fact, but I feel like album 1 has more than a few generic moments where it feels like a lesser version of Emerald Forest…, which I why I put them a few places lower. However, StS wrote metal history with this album.

    5/Hanging Garden – Blackout Whiteout
    I’ve read unnervingly little about this release, but I think it’s brilliant. Hanging Garden choose a much softer and melodic approach to their music, but managed to convince me with one of the moodiest and subtly dramatic albums of this year. I hope they’ll re-explore their harsher side in the future sometime, but for now I am really enthusiastic about their newfound form.

    6/Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Roads to the North was amazing, but Autumn Eternal trumps it in any way I think. More focused, faster, a much better production; Panopticon took everything that was amazing about their last release and perfected their sound.

    7/Paradise Lost – the Plague Within
    FINALLY, the ‘true’ return to form of these British veterans. With Vallenfyre and the ‘new-old’ Paradise Lost I hope we can look forward to many awesome releases in the future.

    8/Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    Misses Wolfe never ceases to amaze me, and managed to blow my mind once more with her heaviest album to date that explores the dark and twisted creativity, anxiety and experience of California’s best musician. I am really curious where Wolfe will venture next.

    9/Deafheaven – New Bermuda
    Deafheaven polarizes the metal community more than any other band to date. Critics have not yet decided whether this is black metal, shoegaze or hipsterwankery – but I have decided it matters not, because this album is just as awesome as Sunbather.

    10/Draconian – Sovran
    Initially seemingly an unfortunate event: ‘losing’ your lead singer, but for Draconian it turned out perfectly; their new South African frontwoman complements Draconian’s melancholic music better than I think any singer could. A fantastic and emotional album.

    11/So Hideous – Laurestine
    Their 2014 short album was stellar, and Laurestine sees So Hideous continue them on the same path as they were going. Slightly more focus on orchestration in the background for a more bombastic and grandiose sound; I don’t know if I prefer the new approach over the older, but overall I am more than satisfied with more So Hideous.

    12/Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud
    Amorphis are on of these bands that always have a great sound, but for me never really managed to create an album that as a whole caught my attention. Circle went into the right direction for me (catchy Amorphis is the Amorphis I like) but Under the Red Cloud seals the deal; this is Amorphis at their most diverse and interesting to date.

    13/Wolfheart – Shadow World
    Shadow World holds no surprises and sees Tuomas continue in the direction set on Winterborn. However, Shadow World is an excellent release for anyone who likes the Finnish approach to melodic death metal, which I do.

    14/Sylosis – Dormant Heart
    I never was a big fan of Sylosis, but somehow their new album just really works for me.

    15/Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches
    A very vocal community has hated on Cradle of Filth since the dawn of humanity, but I’ve always liked them; their old jazz, their new jazz: all the same to me. Hammer… is nothing new, but is a highly entertaining addition to their catalogue that has some really great numbers on it.

    16/Muse – Drones
    Hah! Definitely not metal, and a very mainstream one at that. But everyone has their guilty pleasure, and this is mine.

    17/Marilyn Manson – Pale Emperor
    Mr. Manson found his way back to enough inspiration for a complete album on Pale Emperor for the first time in more than a decade, and has him grooving like never before. Plus it’s awesome they’ve used in John Wick.

    18/A Swarm of the Sun – the Rifts
    I loved Aoria’s 2012 The Constant, and since this is pretty much the same band I also love this one. Much more atmospheric, but has some really great moments.

    19/Moonspell – Extinct
    Moonspell play it a tad too safe on this album and release pretty much 11 catchy singles, that are at the very least enjoyable.

    20/Failure – the Heart is a Monster
    A mid-2000’s alternative rock album released in 2015 is always a good thing to me.

    21/Enshine – Singularity
    Enshine pretty much re-released their first album, but who cares, it sounds great.

    22/Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology
    Especially the first half of the album – with The Grand Design with its furious drum lines as the best moment – is really strong.

    23/Fear Factory – Genexus
    Fear Factory never was the best band ever to me, but Genexus is really enjoyable and shows just how much you can pull from the same formula that has been beaten to death numerous times.

    24/My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
    Never was a fan, but Feel the Misery is a really enjoyable album that convinced me to re-evaluate their earlier work.

    25/Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    I’m not so much on the bandwagon as the rest of the interwebs, but this album is pretty crushing, in a good sense.

    26/Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    Tech death at its finest. I really liked their debut and hope to hear from them much more in the future.

    27/Hope Drone – Cloak of Ash
    A very dissonant piece, just like the previous release, that’s really awesome.

    28/Marduk – Frontschwein
    Especially the lead single, ‘Wartheland’, is really amazing and super infectious.

    29/ Soilwork – the Ride Majestic
    A significant step down from the surpringly good Living Infinite, but still contains enough infectious choruses and catchy hooks to be quite interesting.

    30/Mono & The Ocean – Transcendental
    Not quite a complete album, but especially the amazing song from the Ocean on this EP is worth mentioning. I hope they blow us out of the water in 2016, just as they did in 2013!

    • Glad to see somebody mention So Hideous. Great record.

    • Thanks not only for the list but also for the mini-reviews of each selection. (I added some spaces in between each one to make them a little easier to spot.) Great to see Zatokrev, and a reminder that despite how much I have liked Hanging Garden in the past, I completely missed Blackout Whiteout.

      • Thanks Islander! When I was typing this it seemed easier to read than it ended up being 😉

        Hanging Garden is a completely different cup of tea compared to their previous releases; just keep in mind they’ve pursued post-rock influences in exchange for many of the metal elements on this release (but somehow still manage to sound like Hanging Garden), then you might like it.

  37. Fave of the Year:
    Beaten to Death – Unplugged

    Top Contenders:
    Kampfar – Profan
    Horrendous – Anareta
    Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death
    Tao Cross – s/t
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    Wrvth – Wrvth
    A Forest of Stars – Beware the Sword You Cannot See
    Industrial Revelation – Liberation and the Kingdom of Nri
    Clutch – Psychic Warfare

  38. ok, here’s my list in no particular order apart from place 1.
    And I still have so many releases I haven’t heard or not heard enough. So my list may change and grow.

    1. Tau Cross – Tau Cross
    Archivist – Archivist
    Seagrave – Stabwound
    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Exctinction
    Slaegt – Beautiful and Damned
    Claret Ash – The Cleansing
    Tribulation – Children of the Night

    Albums I really like but am not sure yet how much I like them 😉
    Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields
    Boss de Nage – All Fours
    Hermóðr – What once was beautiful
    Amiensus – Ascension
    Gloryhammer – Rise of the Chaos Wizard
    Kampfar – Profan
    Turia – Dor

  39. HighZoolander’s Top 6.66 albums of 2015

    This year I decided to focus on just my favorite albums. Despite hearing lots of good ones, these 6 plus one EP are my favorites – the albums I listened to over and over again. To my surprise, only one is not from Europe, and that one from Australia. Sorry America.

    Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator – The mighty Finnish war horde is at it again, with a lovely slab of disgusting raw black metal served right up your ass. This is glorious, and the song Grand Luciferian Theophany is a highlight, though it represents something of a departure for them, as it is quite slow, but no less terrible and powerful for it.

    Grand Luciferian Theophany

    Arkham Witch – I am Providence – I love these wackjobs from the UK. Their new album is a brilliantly catchy take on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. I would not hesitate to recommend the song From Beyond for your Most Infectious songs of 2015 list. I can’t describe their album any better than they did – “ARKHAM WITCH have always had a penchant for weirdness but on their 3rd full-length they’ve taken things one step further, showing an even more whimsical side, and serving a subtle mix of chanting doom mongering, sing-along metallicisms and anthemic mosh agencies, all wrapped in the amorphous tentacles of Lovecraft’s concepts and stories.“ But yeah, however you describe, it’s fucking fantastic.

    From Beyond

    Chapel of Disease – The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art – This album represents one of Germany’s finest death metal acts with an eminently listenable slab of DEATH METAL. No much more to say than that. I really love this album.

    Lord of All Death

    Destruktor – Opprobrium – Destruktor is the only band not from Europe on this list, and this was one of my favorite albums. It’s a perfectly satisfying slab of black/death bestiality from Australia, which does their home continent proud.


    Mefitic – Woes of Mortal Devotion – This death metal masterpiece was a cool surprise from Italy. This just kills in every way.

    Eroding the Oblates of the Lord

    Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross – Finally, a powerful, rocking epic doom album that doesn’t merely imitate Candlemass. I love Candlemass, but I appreciate that Sorcerer sound like themselves, and man is this album good in every way. There is not a weak song anywhere to be found. If I hadn’t heard Arkham Witch, this would be my doom album of the year. Even in second place though, it’s as good an album as you’re likely to hear. Something about Sweden and doom just goes down right.

    The Dark Tower of the Sorcerer

    And finally, the EP:

    Cultes des Ghoules – The Rise of Lucifer – The Polish black metal maestros are back. These guys never fail to deliver, and what’s amazing is that even their long songs are so well composed that they remain interesting throughout. This album is no exception, with one 15 minute track and one shorter cover song. Don’t skip this.

    The Rise of Lucifer

    A few other albums that almost made the cut were Temple of Baal – Mysterium, Necrowretch – With Serpent’s Scourge, Demon Incarnate – S/T, and Öxxö Xööx – “Nämïdäë. But that would have made this a top eleven list.

  40. Vola – Inmazes

    Very poppy djent with blissful synths and some choruses that remind me of Mew and Circa Survive, as well as very Devin Townsend-esque production. Not my usual thing, but very well-made.

    Excoriation – demo

    The rawest brutal death metal I’ve heard since Brodequin. And these guys have one of the most savage production jobs ever. It’s so mindless and cathartic and almost platonic in its purity.

    Cerebric Turmoil – Neural Net Meltdown

    Really complicated, self-referential structures. This is the closest I’ve heard to Wormed, and while it’s a bit more noodly than that band it manages to evoke a similar atmosphere.

    Eye of Minerva – Blackened Kingdom Forged in Flame

    Absolute chaos! Imagine Absu’s themes and lyricism combined with the frantic songwriting of Crimson Massacre and Blasphemer.

    Gorod – A Maze of Recycled Creeds

    Just a brilliant album overall, the production holds it back but it has some very smart songwriting with a focus on unusually vivid and inventive melodies – but at the same time the catchy grooves are way more prominent than on their last 2 albums.

    Mysterious Priestess – 夢国ノ義士

    My token obscure pick, this is a really cool mix of symphonic black metal and prog rock. Again, the production is far too sterile and cramped, but the band’s sound is quite inventive and it scratched the itch I’ve been having for more stuff like the defunct masters Gonin-Ish.

    Kekal – Multilateral

    I love this band in general, and while this album isn’t their riffiest it has a brilliant combination of abrasive electronics and cyberpunk metallic atmosphere.

    Sickening Horror – Overflow

    These guys have progged out more and more, this release isn’t all that technical but captures some of the wandering, psychedelic feeling of 90s bands like Supuration. Really a style I wish more people would take influence from.

    The new Monolithe and Galneryus have yet to come out, and both of those have AOTY potential, so this isn’t final by any means.

    • Now thats a cool list, thanks. Haven’t heard of most of these before, and there are some truly unique sounds.

      • Now that the new Galneryus is out, it’s definitely my album of the year. Holy crap, may be even better than their classic albums… Don’t listen if you’re averse to power metal but it’s fucking phenomenal.

        • Unfortunately Galneryus doesn’t do it for me any more than any other power metal, but Vola, Kekal and Sickening Horror have been mainstays the last couple of weeks.

  41. Alright, I hope I don’t forget any awesome releases (there have been so many this year)

    Wrvth – Wrvth
    Death Karma – The History of Death and Burial Rituals Part 1
    Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    Wovoka – Saros (these guys need more love)
    Yautja – Songs of Lament
    Watchtower – Radiant Moon
    Ur Draugr – With Hunger Undying
    Ur Draugr – The Wretched Ascetic
    Tombstalker – Black Crusades
    Sanzu – Heavy Over the Home
    The Rodeo Idiot Engine – Malaise
    Pyrrhon – Growth Without End
    Noisem – Blossoming Decay
    Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
    The Mire – Vice Regalia
    Matriden – Cold and Silence
    Loma Prieta – No Place
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Abhorrent – Intransigence
    Abstracter – Wound Empire
    Ad Nausem – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
    The Armed – Untitled
    Axis – Show Your Greed
    The Black Heart Rebellion – People, When You See The Smoke, Do Not Think It Is Fields They’re Burning
    Bleak – We Deserve Our Failures
    Coraxo – Neptune
    Cult Leader – Lightless Walk
    Cursed Graves – California Noise
    Dragged into Sunlight – NV
    Earthmother – Earthmother
    Earthside – A Dream In Static
    Employed to Serve -Greyer Than You Remember
    False Flags – Hexmachine
    Frostbitt – Frostbitt
    God Mother – Maktbehov
    Ithaca – Trespassers
    The Syters – Whirlwinds
    The Nepalese Temple Ball – Arbor (THIS BAND NEEDS MORE LOVE)
    Underling – Bloodworship
    Hath – Hath
    Equal Minds Theory – The Fall of Haze
    Barus – Barus
    The Crinn – Shadowbreather
    Annakarina – Erasure, I Realized the Fix I Was In
    Downfall of Nur -Umbras De Barbagia
    Sumac – The Deal
    Peste Noir – La Chaise-Dyable
    Dendritic Arbor – Romantic Love
    Misthyrming – Songvar

    • CRAP! I forgot to add these few as well (I knew I’d forget some)

      Bell Witch – Four Phantoms
      Wheelfall – Glasrew Point
      Vattnet Viskar – Settler
      Swallow the Sun – Songs From the North
      Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
      Salem – Every Time I Die

      I promise I’m done now

    • Wovoka! Martriden! And wow, a big percentage of lbums on this list that are new to me.

  42. This feels far from done, but I feel pretty happy with the top few.
    Theres so much Im leaving off that I feel guilty about because I know they will be in my repertoire for the long haul. Things like Slugdge, Sulphur Aeon, Cruciamentum, Vastum, Destruktor, Apparatus, Arstidir Lifsins.

    Nechochwen – Heart of Akamon
    Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
    Infera Bruo – In Conjuration
    VI – De Praestgiis Angelorum
    Fluisteraars – Luwte
    Glaciation – Sur les falaises des marbre
    Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament
    Beaten To Death – Unplugged
    Lost Soul – Atlantis
    The Clearing Path – Watershed Between Earth and Firmament
    Claret Ash – The Cleansing
    Death Karma – History of Death and Burial Rituals Part 1
    Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    Utstott – Hjorungavagr
    Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War
    Outre – Ghost Chants
    Pale Chalice – Negate the Infinite and Miraculous
    Awe – Providentia
    Seeds in Barren Fields – Let the Earth Be Silent After Ye
    House of Atreus – The Spear and the Ichor That Follows

    I also made a list for EPs, MLPs and splits.

    Abjvration – The Unquenchable Pyre
    Au-Dessus – Au-Dessus EP
    The Haunting Presence – MLP
    Slaegt – Beautiful and Damned
    Dead In the Manger – Cessation
    Awe / Vacantfield / End – Moerae
    Stone Healer – He Who Rides Immolated Horses
    Immortal Bird – Empress/Abcess
    Ancient Moon – Vvltvre
    Grimoire – L’aorasie Des Spectres Reveurs

  43. Well, thank god someone (HighZoolander) mentioned Sorcerer as it’s the best doom album of the year by miles (although Crypt Garden is pretty close as is the new Demon Lung) and excluding it from a year end list would be a heinous crime. Apparently there’s a Sorcerer EP coming out this month too.

    In the interests of keeping things diverse, I’ve got a few on my list that haven’t been mentioned so far. I’ll talk about them briefly, but ranking them is utterly doomed.

    Agonyst – The Bad Old Days
    – Agonyst continue to do their thing, which I’m still referring to as SYL-esque (in the absence of a better description) but with more emphasis on extremity and going off into extended jams.

    The Arcane Order – Cult of None
    – Melodic death metal, leaning much more towards the death side of things. The songs are a teensy bit overlong, but those solos are to die for

    Byzantine – To Release is to Resolve
    – OJ brings the riffs for sure and it sounds better than the S/T but there’s something missing – Rohrburgh’s riffs and solos perhaps? Hopefully he’ll do another solo album

    Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
    – Is it better than Monolith? The jury is out but it’s still great

    Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden
    – second best doom album of the year

    Demon Lung – A Dracula
    – heard via the Last Rites FB group. Ace horror themed sludge/doom

    Dødheimsgard – A Umbra Omega
    – genius or a total mess? I have no idea as it’s still fucking with my head

    Enslaved – In Times
    – better than RITIIR for sure but this hasn’t gripped me as much as I have come to expect from Enslaved. This might drop off the top 10 at any rate

    Galar – De Gjenlevende
    – what do we call this? Folk black metal? Whatever. It’s beautiful.

    Kjeld – Skym
    – probably my favourite black metal of the lot. Channels a lot of second-wave bands (some blatant Emperor moments abound) in a good way

    Martriden – Cold and the Silence
    – it’s on the list, despite only downloading it yesterday. Encounter the Monolith was one of 2010’s best albums. It’s definitely more proggy than previous albums though

    My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
    – I have to admit that I haven’t listened to MDB properly since The Light at the End of the World, so I can’t really call this a return to form, but I am liking it a lot

    Pitbulls in the Nursery – Equanimity
    – some kind of ridiculously heavy Gojira/Meshuggah mashup? First track rips your face off and then the rest of the album continues the trend

    Sanzu – Heavy Over the Home
    – it’s not quite the stone cold classic that the EP promised, but if you ever wanted to hear what an ultra-heavy Gojira would sound like, with a heavier Morbid Angel influence, then check this out

    Satan – Atom by Atom
    – it’s here by dint of Life Sentence being superb. I need to listen to it a lot more though

    Slugdge – Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms
    – Gastronomicon was my favourite album of 2014, and this will going to be close to the top. Progressive death/black metal? Uh… something

    Sorcerer – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
    – best doom album of the year without doubt. Crypt Sermon is good, but Sorcerer managed to hold my attention throughout the year

    Tempel – The Moon Lit Our Path
    – best instrumental metal album of the year. Sludge black death metal?

    Trials – This Ruined World
    – Angry Metal Guy would probably slap me, but I prefer In the Shadow of Swords. The album is still very very good, but it didn’t stick in the same way

    Vhol – Deeper Than Sky
    – I listened to the first Vhol when it came out but disliked it for some reason. For about two months of this year, the S/T was all I listened to (alongside Kjeld) and it just clicked. The follow-up has a much better sound, but with the same riffage and thunderous drums of the S/T. It’s mainly down to whether you like the vocals or not.

    Theory in Practice – Evolving Transhumanism
    Sanzu – Painless
    Denner/Sherman – Satan’s Tomb

    • Nice to see your name on here — hope all is well with you. And thanks for the list and the descriptions — which led me to check out Pitfalls In the Nursery. Nice! Thanks also for the reminder about Kjeld.

  44. Arkaik – Lucid Dawn
    Under The Curch – Rabid Armageddon
    Lik – Mass Funeral Evocation
    Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth
    Cult Leader – Lightless Walk
    Hate Eternal – Infernus
    Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis
    Entrails – Obliteration
    Cloud Rat – Qliphoth
    Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator
    Ur Draugr definitely gets a second from me
    probably missed a ton but it is what it is….

  45. I am new to the comment section of this site but nevertheless i would like to post my top 25

    0.Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega

    1.Ghost – Meliora
    2.Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    3.Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    4.Tribulation – The children of the Night
    5.Leviathan – Scar Sighted
    6.Archgoat – Apocalyptic Triumphator
    7.Acherontas – Ma Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)
    8.Clandestine Blaze – New Golgotha Rising
    9.Arcturus – Arcturian
    10.Awe – Providentia
    11.Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    12.VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum
    13.Macabre Omen – Gods of War-At War
    14.Embrace of Thorns – Darkness Impenetrable
    15.Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    16.Outre – Ghost Chants
    17.Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament
    18.Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death
    19.Order of the Apollyon – The Sword and the Dagger
    20.Serpent Noir – Erotomysticicsm
    21.Goatsnake – Black Age Blues
    22.Lik – Mass Funeral Evocation
    23.Under the Church – Rabid Armaggedon
    24.Abigail Williams – The Accuser
    25.Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection.

    • Welcome! And thanks for sharing your excellent list with us. Now for the second time I am seeing the album from Lik and wondering how I missed it, and I’m also glad to see Revenge getting some respect.

  46. My top 50 releases of 2015:

    1. Ghoulgotha – The Deathmass Cloak
    2. Ruby the Hatchet – Valley of the Snake
    3. Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
    4. Wucan – Sow the Wind
    5. Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors
    6. Christian Mistress – To Your Death
    7. Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower
    8. Lucifer – I
    9. Joy Shannon & The Beauty Marks – Mo Anam Cara
    10. Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    11. Employed to Serve – Greyer Than You Remember
    12. Rolo Tomassi – Grievances
    13. Dorthia Cottrell – s/t
    14. Ouroboros – Emanations
    15. Demon Head – Into the Wilderness
    16. Heaving Earth – Denouncing the Holy Throne
    17. Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
    18. Iron Kobra – Might & Magic
    19. Enforcer – From Beyond
    20. Satan’s Blade – Curse of the Blade demo
    21. Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden
    22. Endlesshade – Wolf Will Swallow The Sun
    23. Drowning the Light – From the Abyss
    24. Leviathan – Scar Sighted
    25. Striborg – This Suffocating Existence
    26. Ghost Bath – Moonlover
    27. Embodied Torment – Liturgy of Ritual Execution
    28. Intravenous Contamination – Drowned in Human Fluids
    29. Iniquitous Deeds – Incessant Hallucinations
    30. Sadistic Ritual – Edge of the Knife
    31. Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers
    32. Deathhammer – Evil Power
    33. Gouge – Beyond Death
    34. Barbatos – Straight Metal War
    35. Power from Hell – Devil’s Whorehouse
    36. Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator
    37. Revulsed – Infernal Atrocity
    38. Encyrcle – s/t
    39. Blood Incantation – Interdimensional Extinction
    40. Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    41. Wooden Stake – A Feast of Virgin Souls
    42. Obscure Infinity – Perpetual Descending into Nothingness
    43. Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal
    44. Hate Eternal – Infernus
    45. Scorched – demo tape
    46. Division Speed – s/t
    47. Hate – Crusade: Zero
    48. Gruesome – Savage Land
    49. Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy
    50. Hope Drone – Cloak of Ash

  47. My list will be small. Here are my favorites from this year in no order (just posting bands and not album titles due to time constraint):

    Sulphur Aeon
    Cain’s Offering

  48. Here’s my top fifteen. They’re not in any particular order, save the number one spot going to Horrendous.

    Horrendous – Anareta
    Wilderun – Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    Grift – Syner
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
    Tribulation – Children of the Night
    Vhol – Deeper Than Sky
    Khemmis – Absolution
    Trials – This Ruined World
    Steven Wilson – Hand.Cannot.Erase
    Enslaved – In Times
    A Swarm of the Sun – The Rifts
    Hope Drone – Cloak of Ash
    Grimoire – L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs (EP)
    Elder – Lore
    Dreadnought – Bridging Realms

  49. 1. Mgła – Exercises In Futility
    2. Djevel – Saa Raa Og Kald
    3. Outre – Ghost Chants
    4. Vallendusk – Homeward Path
    5. Misþyrming – Söngvar Elds Og Óreiðu
    6. Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    7. Osculum Infame – Axis Of Blood
    8. Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld
    9. Tyranny – Aeons in Tectonic Interment.
    10. Krallice – Ygg Huur
    11. VI – De Praestgiis Angelorum
    12. Akhlys – The Dreaming I
    13. Leviathan – Scar Sighted
    14. Kjeld – Skym
    15. Mürg – Varg & Björn
    16. NettleCarrier – Black Coffin Rites
    17. Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
    18. Awe – Providentia
    19. Infernal War – Axiom
    20. Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator
    21. Au-Dessus – Au-Dessus
    22. Ill Omened – Conflagration Roaring Hell
    23. Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism
    24. Kzohh – Rye. Fleas. Chrismon
    25. Deluge – Æther

    • Now THIS is a list. First time I’ve seen Djevel anywhere. That album is beastly.

      • Yes, Djevel made an album which is more kvlt trve second wave than any TNBM from ’90s. And those riffs are fucking amazing – “Vaar forbannede jord” is the song which haunted me for almost two months non stop. Non-fucking-stop. Crazy shit.

    • i like this list,
      Vallendusk, Kjeld, Infernal War, Adversarial

  50. Akhlys – The Dreaming I . . . I cannot believe I missed this. What an absolute monster of an album. Thank you oh thank you to those of you who have enlightened me.

  51. In no particular order, save for the first:

    Akhlys – The dreaming I
    Haethen -Shaped by Aeolian Winds
    Misthryming – Songvar elds oreidu
    Shaidar Logoth – Chapter II: The Ritualist
    Mgla – Exercises in Futility
    Lluvia – Eternidad Solemne
    AWE – Providentia
    Dragged into Sunlight, Gnaw Their Tongues – N.V.
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Adversarial – Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
    VI – De Praestigiis Angelorum
    Temple of Baal – Mysterium
    Havukruunu – Havulinnaan
    Sepents Lair – Circumambulating the Stillborn
    Aosoth/Order of Orias – Split LP
    Manii – Skuggeheimen
    Svartsyn – Nightmarish Sleep
    Pyramids – A Northern Meadow

  52. it’s taking me a ridiculously long time to complete my list this year, so i’m just going to get ahead a share part one with at least another to come 🙂

    Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil
    Skinless – Only the Ruthless Remain
    Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail
    Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang
    Hate Eternal – Infernus
    Slayer – Repentless
    Grave – Out of Respect for the Dead
    Autopsy – Skull Grinder
    Gruesome – Savage Land
    Nex Carnis – Obscure Visions of Dark
    Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
    Horrendous – Anareta
    Skeletal Remains – Condemned to Misery
    Coffincraft – In Eerie Slumber
    Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods
    Entrails – Obliteration
    Wombbath – Downfall Rising
    Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
    Embrional – The Devil Inside
    Perdition Temple – The Tempter’s Victorious
    Undead – False Prophecies
    Heaving Earth – Denouncing the Holy Throne
    Revolting – Visages of the Unspeakable
    Down Among the Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!
    Johansson & Speckmann – Mask of the Treacherous
    Putrevore – Tentacles of Horror
    The Grotesquery – Curse of the Skinless Bride
    Ingested – The Architect of Extinction
    The Crown – Death is not Dead
    Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld

  53. My Top 30, has been another great year for music and thanks to the guys at No Clean Singing for revealing so much awesome music!
    Haven’t listened to as much as I’d have liked but thought I would contribute to this listmania:

    1. Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fade
    2. Swallow the Sun – Songs from the North
    3. Leprous – The Congregation
    4. Oxxo Xoox – Namidae
    5. Enslaved – In Times
    6. My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
    7. Akhlys – The Dreaming I
    8. High on Fire – Luminiferous
    9. The Ritual Aura – Laniakea
    10. Carach Angren – This is no Fairytale
    11. Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Stellar
    12. Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud
    13. Symphony X – Underworld
    14. Neurotech – Stigma
    15. Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic
    16. Maladie – Still
    17. Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers
    18. Nile – What Should not be Unearthed
    19. Kamelot – Haven
    20. Melechesh – Enki
    21. Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void
    22. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    23. Amiensus – Ascension
    24. Killing Joke – Pylon
    25. Claret Ash – The Cleansing
    26. Byzantine – To Release is to Resolve
    27. The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
    28. Ereb Altor – Nattramn
    29. Soijl – Endless Elysian Fields
    30. Kylesa – Exhausting Fire

    Also some great EPs:
    1. Mechina – The World We Lost
    2. Ur Draugr – The Wretched Ascetic
    3. Lascaille’s Shroud – Restrain the Child
    4. Serpentspire – The Cosmic Throne
    5. The Ritual Aura – Dramatis Personae

  54. First, I’d like to say it’s been a pretty average year for metal (IMO) and I haven’t been able to find a really strong album of the year so I won’t put a top ten metal list but just 10 very good albums in no particular order :

    Tribulation – Children Of The Night
    Mgla – Exercises In Futility
    Deafheaven – New Bermuda
    Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat
    Faith No More – Sol Invictus
    Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
    Khemmis – Absolution
    Elder – Lore
    Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – The Night Creeper
    Kylesa – Exhausting Fire

    I didn’t listen to the new Baroness yet, so it is subject to change…

    Thank you all for sharing, always an interesting way to discover new music!

  55. 1. Panopticon- Autumn Eternal
    2. Downfall of Nur- Umbras De Barbagia
    3. Nechochwen- Heart of Akamon
    4. Wiegedood- De Doden Hebben Het Goed
    5. Obsequiae- Aria of Vernal Tombs
    6. Spectral Lore- Gnosis
    7. Alda- Passage
    8. Izah- Sistere
    9. So Hideous- Laurestine
    10. Steve Von Till- A Life Unto Itself
    11. Sannhet- Revisionist
    12. Secrets of the Sky- Pathway
    13. Tempel- The Moon Lit Our Path
    14. Deafheaven- New Bermuda
    15. Hercyn- Dust and Ages
    16. Mgla- Exercises in Futility
    17. (Baroness- Purple)

  56. I think this was an amazing year. And this is my top 60 (yes, 60 albums) for the year. In order.

    Swallow the Sun Songs From the North I, II, II
    Enshine Singularity
    Paradise Lost The Plague Within
    Ghost Meliora
    Amorphis Under the Red Cloud
    Horrendous Anareta
    Feared Synder
    Tribulation The Children of the Night
    Satan Atom By Atom
    Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls
    Faith No more Sol Invictus
    Enslaved In Times
    Arcturus Arturian
    Baroness Purple
    Cruciamentum Charnel Passages
    BTBAM Coma Ecliptic
    Sigh Graveward
    Soilwork The Ride Majestic
    Symphony X Underworld
    Moonspell Extinct
    Obsequiae Aria of Vernal Tombs
    High On Fire Luminiferous
    Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction
    Intronaut The Direction of Last Things
    Phantasma The Deviant Hearts
    Kylesa Exhausting Fire
    Lucifer Lucifer I
    Black Dahlia Murder Abysmal
    Withering Soul Adverse Portrait
    Hate Eternal Infernus
    Slayer Repentless
    Visigoth The Revenant King
    My Dying Bride Feel the Misery
    Orpheus Omega Partum Vita Mortem
    Khemmis Absolution
    Blind guardian Beyond the Red Mirror
    Leviathan Scar Sighted
    Caligula’s Horse Bloom
    Gorod A maze of Recycled Creeds
    Leprous The Congregation
    Crypt Sermon Out of the Gardens
    Goerge Kollias Invictus
    Napalm Death Apex Predator – Easy Meat
    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats The Night Creeper
    Fear Factory Genexus
    Thulcandra Ascension Lost
    Emerald The Harvest
    Lamb Of God VII: Sturm Und Drang
    Rivers of Nihil Monarchy
    Solefald World Metal
    Melechesch Enki
    Goatsnake Black Age Blues
    Caelestia Beneath Abyss
    Shape of Despair Monotony Fields
    Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno
    Wolfheart Shadow World
    Keep Of Kalessin Epistemology
    Sylosis Victims and Pawns
    With The Dead With The Dead
    T.A.N.K. Symbiosis

  57. First tier:
    Sulphur aeon, gateway to the anti-sphere
    Alustrium, a tunnel to eden

    Second tier
    Alkaloid, the malkuth grimoire
    Enshine, singularity
    The ritual aura, laniakea

    Third tier
    Gorod, a maze of recycled creeds
    Sarpentra, supernova
    Amorphis, under the red cloud
    Horrendous, anareta

  58. Haven’t put together a real list yet (but will!), though many of my favorite albums this year have already been mentioned by someone, somewhere here. So I’ll start by naming my favorites from this year that haven’t been mentioned by anyone yet…
    Skaur – Farvel
    Bearstorm – Americanus
    Crom Dubh – Heimweh
    False – Untitled

  59. My top 20:

    01 Sorcerer – In The Shadow of the Inverted Cross
    I’m not going to comment on all my choices, but I’d like to say a few things about this album. Crypt Sermon seemed to garner all the attention and glean all the love when it came to Candlemass-esque epic doom, and they definitely deserved accolades. What makes Sorcerer better and my top pick are a few things. 1) Best male clean vocalist working; 2) Some of the best lead guitar I’ve heard in years – those solos are inspired and moving and have inspired the most air guitar I’ve played since I was 13; 3) all of the songs are ear wormy and force me to sing along no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who’s around; 4) I’ve bought a lot of vinyl this year and this one’s sound stands tall above them all and for an added incentive the bonus track is on the vinyl, not the cd!
    02 Lychgate – An Antidote For The Glass Pill
    I didn’t like this album when I first listened to it, and here it is at #2.
    03 Tau Cross – Tau Cross
    04 Ghost – Meliora
    05 Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    06 Acherontas – Ma Ion
    07 Draconian – Sovran
    08 Macabre Omen – Gods of War-At War
    09 Satan – Atom by Atom
    10 My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery
    11 Vhol – Deeper Than Sky
    12 Mgla – Exercises In Futility
    13 Leviathan – Scar Sighted
    14 Ouroboros – Emanations
    15 blackQueen – The Directress
    16 VI – De Praestigiis Angelorium
    17 Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead
    18 Sunset in the 12th House – Mosaic
    19 Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
    20 Tribulation – The Children of the Night

    • 21 Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs
      This actually deserves to be higher in my list. For some rereason the first half of this album didn’t click for me for several months while I loved the second half. Then I listened this past week and it’s all great.

      22 Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom
      23 Amestigon – Thier
      24 Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
      25 Maieutiste – s/t

  60. This is my first stop listing my albums of the year.
    Being a regular visitor of your blog, I thought, why not contribute and be part of it?

    1. Swallow the Sun – Songs of the North
    2. Necrowretch – With Serpents Scourge
    3. Draconian – Sovran
    4. Thy Catafalque -Sgurr
    5. Death Karma – The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I
    6. Deafheaven – New Bermuda
    7. Enslaved – in Times
    8. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
    9. Sarpanitum – Blessed be My Brothers
    10. Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis
    11. Tribulation – The Children of the Night
    12. Good Tiger – A Head Full of Moonlight
    13. Melechesh – Enki
    14. Armageddon – Captivity and Devourment
    15. Regarde Les Hommes Tombre – Exist

    Definitely will check out some of the readers’ list…

  61. Hope it’s not too late, been stuck in Fallout 4 since release 😛
    Anyway heres my top 10:

    1. Intronaut – The Direction of Last Things
    2. Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic
    3. Below the Sun – Envoy
    4. The Grand Astoria – The Mighty Few
    5. Ahab – The Boats of Glen Carrig
    6. Faith No More – Sol Invictus
    7. Enslaved – In Times
    8. Ghost – Meliora
    9. Finsterforst – Mach dich frei
    10. Maladie – Still

  62. With a swish, finally this phantom limb is lopped off. In order:

    Wilderun – Sleep at the End of the Earth
    Belzebong – Greenferno
    Sigh – Graveward
    Sanzu – Heavy Over the Home
    Goatsnake – Black Ages Blues
    Humm – Sanctuary
    Martriden – Cold and the Silence
    Khemmis – Absolution
    Cult Leader – Lightless Walk
    Monolord – Vaenir
    Sadist – Hyaena

    • Two of these are also in my top 10. It’s been a great year for stoner/doom, I think.

      • I have different lists for here and The Obelisk, just completely different crowds I feel. I struggled gathering these 11 here, but over there I could rustle up 20 easy.

  63. An Autumn For Crippled Children- The Long Goodbye
    Anomalie- Refugium
    Arvas- Black Satanic Mysticism
    Avoid the Light_ Spleen
    Belhor- Discordia Concors
    Burial Vault-Unity in Pluralism
    Burnt Books- Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
    Crossed Streams-Hollow
    Djevel- Saa Raa og Kald
    Enisum- Arpitanian Lands
    Entomb the Wicked- Mortem
    Ergot- Victims of Our Same Dreams
    Fornace- My Journey is Ending But the..
    Impalers- God From the Machine
    Kaerulean- Adrift
    Nechochwen- Heart of Akamon
    Nightfell- Darkness Evermore
    Nocturnal Depression- Spleen Black Metal
    Peste Noire- La Chaise-Dyable
    Riptor- Sounds from Hell
    Slegt- Beautiful and Damned (EP)
    Swallow the Sun- Songs From the North
    Tempel- The Moon Lit Our Path
    Tombstones in Their Eyes- Sleep Forever
    Vials Of Wrath- Days Without Names

    • I have so many lists to catch up to in these comments, but this being the newest, I have to say how much I like it. The ones I recognize are really good and under-recognized, and that makes me all the more interested in the majority of them, which I know nothing about!

  64. So glad I have finally settled on my top ten, so I can start checking the things I missed from everyone else’s lists!

    Elder – Lore
    Grimoire – L’aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs
    Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods
    Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War
    Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat
    Sorceror – In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
    Selvans – Lupercalia
    Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
    Slugdge – Dim & Slimeridden Kingdons
    Trials – This Ruined World

    One of these years I’m going to finally go through the exercise of finding old lists I’ve posted at the end of any given year, and compare them to what I would now select as my favourite albums from that year. Sounds a bit time-consuming, though; I think I’ll go and have a couple of beers first…

  65. It was hard to nail down an order after the first 10. Lots of really good albums this year, but maybe no shining star at the top.

    1. Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers…: Well, this ruled. Everyone here should be familiar with it so I don’t have much to say.

    2. Palace in Thunderland – In the Afterglow of Unity: It’s like Black Pyramid’s first album + Torche. The goofy name is forgivable when the music is this good.

    3. Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers: Band keeps getting better. The new vocalist gives them more range and they take advantage.

    4. Beaten to Death – Unplugged: I’m not a big grindcore fan, so it makes sense that this doesn’t sound like most grindcore, or anything else I can think of, really. Don’t you fucking dare to call them heavy metal.

    5. Goatsnake – Black Age Blues: The wait was worth it. One of the best stoner/doom bands you will hear.

    6/7. Khemmis – Absolution / Bedowyn – Blood of the Fall: Two doom albums fueled by great songwriting and memorable hooks.

    8. Scythian – Hubris in Excelsis: Great riffs, man. Epic sounding.

    9. Bloodway – Mapping the Moment with the Logic of Dreams: Weird, yet catchy. Came out on I, Voidhanger so that should give some idea of the quality.

    10. Sabbath Assembly – Sabbath Assembly: I almost gave up on them after what I thought were two unimpressive albums. Here, they reinvent themselves as a real psych/doom metal band and hit a home run.

    • Others:

      40. Plaguewielder – Chambers of Death
      39. Porta Nigra – Kaiserschnitt
      38. Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere
      37. House of Atreus – The Spear and the Ichor that Follows
      36. Leprous – The Congregation
      35. Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs
      34. Sigh – Graveward
      33. Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void
      32. Borgne – Règne des morts
      31. Airlines of Terror – Terror from the Air
      30. Nightfell – Darkness Evermore
      29. Martriden – Cold and the Silence
      28. Batushka – Litourgiya
      27. Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path
      26. Death Karma – The History of Death & Burial Rituals pt 1
      25. Dawn of Azazel – The Tides of Damocles
      24. Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega
      23. My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
      22. Stone Cold Dead – Lava Flows
      21. Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
      20. Forgotten Horror – Aeon of the Shadow Goddess
      19. Katavasia – Sacrilegious Testament
      18. Windhand – Grief’s Internal Flower
      17. Leviathan – Scar Sighted
      16. Ouroboros – Emanations
      15. Ghost – Meliora
      14. De Profundis – Kingdom of the Blind
      13. Solefald – World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud
      12. Valborg – Romantik
      11. Fetid Zombie – Grotesque Creation

  66. 25 Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs Review
    24 Corrections House – Know How to Carry a Whip
    23 High on Fire – Luminiferous
    22 Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers…
    21 Unrest – Grindcore
    20 Tsjuder – Antiliv
    19 Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower
    18 The Order of Apollyon – The Sword and the Dagger
    17 Thy Cathafalque – Sguur
    16 Deafheaven – New Bermuda
    15 Tribulation – The Children of the Night
    14 Caïna – Setter of Unseen Snares
    13 Bell Witch – Four Phantoms
    12 Akitsa – Grands Tyrans Review
    11 False – Untitled
    10 Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden Review
    9 Beaten to Death – Unplugged Review
    8 Horrendous – Araneta Review
    7 Locrian – Infinite Dissolution Review
    6 Krallice – Ygg Huur Review
    5 Myrkur – M Review
    4 Mgla – Exercises in Futility Review
    3 Temple of Baal – Mysterium
    2 VHOL – Deeper Than Sky
    1 Dodheimsgard – A Umbra Omega

  67. I’ve obsessed over this year’s list more than usual. Such a strong year.

    1. Mgla – Exercises in Futility (Black Metal, Poland)
    2. Ahab – The Boats of the Glen Carrig (Funeral Doom / Post-Metal, Germany)
    3. Vatnet Viskar – Settler (Post-Hardcore / Black Metal, USA)
    4. Enslaved – In Times (Viking/Progressive Black Metal, Norway)
    5. Deafheaven – New Bermuda (Blackgaze, UK)
    6. Wardaemonic – Obsequium (Black Metal, Australia)
    7. Intronaut – The Direction of Last Things (Sludge / Post-Metal, USA)
    8. Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues – N.V. (Industrial Death Metal, UK/Netherlands)
    9. Batushka – Litourgiya (Doom/Black Metal/Orthodox Chants, Ukraine)
    10. Thy Catafalque – Sgùrr (Avant-Garde Metal, Hungary)
    11. Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere (Death Metal, Germany)
    12. Panopticon – Autumn Eternal (Blackgaze / Appalachian Folk, USA)
    13. A Swarm of the Sun – The Rifts (Post-Rock / Melancholic Rock, Sweden)
    14. Cult Leader – Lightless Walk (Grindcore / Post-Hardcore, USA)
    15. Sarpanitum – Blessed be my Brothers (Death Metal, UK)
    16. Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death (HM2 Hardcore / Thrash, USA)
    17. Deluge – Aether (Post-Black Metal, France)
    18. Bell Witch – Four Phantoms (Funeral Doom, USA)
    19. Regarde les Hommes Tomber – Exile (Post-Black Metal, France)
    20. Below the Sun – Envoy (Post-Metal, Russia)
    21. Exgenesis- Aphotic Veil (Doom, Sweden/Portugal)
    22. Barshasketh – Ophidian Henosis (Black Metal, Scotland)
    23. Outre – Ghost Chants (Black Metal, Poland)
    24. Fin’amor – Forbidding Mourning (Melodic Doom, USA)
    25. Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic (Progressive Metal, USA)
    26. With the Dead – With the Dead (Doom, UK)
    27. In Twilight’s Embrace – The Grim Muse (Hardcore/Death Metal, Poland)
    28. Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu (Black Metal, Iceland)
    29. Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower (Sabbath Worship, USA)
    30. Caligula’s Horse – Bloom (Progressive Rock, Australia)
    31. Akhlys – The Dreaming I (Atmospheric Black Metal, USA)
    32. Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Thrash / Melodic Death Metal, UK)
    33. Advent Sorrow – As All Light Leaves Her (Black Metal, Australia)
    34. Deathcode Society – Eschatonizer (Symphonic Black Metal, France)
    35. Pyramids – A Northern Meadow (Industrial / Blackgaze, USA)
    36. Baroness – Purple (Sludge/Rock, USA)
    37. Kowloon Walled City – Grievances (Hardcore / Sludge, USA)
    38. Ennui – Falsvs Anno Domini (Funeral Doom, Georgia)
    39. Swallow the Sun – Songs from the North (Melodic Doom, Finland)
    40. Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void (Black Metal, USA)
    41. Leprous – The Congregation (Progressive Rock, Norway)
    42. Yellow Eyes – Sick With Bloom (Black Metal, USA)
    43. Creeping – Revenant (Blackened Doom, New Zealand)
    44. Sunset in the 12th House – Mozaic (Post-Rock, Romania)
    45. Wrvth – Wrvth (Technical Death Metal, USA)
    46. Hate Eternal – Infernus (Death Metal, USA)
    47. Antimatter – The Judas Table (Melancholic Rock, UK)
    48. Primitive Man – Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Doom, USA)
    49. Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed (Hardcore / Black Metal, The Netherlands)
    50. Mephorash – 1557 – Rites of Nulification (Black Metal, Sweden)

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