Jan 062016

Manipulate-Becoming Madness


February 12, 2016, is the date set for release of a new EP by NYC’s Manipulate. Entitled Becoming Madness, it’s a six-track beatdown coming from Flatspot Records, and today we’re bringing you a track that shares the band’s name and closes the EP.

Manipulate’s members have paid their dues in a lot of other bands, and what they’ve brought to this EP is a knack for blending grim and heavy metal riffs and bone-crunching, skin-flaying hardcore intensity. “Manipulate” is a good example — it’s full of fire and fury, and it will leave you black and blue.


Manipulate band


The song’s bleak opening riff, its massive follow-on chugs, and the seething lead guitar that rears its head seem to point in one direction — and then the song erupts in a burst of NYHC brutality. With dynamic pacing and incensed vocals, it’s a potent piece of music. Selfishly, I wish it were longer, but if it were I’d probably feel like busting up the furniture. Fortunately, there are five more tracks where this came from.

Becoming Madness was mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. To pre-order the EP, go here (digital) or here (vinyl). The track we’re streaming below is also now available as a “name your price” download at Bandcamp. Here’s the track list:

1. Becoming Madness
2. Beaten Path
3. Sin Upon Sin
4. Slip Away
5. Time Marches On
6. Manipulate





  1. The track kicks ass! \m/

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