Jan 062016

Fall-Insatiable Weakness


(TheMadIsraeli introduces our premiere of a song from the new album by Texas-based Fall.)

So Fall is a band that should definitely have your attention. It’s progressive melodic death metal that’s compelling, technical, intensely brutal and jarring, yet also emotive. We’ll be streaming the band’s debut album The Insatiable Weakness come the 19th, a week before the record’s release, but I couldn’t go until then without some kind of a tease, in addition to the band’s other two other singles, which speak for themselves.




The song I chose for this premiere is “Ever Hollow”. It’s an explosive catharsis of melodic majesty to be sure — a quite fitting introduction, as it shows the band embracing the Soilwork and At The Gates schools of thought while putting their own twist on them.

The TL;DR of that is this: The song fucking rips and embodies the best of the genre in its old school and modern conventions. Enjoy, and I’m interested to see people’s thoughts in the comments, so please speak up.

Below you can also check out the two previously released advance tracks.





  4 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: FALL — “EVER HOLLOW””

  1. That’s, well, remarkable.

    I definitely preferred the stuff around Grotesque (After the Gramme) and Hex Enduction Hour.

  2. I’m drooling over that album art 😀

  3. imho the clean vocals are taking away power from the songs. This is ‘just my opinion’ but I think that there are but few bands that can effectively mix clean and non-clean vocals.

    If I remember correctly the first band that mixed up clean and non-clean vocals, we call them grunts in the Netherlands, was Soilwork. While I loved their first two albums, especially ‘The Chainheart Machine’, I never bought any of their albums again.

    I am not saying it can not be used in a good way. One of my favorite bands is In Mourning and I think they do an excellent job mixing up clean vocals and grunts.

    But there are a lot of bands that try to do this and completely fail as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately, for me, this band is among them.

  4. Great stuff

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