Jan 062016

Virulency cover art


On February 28 of this new year New Standard Elite will release the debut album of Virulency from the Basque Country of Spain. Entitled The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution, it delivers eight tracks of eviscerating monstrosity and will include guest vocal appearances by Paolo Chiti (Devangelic, ex – Putridity) and Konstantin Lühring (Despondency, Revulsed, ex-Defeated Sanity), with eye-catching cover art by Russian illustrator Andrew Tkalenko (Cephalotripsy, 7 H.Target, Epicardiectomy, etc).

We’ve got the premiere of a song from the album for you today. You’ll need to take a deep breath before you say the name out loud. The song will also knock the wind out of you. “Myriapod Constructology I” is the name of the track.


Virulency band 2015
photo by Juan Morillas Fotografía

The word “assault” gets used a lot in descriptions of metal, but it’s hard to think of a better one for this song, though “assault and battery” might be more accurate. It’s a violent and fast-paced onslaught of viciously pummeling drumbeats, skull-cleaving atonal riffs, and grotesquely inhuman vocal excretions (some guttural, some gurgling, some shrieking).

Seriously, this thing delivers an invigorating beating. It will get your adrenaline pumping even as it’s jackhammering you down into the ground and splattering your goo all over the walls. It should come with a warning: “Some hospitalization may be required.”

Enjoy the song below. There’s a lot more aural murder that’s lying in wait for you in this album — here’s the mouth-watering track list:

Myriapod Constructology – Part I – The Inception
Myriapod Constructology – Part II – Absolute Zenith
Immeasurable Gigantomastic Phenomenology
Concupiscent Succubus Disturbance
…From Putrescible To Perpetual
Mephistophelian Æsthetic Eroticism
Beyond The Ablated Clitoral Organs
Sculptured Didelphic Uterus



  1. Can’t wait for this album to be released

  2. Not bad, definitely very “New Standard Elite-ish”. Pretty standard brutal death metal

  3. Great!! Can’t wait!!

  4. This one wins my vote for most badass album art, today. Killer song, too! 😀

    • The vocals may occasionally be a bit over the top (or under the bottom) for me, but the music stabs ass.
      And the cover art… I tried to google it with image search to look for higher resolution. Didn’t find it, but holy hell, the things I’ve seen. The horrors. I’ll probably be scared for life.

  5. sounds fucking tasty!!!

  6. That’s so huge, stoked!

  7. Can’t fuckin wait!!! Excited about the new Injury Deepen as well!!!

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