Apr 072016

Virulency cover art


(In this post our friend Vonlughlio (Blast Family and Reign of Death) reviews the new album by Virulency from The Basque Country.)

Here at NCS we premiered the song “Myriapod Constructology I” in early January, and last week Islander included Virulency’s full stream of their debut album The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution.

So I was given the opportunity to give my thoughts on what happens to be my favorite BDM release so far in 2016. I know it’s early, but have to say that the album has been constant in my playlist.

As mentioned in the earlier posts, the band is from The Basque Country of Spain and formed around 2011, the year in which they released a two-song promo. The following year they released their EP Unbearable Martydom Landscapes. I must admit that when I heard about the band in 2013, I only heard a song from that EP, which I liked, but I never managed to listen to all the songs. It was when New Standard Elite signed them that I bought a copy of the EP (shame on me). Once I gave that release a proper listen, I understood why the best label in the genre decided to signed them. Continue reading »

Mar 272016

Valgrind-Speech of the Flame


Today some people are celebrating what they believe to be a victory over death. I’m more in the mood to celebrate the victory of death (metal). And so I’ve rounded up a selection of new songs from bands whose names begin with V — and the first two have resurrected themselves after long absences from the scene, with roots that go back into the early ’90s.


Valgrind are an Italian death metal band who (according to Metal Archives) released four demos and an EP between 1995 and 2002 — and then seemed to go into hibernation until the appearance of their debut album, Morning Will Come No More, ten years later. Another four years have passed, but Valgrind’s new album Speech of the Flame was recently released by Lord of the Flies Records.

I learned of the new album through a Facebook friend who described their music with references to bands like Morbid Angel and Deicide. Although I haven’t heard the whole album, the two songs that are available for streaming sound damned good. Continue reading »

Jan 062016

Virulency cover art


On February 28 of this new year New Standard Elite will release the debut album of Virulency from the Basque Country of Spain. Entitled The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution, it delivers eight tracks of eviscerating monstrosity and will include guest vocal appearances by Paolo Chiti (Devangelic, ex – Putridity) and Konstantin Lühring (Despondency, Revulsed, ex-Defeated Sanity), with eye-catching cover art by Russian illustrator Andrew Tkalenko (Cephalotripsy, 7 H.Target, Epicardiectomy, etc).

We’ve got the premiere of a song from the album for you today. You’ll need to take a deep breath before you say the name out loud. The song will also knock the wind out of you. “Myriapod Constructology I” is the name of the track. Continue reading »

Jan 132014

Since the weekend began I caught up with a flood of hair-raising new songs and found so many worth recommending that I’ve collected them in two posts, this one being the second of the day (the first is here). I probably should have divided them into 4 or 5 posts, but since the unofficial motto of this site seems to be “long-winded”, why bother? New music from six bands is gathered here. The common theme of the music is… high-speed brutality!


This French death metal band will be releasing their seventh album, Carnivore Sublime, in North America on February 18 via Season of Mist. Last week they debuted one of the new songs in music video form. Its name is “Experience Your Flesh”. It depicts the kind of classroom daydream where the roles of tormentor and tormented are reversed — but it’s a gore-splattered kind of fantasy, one that befits the song itself.

And the song itself is a blast furnace of brutal death metal, with bone-cracking/gut-slicing riffs, high-velocity percussion, and a high-low tandem of guttural roars and hair-on-fire shrieks. The phrase “takes no prisoners” comes to mind. Continue reading »