Jan 132016

HammerHeart Ostarablot flyer
Festival poster by Nate Burns


For the second year in a row, HammerHeart Brewing Company is putting on a metal festival. Bearing the name Ostarablot, it will be hosted at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Friday, March 18 and 19, 2016. And man, it’s a hell of a line-up.

As many of you know, HammerHeart is a brewery and tap house located in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, that’s co-owned by Austin Lunn of Panopticon. He and his comrades have assembled an truly impressive array of bands for Ostarablot. Feast your eyes on this:

Day 1:
Falls of Rauros

Day 2:
Blood and Sun
Woman is the Earth

Tickets for the two-day event include not only admission but also a commemorative fest glass, a voucher for a drink of special beer that HammerHeart will brew for the fest, and a shirt (which will also be sold separately). Single-day tickets will also be available (with a discount if paid in advance), although sales of the two-day pass will cease on March 10. Tickets will be available in person at HammerHeart and Triple Rock, and they will soon be available on-line as well. To find out when that happens, watch these spaces:



  1. Thats a really solid lineup, I would definitely be up for this

    Think I stumbled across this brewery because of the last time they did a festival, but I had no idea Austin Lunn was involved with them…sounds like they make pretty good beer. Hope they get to a point someday where they can distribute outside of Minnesota

  2. We do!
    The beer is sold in the state of Kentucky, in Chicago and in South Dakota. Cheers

    • Nice!…Im in Maryland, but Ive actually got a buddy in Chicago so hopefully he can hook me up with some stuff to try.

      Thanks for all the great music man…looking forward to trying the beer

    • I was gonna say, pretty sure I saw some Hammerheart stuff advertised at the bar down the street from Thrill Jockey. I’d assume y’all are at Kuma’s from time to time too.

    • Yeah, there’s a number of places in Louisville and Lexington that I know of that regularly have Hammerheart on tap. I’m not usually a very big fan of beer, but your brews are among the best I’ve ever tried! Thanks for the great music and the great drinks!

  3. I’m in and from Kentucky as well and would love to make it out to this! What an awesome lineup!!

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