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In this premiere we bring you a new video for a song by the band Ahtme — which is a new name for this Kansas City, Missouri, group, formerly known as The Roman Holiday. The song you’ll hear on this video is “The Sentinel’s Order“, which originally appeared on their self-released 2013 debut album, The Demonization, which was originally recorded with Navene Koperweis (Animosity, Animals As Leaders, Entheos) in San Francisco in 2009. And why, you might ask, has this video appeared almost three years after that album’s release?

Well, the answer is that Ahtme joined the roster of Unique Leader Records last fall, and the label will be re-issuing The Demonization on March 25. Rather than simply a relic unearthed from the past, the re-issue paves the way for a new album by the band under their new name, which they plan to record early this year.


Ahtme band-2


Of course, it’s very difficult to predict how the band’s sound might have changed in the significant stretch of years since “The Sentinel’s Order” was recorded — though Unique Leader will enable us to find out, hopefully before 2016 whizzes by. But taking the song as we find it — set against the eye-popping footage of the band performing the song — these guys can fly like the wind. The music is fast and furious, but not simply a blizzard of beats, notes, and spit-fire growls. While it is indeed a dose of jet-fueled decimation, it’s also a catchy tech-death beast.

So now we have evidence that these dudes have impressive technical chops and some songwriting flair as well. It will be interesting to see what comes next…. and in the meantime, enjoy “The Sentinel’s Order”.

To pre-order The Demonization and related goodies from Unique Leader, visit this page:


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  1. I’m not really feeling the music, but damn that’s a sick cover. Big-ass spiders are always freaky. So are big ass-spiders… I’ll see myself out.

  2. Love the album art and the music is deliciously crushing 🙂

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