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I didn’t pounce on some of the songs in this round-up as fast as I would have liked, but it seems that there are people who still manage to discover new music through these collections even when the songs aren’t piping hot right out of the oven. But I’ll start with a couple of tracks that actually did just premiere today, before getting to the ones that appeared earlier in the week.

I’m sad to say that this is a day when I’m pressed for time, and so I’m unable to whip together the mini-reviews that usually accompany songs I’m enthusiastic about. I’ll say only that I’m REALLY enthusiastic about all of these.


Today Revolver Magazine hosted the debut of not one but two new songs off Krighsu, the new album by Spain’s Wormed. The tracks are named “The Singularitarianism” and “Eukaryotic Hex Swarm”, and are accompanied by this description from the band:


Wormed band


“Knowing that intergalactic exploration wouldn’t be possible without transcending into frightening Artificial Intelligence, they tried to avoid the disappearance of the last human link, desperately executing a powerful virus. Its purpose: the destruction of robots. However, they didn’t realize the serious mistake they made.

“The virus had an unexpected mutation, and millions of nanomachines scattered without control, building copies of themselves using all matter and energy available in the galaxy.”

Krighsu will be released by Season of Mist on March 25 and can be pre-ordered here.









Cobalt-Slow Forever


I’ve been tremendously interested in the new album by Cobalt, Slow Forever. Apart from the fact that I think the previous Cobalt albums are amazing, I’ve been curious to see what the new collaboration between composer/instrumentalist Erik Wunder and new vocalist Charlie Fell (ex-Lord Mantis, ex-Abigail Williams) would sound like — especially now that Wunder is seven years on from the release of Gin. And now we have a glimpse, because the first advance track, “Beast Whip”, has been released for streaming.

Slow Forever will be released on March 25 by Profound Lore Records and can be pre-ordered via the first link below:








Mistur-In Memoriam


Our Norwegian friend eiterorm messaged me about this next song even before I saw the press release announcing its appearance. The song is named “Downfall”, and it comes from the second album (In Memoriam) by the “Viking metal” band Mistur.

Mistur was formed in 2004 by Espen Bakketeig (Vreid (live), ex- Sigtyr) (synths, vocals, programming) and Andre Raunehaug (Emancer, ex-Stigyr) (guitar), and the line-up now includes Oliver Øien (vocals), Stian Bakketeig (Vreid, ex-Windir, ex-Cor Scorpii) (guitar), Ole Hartvigsen (Emancer, Kampfar) (bass), and Tomas Myklebust (Emancer (live), Vreid (live), Galar) (drums).

In Memoriam will be released by Dark Essence Records later this year, but “Downfall” is now available as a digital download on Bandcamp.








Deströyer 666-Wildfire


The last item in this collection is a new video (directed by Costin Chioreanu) from the vicious and venerated Deströyer 666. It’s a live performance of the title song from the band’s new album Wildfire, which is due for release by Season of Mist on February 26.

For more info about Wildfire and to pre-order it in a variety of formats, leap over to the Bandcamp page linked below.




  1. Seriously, does anyone do that kind of TBDM like Wormed?

    I fucking love that band.

    • Iniquitous Deeds is somewhat similar, worth checking out

    • Cerebric Turmoil, Inherit Disease and Abysmal Torment have some degree of similarity, but in my opinion Wormed outdo all those bands. 7H Target are sort of different thematically and more slam-oriented, but will definitely appeal to Wormed fans I think.

  2. Wormed is on another level, or another dimension! Simply… amazing!!!

  3. New Wormed AND Cobalt… so good. Very much looking forward to both of these

  4. Fucking Wormed… Jesus christ.

  5. That Cobalt track is a goddamn monster – I love how they tease the song’s explosion in the first few minutes. Big fan of that Mistur track too.

  6. The news of a new Mistur album really caught me by surprise. I actually revisited their debut slightly the other day. It abso-didlious-ly doesn’t hurt that Downfall is a great song either!

  7. When I first read the headline I could not contain my squeal. This year is going to be monstrous.

  8. Cobalt is so damn good:)

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