Feb 252016

Convulse-Cycle of Revenge


The story of Finland’s Convulse is a twisting, turning one, which in strange ways seems to have circled back on itself, like an ouroboros. The band launched their career as a death metal band through the release of their first demo in 1990 and their acclaimed 1991 debut album World Without God. Three years later brought their second album, Reflections, which marked a controversial shift in sound to what might be called “death ‘n’ roll” — and not long after, Convulse disbanded.

Almost 20 years later, Convulse rose from its own ashes, releasing their third album (Evil Prevails) in the fall of 2013 via Svart Records in what seemed a reconnection to their death metal roots in the early ’90s. And now they bring us a fourth full-length, also to be released by Svart Records, bearing the title Cycle of Revenge — and as they did before in the earliest chapters of their story, Convulse have again gone off in a surprising new direction.

Those of you who caught the premiere of the album’s title track last month have an inkling of what I mean, but we have further proof today as we host the premiere of a lyric video for the new album’s second track, “God Is You“.


Convulse band 2016

photo by Kristian Kangasniemi

The rapidly flickering notes and pulsating drumbeats that begin “God Is You” are your first clue that this isn’t by-the-numbers death metal, and the impression is reinforced by the swirling guitar performance that soon follows. Though Rami Jämsä’s gruff grunted growl raises the death metal specter above the bright, rollicking exuberance of the song, it partakes more of a prog-minded carnival ride than a tour through a slaughterhouse. But it’s a hell of an exhilarating ride, highly infectious and bursting with creative energy.

One other thing about this album: It’s full of twists and turns — a diverse, imaginative, and thoroughly engrossing work by a very talented trio of musicians. And as further proof of that, be sure to listen to the album’s title track, which premiered last month and which we’re including below, along with our premiere of “God Is You”.


Cycle of Revenge will be released by Svart Records on March 18. You can pre-order it on vinyl at this location. In case you missed the lyric video for the album’s title track, which premiered last month, we’ve included that below as well.





  1. So it’s a world without God, but I am God… So world without me? Those Finns, boy they’ll get you every time.

  2. This one is certainly shaping up to be an interesting listen.

  3. Oh, fuck. What have they done? They started their return quite well. Now they’ve done the same thing they did back in the 90s when they changed to “Death ‘n’ Roll” or whatever the fuck. This is a real shame.

  4. Seriously catchy riffs, I like it 🙂

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