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I woke up this morning to find a link to this song waiting for me on Facebook, and this note from DGR: “Obviously the most important thing to happen this week and partially why I’m alive. Grooves harder than your favorite nine string wielding plural name band of the week. Also sings better. Probably raps better too.”

We’ll probably lose a few readers because I’m posting this. But you have to understand that it’s almost obligatory that I do it, since more than one of us here at NCS have been writing about BabyMetal since 2011, back when they were not a lot more than a curiosity, back in the halcyon days when PhroΒ made our site more deranged.


BabyMetal 2016


This song, “Karate“, comes from the band’s new album Metal Resistance, which will be released on Fox’s Day (April 1). If you’re like DGR and find that you can’t live without this song, it’s available on iTunes now.


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  1. Yes!!!

    I mean, not every song is great, but tracks like “Megitsune” and “Headbangya” are goddamn bangers. I will be getting this day and date, and if they ever come to my neck of the woods, I will pay to see them live.

  2. I miss Phro.

  3. Where’s that guy who was spamming his website when I really need him?

  4. The very most important thing to happen, not just this week, but today, is the release of Temisto (with some hefty runner uppers.

    (Other than that, I’ll just keep my mouth shut, for the most important rule of NCS ain’t the obvious one in the moniker, but the one you can spell out in one word: be-fucking-have. Make that two words. But I forgive your quirks, you darned deviants πŸ™‚ ).

  5. I’m continually amazed at the metal community’s love/hate relationship with Babymetal. If the cosplay/J-Pop hybrid isn’t for you, that’s fine move on. My perception of Babymetal is that it’s a great gateway band to get kids listening to metal instead of radio pop. And people can be as outraged about the lyrics and dancing but if you stop and listen to the music you can’t deny the songs are well put together. Cheers for adding this to your blog.

    • The heavy metal world gets thrown into a tizzy over bands far less divisive than this. The fact that people are worked up isnt surprising, it was pretty much guaranteed

    • There’s definitely a nostalgia factor that led to this posting, but even as mushy as I am about memories, I wouldn’t bother (and DGR wouldn’t either) if this song didn’t have the goods to dig the hooks in. I ain’t ashamed to say I dig it.

  6. Nice. I agree with Gipson, their tracks can be a bit uneven, but when they hit they money, they hit it hard

  7. The only reason I went back to listen to Metal…
    Something truly original and exciting at last, instead of endless copy paste.

    • Same with me. I liked heavy rock in the 70s, but I didn’t like what I heard in the 80s so I basically just listened to house after ’86, apart from a bit of SOAD or Metallica occasionally. But I guess I must have been getting bored with it and then I heard Babymetal, and since that day I’ve only listened to metal!

  8. Those readers you piss off with this article aren’t worth your time. The song and the execution of it is masterful. Babymetal forever!

  9. Something something Gorguts, something something Deafheaven, lost all credibility, etc.

  10. I don’t understand the meaning of lyrics but there is something about the syllables that makes me feel warm inside, probably sipping tea while listening to this helped.

  11. Somehow, I didn’t know about this band until now…

    …And goddamn this got my inner keyboard warrior metal nerd all stirred up. All I want to do is start shouting Erosion of Sanity and Considered Dead were the only great Gorguts albums!

  12. Cool track, it’s very interesting looking at their songwriting credits on wikipedia. Names like Kitsune of Metal God and Mish-Mosh pop up a lot alongside many others. I wonder if the girls will eventually contribute?

  13. Another band that’s much better than Meshuggah.

  14. Their logo strongly reminds me of Ghost B.C. πŸ™‚

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