Mar 252016

Benighted In Sodom


I’m working on a Friday round-up of new songs, but I decided I would carve these two out from the larger group and post them separately. Both of them are covers of well-known songs. The first one is actually a cover of a cover.


The prolific Matron Thorn seems to be one of those people for whom making music is as essential to his continued existence as oxygen and food are to the rest of us. He’s the principal creative force in Ævangelist — whose next release will be a split with Blut Aus Nord (!) — as well as a new project I’ve written about before named Death Fetishist, but one of his longest-running solo projects is Benighted In Sodom, and that’s the name under which he recorded the first song in this little collection.


grim reaper


The song is “Summer Breeze”. It was originally released in 1972 by Seals and Croft. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. 13 in its list of the “Best Summer Songs of All Time”. As recorded by Benighted In Sodom, it doesn’t sound summery at all.

In part that’s because Thorn is covering a version of the song as it was covered by Type O Negative. It’s dark and heavy, and really good.

I will add that, as announced last fall, the next Benighted in Sodom album, Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night, will be released by the band’s new label I, Voidhanger Records, “in the twilight of year 2016”, and will include guest vocals by Julia Black. A new song from the album appeared on YouTube about a week ago, and I’m including that below the cover of “Summer Breeze”.









Kauan-Sorni Nai


The Russian post-metal band Kauan released a fantastic album in 2015 — Sorni Nai — via the Finnish label Blood Music. That album happens to now be available as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp, which is a real bargain. It turns out that Kauan also recorded a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” (from The Dark Side of the Moon). As Blood Music explains, “The song was performed, mixed, and mastered during the same sessions as Sorni Nai and was used as a test to perfect the sound on the album.”

Enjoy it next…



  1. Wow, didn’t expect to see Breathe pop up here… and an interesting choice for testing the studio

  2. Two absolutely masterful covers. The Kauan one in particular is really stunning.

  3. anyone knows other good metal floyd covers?

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