Mar 252016

Benighted In Sodom


I’m working on a Friday round-up of new songs, but I decided I would carve these two out from the larger group and post them separately. Both of them are covers of well-known songs. The first one is actually a cover of a cover.


The prolific Matron Thorn seems to be one of those people for whom making music is as essential to his continued existence as oxygen and food are to the rest of us. He’s the principal creative force in Ævangelist — whose next release will be a split with Blut Aus Nord (!) — as well as a new project I’ve written about before named Death Fetishist, but one of his longest-running solo projects is Benighted In Sodom, and that’s the name under which he recorded the first song in this little collection. Continue reading »

Oct 022013

The prolific one-man show known as Benighted In Sodom who has released about three-dozen demos, splits, EPs, and full-length albums since 2006 has yet another album in the works. The album doesn’t yet have a title or artwork, but Matron Thorn did have the wonderfully good taste to pick that painting at the top of this post by Zdzisław Beksiński to stand in for the album art in a YouTube clip released last night for a new song.

For those who may not be familiar with Thorn (who relocated to Portland, Oregon, last year), he is not only the sole member of Benighted In Sodom but also plays all instruments on the recordings of Ævangelist, which is a fantastic band I’ve featured frequently in past posts (they have their own new album — Omen Ex Simulacra — due for release later this month). In fact, it was through my interest in Ævangelist that I recently began following Benighted In Sodom.

The song that appeared last night — “Sometimes I Don’t Mind” — isn’t the first new Benighted song that has surfaced recently. Just a few days ago Thorn put another one on Soundcloud with the title “Even the Nice Things”. I’m not going to bother trying to compare these songs to Benighted’s previous output, mainly because I’m not that familiar with it but also because, based on what I’ve read, Thorn doesn’t seem to have ever been wedded to the same kind of music for very long. So let’s just take them as they come. Continue reading »