Mar 312016

Verment-Deaths Domain


Verment are a four-man death metal machine from the greater Cincinnati area, and tomorrow they will be releasing a new EP entitled Death’s Domain. To help spread the word about the release, we’re bringing you the premiere of a full stream right now.

Verment interweave a variety of strands of extreme music into their generally up-tempo blasts, including thrash, melodic death metal, and bursts of buzzing black metal riffs. The songs are also anchored by head-hammering grooves, along with drumming that sounds very much like a heavy-caliber automatic weapon going off right inside your ears.


Verment band


While the band clearly favor dragstrip pacing, with rapidly jabbing and darting riffs and flames belching from the exhaust, they do change the tempo, tempering their vicious (but machine-precise) frenzies with morbid slow-downs. Dark guitar melodies slither through the music fluidly, in contrast to the general turbocharged nail-gunning of the riffs and percussive rhythms, and the vocals range from gritty growls and snarls to piercing shrieks.

In a nutshell, this is adrenaline-fueled metal that features impressively nimble technical performances and adroitly mixes pile-driving grooves and a sense of morbid (and even melancholy) melody into a hell-for-leather attack — the kind of music that should appeal to fans of The Black Dahlia Murder. Look for the album on Bandcamp tomorrow.



  1. LOVE Verment! This band kicks serious ass! Cannot wait to see them play again!

  2. For the many times I have seen verment and listened to their music they always get me energized. The energy that comes from live performances normally start some type of pit. I really can’t wait to see them play again. Go pick up this album it’s awesome.

  3. Just found out about these guys this morning from an AMG review. Definitely get a bit of vintage TBDM from them.

  4. Instant fan. This rips! \m/

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