Apr 082016

Psychotron-Lethal Paralysis


Psychotron are a six-piece thrash metal band from Sylhet in Bangladesh. They formed in 2011, and their debut EP Lethal Paralysis will be released on April 28 by Mortuary Productions, which we’re told is the first-ever metal label founded in Sylhet. What we have for you today is a premiere of the new EP’s title track.

Thematically, the song explores the miseries of drug addiction — but there’s nothing miserable about the music. It bolts from the starting gate at full speed with a catchy-as-hell riff, and more highly infectious riffs follow in short order — along with a couple of scorching solos and a spray of highly acidic vocal shrieking. It’s a hell of a thrill ride that we’re happy to bring your way from a part of the world that tends to fly under the radar for lots of metal heads in the West. Hope you enjoy the song as much as I have.


Psychotron Band Photo 1


The track list of Lethal Paralysis is as follows:

1. Lethal Paralysis
2. Pothead
3. I am The War
4. Grinder

Pre-orders for the EP can be placed via the Bandcamp link below or by e-mail (barbedwiremassacre@gmail.com). Check out the title track through either of the players below.

Mortuary Records Bandcamp: https://mortuaryrecords.bandcamp.com/
Psychotron Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PsychotronOfficial
Mortuary Records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mortuarymassacre
Mortuary Recrods Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYfEEbCbZSlPVAoIlMGzWQ




  1. This is insanely badass 🙂

  2. Killlerrr \m/

  3. This turns me on.

  4. Thanks for the superb write up 🙂

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