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(Austin Weber brings us the premiere of a new song by Formless, with this introduction:)

It seems like just yesterday that I first became familiar with Connecticut-based technical death metal unit Formless when they dropped their sick three-song demo EP back in 2010. Over the years, their name continued to spread and be mentioned among the tech-death faithful, all the while we waited for the band to release something new. Well, the long wait is finally over, as the band’s debut full-length, Eon, is finally dropping on Tuesday, May 10th! And we’ve got the exclusive premiere of a brand new song off it called “Prism”.

Much like the band’s music in the past, “Prism” culls influences and ideas from all over the larger tech-death and death metal styles around to form a multi-faceted synthesis all their own. So it shreds, it stomps, it soars, and even offers up sparse moments of beautiful clean singing from guitarist Annie Grunwald amidst the myriad of ideas that “Prism” is composed of. As a song title, “Prism” perfectly describes this kind of layered technical death metal composition, full of many shades and colors.

It’s technical death metal through and through, but true to form for the group, it also has a very pronounced progressive mindset to it that lends a sense of balance and diversity to their music, in a way similar to how Fallujah have integrated lush brightness and ethereal sounds into a proggy take on tech-death — though I’m not saying there is a literal connection soundwise between the two!

The only sad part about Eon finally dropping is that the band members have since spread out across the country, so this album will apparently be their swansong apparently. And it is shaping up to be one hell of a way to go out based on the music I’ve heard from Eon thus far! If you dig what you hear, I’ll be helping the band stream it in full at Metal-Injection at the beginning of May before it comes out.



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  1. website is called no clean singing, so what do i hear…

    • I know. I’m not being sufficiently vigilant. Things are sneaking by me when I’m not looking. But I have to sleep at least a few hours every night.

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