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Mouchido (pronounced mo-itchy-doeis the name of the forthcoming EP by Vancouver’s Without Mercy. It’s the Japanese word for “repeat” or “to do one more time”, a title chosen for multiple reasons, in part because it is a re-recording of a previous release that now includes the band’s new vocalist. “In addition to that”, explains the band’s founder and guitarist DJ Temple, “I hold hold close ties with Japanese culture so I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce those lines into our music.” As an introduction to Mouchido, we bring you a video for the song “Burn“, which has a story of its own. Again, from DJ Temple:

“On the surface, ‘Burn‘ shows a decent into hell. The imagery and content seems to follow the rhetoric of a burning and painful afterlife. In reality, ‘Burn‘ is actually about the decent into madness. Your own personal hell while you battle your inner demons and face your own addictions. Listeners of this song can hear references to famous depictions of damnation from other literary worlds and even a very famous video game.”


Without Mercy band


In a word, the music rips. And it also thunders, and punches so fast and hard that it’s like a jackhammer-sized nail gun ramming bolts into concrete at high speed while the operator howls and shrieks for all he’s worth, segmented by a start-stop breakdown that will give your skull a good rattling and lit up by swarming guitar flurries that are as fiery as the torches in the video.

Speaking of the video, this looks like a hell of a hellish party, with a… shall we say… interesting guest list.

Mouchido will be independently released on May 27, and features a guest appearance by Mark Hunter (Chimaira) on the second song. The track list is as follows:

1. Worthless (3:48)
2. In Waves (featuring Mark Hunter of Chimaira) (4:06)
3. Burn (4:27)
4. Morphine (5:56)
EP Length: 18:19

For more info about Without Mercy and Mouchido, check these links: | Facebook | Twitter @WithoutMercy | Youtube | Bandcamp | Instagram



  1. A riff beast! Killer track! 🙂

  2. That was some of the shittiest music I have ever heard.

    Also most shots are out of focus and the blacks are washed out. Made it 2 minutes in.

    I feel for the editor of this video…

  3. This is like shittier Slipknot. The breakdowns make me want to shit on the ground. Y U DO DIS!?

  4. YUCK!

  5. This is fucked.

  6. I thought everyone was being quite harsh, until I listened to it… yeah this is pretty bad. Like an unpolished Slipknot. The “fire dancers” or whatever seem like a lame attempt to make this video “brutal” or “intimidating” that ultimately fail and accomplish the exact opposite (same with the cheapo gore and weird shots).

    That said, around the 2:00 mark or near, there is some decent riffwork that I actually like, but I dislike so much of the rest of it, that that gem really gets buried in the rest.

    If they could harness those small bits of goodness into a whole song/album then maybe it could be inviting, but so far the video (which is quite bad) and much of the rest of the song musically leave a lot to be desired… has that cheap/knockoff-nu-metal feel to it.

    Sorry, wish I could be more positive about it :/

  7. The video is hopefully the first of many and I doubt these guys have a big budget for anyone bashing it. The riff’s are tight as hell and the band is killing it. The guitarist seriously stands out as well. Awesome name for a band too, I hope they do really well!

  8. This shit makes my lips crusty as fuckkkkk!!!

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