May 062016

Infernal Diatribe-Videha Mukti

The realm of Indian metal is larger and more diverse than many outside the subcontinent may know. In particular, it seems that few black metal bands from India have crossed the radar screens of listeners beyond the country’s borders. Today we are helping one such band to spread their manifestations of the left hand path to a wider audience.

The band is Infernal Diatribe, and they are based in Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta). Their new album, Videha Mukti, will be released by Transcending Obscurity Distribution on June 5, and we have for you a stream of the opening track, “Demonic Gasping Mortal Nightmare (Wisdom)“.


Infernal Diatribe


The song’s morbid writhings generate an aura of pestilential threat while simultaneously sinking its plague-bearing tendrils into your head, with a whirring tremolo melody and a viral bass line that prove seductive as well as grim. Just past the mid-point, the song changes, the militaristic drumming and threshing riffs subsiding to make way for a slow, sorrowful interlude — though the serrated vocals remain just as toxic and savage as before.

As the song’s intensity gradually surges again, the lead guitar spins a web of tears. To these ears, there is a river of grief flowing through this poisonous soundscape, though the vocalist’s vile final pronouncements are a reminder that the band’s mapping of a path to moksha — to liberation — is one that embraces the darkness of Kali.

To pre-order Videha Mukti (on CD with a 12-page booklet or as a digital download), use the first link below. Below, we’ve also embedded a second track from the album (“Morbid Evocation”) that was previously released.




  1. generic crap

  2. Drum machine and black metal? Uggghhhh.. Is it a joke?
    May be I am getting old.
    Kids.. these days..!!!! Haha..

    Check out Sri Lankan bands like Genocide Shrines and Tetragrammacide for good lessons guys.

    • Well we are all getting old are’nt we? And drum programming is not really alien to BM. Rotting Christ did so on Non Serviam and Thy Mighty Contract. Early Mutiilation and Mysticum as well. Oh well…

      • Im not even sure it is a drum machine…Their facebook page clearly shows they had an actual drummer as part of the band fairly recently

      • Use your ears

        • …or you could use you eyes

          Vocals – KaraNavigama
          Guitar – Kalavikrama
          Guitar – Narantaka
          Bass – Kalaparzudhara
          Drums – Naztaz

          Give it up man, you tried to pull a music snob on a website you definitely shouldnt have and got caught looking stupid. Why not be an adult and just admit you screwed up.

    • Tetragrammacide?!? Really? <em<REALLY?
      NCS never wrote about Typhonian Wormholes. Maybe because it went under the rader, but I suspect it’s because no one here writes about stuff they don’t like. My opinion is this, and AMG clearly states that.
      It’s a good lesson all right. By making Portal sound like the Jackson 5, it’s a good lesson in how it’s not done.

      For the sake of argument, as I love taking the weak site just to even out the odds before the fist fight starts; I don’t mind critical awareness and different opinions, but you should choose your battle wisely, and attacking a good (or in the worst case a middling) band over some real mediocre shit is clearly not the best choice as such.

    • Tetragrammacide is suck. it isn’t even black metal.

  3. I’ve seen them live and I think they’re pretty good. They do have an actual drummer. It’s not a drum machine. And honestly, among the Indian metal scene which mostly spews generic bands with zero originality, I think they’re doing okay.
    But hey, that’s just my opinion, man.

  4. The production facilities aren’t admittedly the best in the world, but one’s gotta appreciate the dedication in at least putting it out professionally despite the lack of a proper scene for black metal from India. Look at the positives instead of nitpicking over trivial issues – it’s certainly a decent effort if not more, and without relying too much on the “obscure” bullshit, Infernal Diatribe know how to write a good song and pull it off live as well.

    • Good answer. (Long time, by the way.)
      In these darned days there are so many bands producing similar sounding music that even really good becomes average, technically speaking. The differanse (and the devil) lies in the detail, and to use my favorite quote from Gremlins: To hear, you need only to listen.
      This sounds far above average good to me!
      Also, kudos for your work to promote metal from a far too overlooked region.

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