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On May 7, Ultimate Massacre Productions will release the new album by the UK death metal band Imperium. Entitled Titanomachy, it’s thematically based on the epic conflict in Greek mythology between the Gods and the Titans, and we’re bringing you a full stream of the album today.

This is Imperium’s second full-length, following 2012’s Sacramentum. In the years since the debut, the line-up has changed, with founding guitarist Mike Alexander now joined on this new album by Doug Anderson, the drummer of Unfathomable Ruination and formerly a member of Bloodshot Dawn, on vocals. Together they’ve recorded a powerhouse of an album that musically captures the titanic devastation of the mythic conflict on which it’s based.


Imperium 2016


In describing the album, Ultimate Massacre Productions has referred to the sound of such bands as Nile, Hate Eternal, Necrophagist, and Behemoth — and those turn out to be accurate comparisons. Diving into this album is like leaping through the doors of a raging blast furnace. It’s explosively powerful, with super-heated drum assaults and turbocharged riffing, along with flame-throwing (and serpentine) guitar solos and monstrous, tyrannical vocals that are just as inflamed and potent.

While the instrumental technical proficiency manifested on this storming conflagration is truly impressive and the level of vehemence genuinely bestial, Anderson has also deftly interwoven melodies that give the songs character and atmosphere worthy of the grand scale of the legends that inspired it. The music proves to be memorable as well as stunningly savage.

In a word, Titanomachy is electrifying — a brilliant new addition to the ranks of outstanding death metal albums already released this year, and one that undoubtedly will be remembered at year-end list-making time.

Again, Titanomachy is set for release on May 7, and you can pre-order it here.



  1. yup, a first listen purchase!

  2. Aggressive, technical, somewhat evocative and hypnotic, and with a concept, and solid “headbangerability”… where do I sign up?

  3. 1 more spin and I’ll buy it.

  4. DAMN IT!
    I’m buying this!! Excellent!

  5. This kicks ass! I’m working on my new book right now while listening to it. 🙂 Bought their debut and will doubtless buy this one too.

  6. dis shit nasty!

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