May 132016

Above Aurora-Onwards Desolation


Onwards Desolation is the title of the debut album by the Polish band Above Aurora. It will be released by Pagan Records near the end of this month, and today we bring you the premiere of a track from the album named “Open the Wounds“.

Above Aurora juxtapose elements of atmospheric doom and black metal as a method of ratcheting tension and then releasing it. “Open the Wounds” is a good example of how well the band have mastered this technique, and of their skill at writing songs that seize the listener’s attention and then continue to exert a magnetic attraction even after the last note.


Above Aurora band


High-impact drums and and a loop of huge heaving, dissonant chords and counterpoint bass notes launch the song in a grim and ominous fashion. And then with a grinding guitar riff providing the transition, the music becomes threshing, fast, and frenzied, with a storm of blasting drums, swirling chords, and pulsing bass. The music’s back-and-forth movement continues, with deep, jagged growls and wolf-like howls emerging in the song’s more tumultuous passages. As the song continues, the bleak, dissonant melody becomes more urgent and even more penetrating, culminating in the toll of clanging chords and a recital of spoken words.

This interweaving of styles creates a sensation of building, gloom-shrouded menace that then bursts from the shadows in a pulse-pounding, hard-driving charge. It’s a very appealing form of musical darkness and desolation, rendered in vivid fashion through a production approach that provides clarity and power but also a jagged, cutting edge, enhancing the atmosphere of threat and peril.


Onwards Desolation will be released on May 27 by Pagan Records. For pre-order information, watch these spaces:

Track List:

1. Vortex
2. Open the Wounds
3. Descending
4. Eradication of Light
5. Sweet Poison
6. Non Salva Me



  1. Definitely digging this – gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for more from these guys.

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